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Ontario says businesses can use new Canada vaccine passport to enforce vaccination policies

Ontario businesses might get their vaccine passport after all. After several weeks of voicing vigorous opposition to the concept of vaccine passports, Doug Ford has apparently flip-flopped on the issue.

680 News reports that the Ford government is welcoming businesses to use the imminent federal vaccine passports as proof of vaccination.

The move likely comes in response to mounting pressure from businesses, fearing for their livelihoods along with the safety of their employees and customers as the dreaded Delta variant dominates headlines.

Up until now, the Ford government has been steadfast in its opposition to vaccine passports, Doug Ford famously stating that "we’re not going to have a split society" in July. The latest flip-flop came soon after a salvo was fired from across the aisle.

Ford was called out earlier this week by Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca, claiming he was rebuffed in an attempt to arrange an urgent meeting to discuss implementing vaccine passports and mandatory vaccinations for education and healthcare workers.

Del Duca specifically blasts the apparent pandering to the anti-vaxxer segment of Ford Nation, putting all Ontarians at risk for political reasons.

After taking heat for its handling of the pandemic, the Quebec government is moving ahead with their plan to implement vaccine passports, following on the heels of Manitoba.

Other provinces and territories including Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, British Columbia, and the Northwest Territories have all been contemplating vaccine passports as Ontario drags its heels.

Similar programs are being pursued abroad, including a new US measure mandating proof of vaccination, face coverings and weekly COVID-19 testing for federal employees and contractors.

Other nations particularly hard-hit by the virus, including Italy, Israel, and France, restrict many services to those who can present proof of immunization.

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