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10 dog friendly trails to explore outdoors in Toronto this winter​

Dog friendly trails are for the outdoorsy folks in Toronto who have peppy pets tagging along for the walk. Not all scenic nature trails allow dogs — like Leslie Spit, for example — so it's important to know the rules for every path you choose to take. And please remember to keep them on their leash.

Here are some dog-friendly trails in Toronto. 

Crothers Woods

This hidden gem in Leaside is the perfect, secluded spot to let your dog enjoy nature. It's got lots of hills, which should tire both you and Mr. Wigglesworth out nicely. Just beware of mountain bikers, who tend to whiz around on the trails at high speeds.  

East Don Trail

Running through the Charles Sauriol Conservation Area is this trail by the Don River that's recently been extended. This area tends to be pretty quiet on off-hours, with tons of opportunities for you and the dog to head off-trail, too. 

Moore Park Ravine

If you're looking for a lush, tree-lined stretch of land to roam around, hit up this ravine. You'll find it in the last leg of the nine-kilometre Beltline Trail heading down to Evergreen Brickworks. Your dog will love it along the creek, and you might even spot some deer on the way.

Betty Sutherland Trail 

The rush of walking beneath Highway 401 quickly subsides into this serene walk along the East Don River. The Betty Sutherland is pretty short, just 1.83 kilometres, but also includes a highland area with slopes and summits.

West Humber River Recreational Trail

This massive trail stretches 8.2 kilometres along the Humber River. It does get quite busy here, but offers a good mix of cement paths and trails that run through forested areas like Lambton Woods

David Balfour Park Trail 

Take your dog through the David A. Balfour park and down into the ravine system, which offers a short path along Yellow Creek. It's a loop that doesn't take long to walk, but includes a bunch of bridges and walkways. 

Sherwood Park

This underrated valley is lined with walking trails in the Mount Pleasant and Bayview area. There's also a forested off-leash spot that is pretty much dog heaven for canines to run free. 

Park Drive Reservation Lands

You can attach this walk to the end of your Moore Park stroll, or David Balfour Trail, or vice versa. These reservation lands lead to Craighleigh Gardens and offer scenic views of Toronto's beautiful and wild ravine system. 

Taylor Creek 

Not far from Victoria Park subway station is this stunning trail traversing 182 acres of natural beauty. The Taylor-Massey Creek is obviously the main attraction here, but a number of impressive steel bridges and dirt pathways are equally fun to scamper across.

Gus Harris Trail

Sitting around St. Clair and Pharmacy is this walk through Warden Woods. Spanning 3.2 kilometres, it offers steep valley slopes and high sand banks, just beware of slipping during winter. 

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Olivia Little

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