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This is what Toronto businesses think about using the new Canadian vaccine passport

With the Ontario government suggesting earlier today that businesses would be free to use Canada's vaccine passport to enforce vaccination policies, a lot of business owners have once again been left scrambling.

It's a tale as old as time for Toronto businesses as once again the onus of responsibility has been placed on them to make an important decision without much warning.

Previously, bars and restaurants had to scramble to get staff and supplies ready for patios opening on just a few days notice. There's also been ever-changing rules and timelines of Ontario's reopening process that seems to have more moving steps than a stairmaster.

With the onus once again being placed on businesses to make a critical decision, many owners and management teams have spent much of the day discussing what their plan is moving forward hoping for more guidance from the government on how to best keep their staff and customers safe without alienating others.

"We don't have an opinion on it yet, we havent made any decisions. We're going to take a look at what's being recommended," explained Sam Keefe, General Manager of Granite Brewery to blogTO.

Many businesses are in the same shoes, hoping for more information on how exactly the vaccine passport will work before commiting to a decision. Others however, are more willing to take a stance.

"I think definitely for us the most important thing is keeping our members safe inside our studio. If this is what it takes then absolutely," said Ian Ho, Director of Operations at Fit Factory to blogTO.

"We've always worked very closely to ensure we follow the government guidelines. I personally think the vaccines are great to bring the city of Toronto back to normal."

Other business owners such as Joe Hayward of Crosley's however are more frustrated by the lack of leadership from the Ontario government.

"It looks like something that's kind of going to be thrown onto the business owners like everything else," Hayward told blogTO.

"I do believe in the choice of freedom and not having to impose anything on people but I also need to protect my employees. We'd kind of have to iron out the details more in depth."

With vaccination rates continuing to rise across the city, the hope is that soon enough people will be protected that enforcing a vaccine passport will no longer be necessary.

Until then, it's something for business owners looking to protect their staff and customers to consider as the city continues to open.

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