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Doug Ford confirms Ontario will definitely not be having a vaccine passport

Ol' Dougie is up to more of his shenanigans it seems.

Despite early success of vaccine passports across Europe, Ontario's Premier Doug Ford has announced that the province won't be enforcing vaccine passports that would give those properly vaccinated documentation that allows for freedoms such as increased gatherings and use of otherwise closed facilities.

"The answer is no, we're not gonna do it. We're not gonna have a split society," Ford said during a press conference while wearing a hard hat.

In typical Ford fashion, he pivoted several other questions such as easing restrictions at the border towards the federal government.

Despite both Toronto Mayor John Tory and the Toronto Region Board of Trade stating they believe that some sort of vaccine passport system would be beneficial, Ford was adament in his denial.

That all being said, Ford did state that he is continuing to urge all residents of Ontario to get vaccinated, which would ultimately nullify the need for an Ontario vaccine passport anyways.

"Folks just please go get vaccinated, that's all I can ask," Ford stated.

As the province prepares to enter Step 3 this weekend, more and more services and amenities across the city of Toronto and province will continue to open, but as it stands, there's still a long way to go until normalcy is fully restored.

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