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There's a partial solar eclipse this week and here's how to see it in Toronto

The Sun and Moon will be putting on quite a show this week for any skywatchers in Toronto willing to wake at sunrise.

Some spots in Russia, Greenland and parts of Canada will be privy to what's called an annular solar eclipse that'll look like a "ring of fire" on June 10.

This glowing annulus around the Moon (caused when the Moon covers the Sun's center) will be seen in northern Ontario and Nunavut. 

And while Toronto won't get to see the full eclipse, there will still be a pretty decent celestial show just after sunrise this Thursday at 5:40 a.m. when the Moon will be seen covering 86 per cent of the Sun. 

Since this type of thing is rarely seen in the city (the last time was in 2017), you might want to try and catch the entire hour-long eclipse. 

The partial solar eclipse will begin around 4:45 a.m. and end at 6:37. At its maximum point, about an hour in, it'll look as if a big bite has been taken out of the Sun.

For best viewing, you'll need to get to a spot with unobstructed views looking to the northeast, so most areas along Toronto's east end waterfront will do. 

There are plenty of options like Port Union Waterfront Park, Bluffer's Park, Cudia Park or Woodbine Beach

Make sure to also bring along a pair of ISO-certified eclipse glasses as looking directly at the sun is never safe, and sunglasses aren't good enough, according to NASA.

If you don't have safety glasses, making your own pinhole projector is also an option and it's pretty easy to do at home

Get your eye gear ready, set your alarm, and tilt your head toward the sky because the next time this type of celestial spectacle will be happening is 2023, with a partial lunar eclipse slated for November.

Lead photo by

NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre

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