cudia park toronto

Cudia Park in Toronto comes with elevated lake vistas from the top of the Bluffs

Cudia Park is set high atop the Scarborough Bluffs, offering incredible views of the cliffs and Lake Ontario below after just a short jaunt through the woods. 

Much less frequented than Bluffer's Park or Guild Park and Gardens, Cudia Park sees mostly locals out for a walk with their dog. 

cudia park toronto

Cudia Park is one of the less-visited parks along the Scarborough Bluffs. 

The quiet natural area is located in the middle of an upscale residential community and is named after the Cudia family who were long-time residents of the area. 

cudia park toronto

The circular trail through the woods follows the Lake though isn't right along the edge of the cliff. 

The circular trail through the woods takes you close to the water. The whole thing's about a 20-minute walk, though you'll definitely want to leave some time for taking in the view. 

cudia park toronto

American beech and sugar maple trees are dominant here. 

You'll pass plenty of sugar maple and American beech trees along the way, and probably some wildlife too. Even before I enter the park, I spot four deer along the side of Meadowcliffe Drive which leads to the park, but they run off before I can snap a photo. 

cudia park toronto

A single bench is found at the clearing on the cliff's edge. 

The first half of the walk is complete once you hit the edge of the cliffs where views of the lake can be seen on all sides. A single bench is nicely situated, looking out at the vista. 

cudia park toronto

Cudia Park is located where Lake Ontario and the historic Lake Iroquois shorelines meet. 

The area you'll be looking out at is actually the point where the current Lake Ontario shoreline meets the historic Lake Iroquois that receded about 13,000 years ago. 

cudia park toronto

A nice view of Bluffer's Park and Beach and the Scarborough Bluffs can be seen from the park. 

Bluffer's Park and Beach are also perfectly visible off to the west. That might be a good spot to head afterward if you want to round out the day. 

cudia park toronto

The clearing is a good spot for a picnic with lots of shady trees. 

The open area provides plenty of grassy spots for a picnic under one of the towering trees. It'd be a nice spot to spend an afternoon in the summertime. 

cudia park toronto

Make sure to obey the signs. 

A trail that runs back the way you came right along the cliff's edge has been closed off. A few other signs promise a $5,000 fine should you jump the fence. Make sure to heed the warnings as erosion has made the Bluffs increasingly unstable. 

cudia park toronto

The trail heads back through the woods. 

Keep heading along the dirt path in the other direction and you'll be walking with the jutting cliffs on one side and interesting vegetation to the other.

cudia park toronto

You can head further up into the ravine along an unmarked pathway. 

The trail keeps leading straight, further into the ravine. Sticking in this direction will eventually get you back to the street but the trail is a bit steep and it's unmarked.

Alternatively, and more popularly, you can take a turn and complete the circular pathway to exit the way you came. 

Cudia Park

Fool's Paradise is located at the end of Meadowood Drive and was once the home of Canadian landscape artist Doris McCarthy. 

Since it is such a short walk, you might want to continue your explorations down Meadowcliffe Drive.

Lined with beautiful homes, the most interesting has to be the one at the very end of the street. The cottage was the former home of Canadian landscape painter and namesake of a trail nearby, Doris McCarthy. Just keep in mind the grounds are currently closed

Make sure to respect the park during your visit by picking up your trash to leave the area just as beautiful as you found it. 

Photos by

Olivia Little

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