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Crowded streets and parks in Toronto have people worried about a second wave

Though Toronto is doing exceptionally well as far as COVID-19 numbers are concerned, some people are worried that the downward trend has gotten to people's heads.

As more businesses open up and the city enters into Stage 3 today, people are concerned that health and safety measures like mask-wearing and social distancing are being eschewed as we all get a little too comfortable with being able to hit bars and restaurants again.

It seems that despite the fines businesses can face if they don't properly enforce the city's mandatory face covering bylaw and the fact that physical distancing is still likewise meant to be implemented, some in Toronto are reporting seeing very lax interpretations of the rules in parts of the city.

The fact that people are eager to get out and enjoy the summer and to return to a somewhat normalcy after a dystopian few months also means that crowds have been even more excessive than usual.

As the city gets more confident in its handle on the virus, it seems many are losing track of the things that have kept outbreaks at bay — measures like wearing masks and keeping at least two metres apart from those not in our own household.

And as people pack onto patios, things are even worse on the city's beaches, on island ferries, and in private residences where people have been flagrantly ignoring gathering limits.

With these limits going up to 50 indoors and 100 outdoors on Friday, many are extremely apprehensive about what the coming days will look like, especially going into a long weekend and more beautiful weather.

Some are nervous that we will regress back into earlier phases of lockdown (or suggesting that we do) if we relax things too much. especially seeing how Toronto has been one of the few regions held back from Stages 2 and then 3 for multiple weeks while most of the province progressed onward due to their low case stats.

Though there are very few active cases in Toronto proportionate to its population and the number of new cases each day continues to fall, let's make sure not get ahead of ourselves — it's always a good reality check to look to south of the border to see how quickly and badly things can go awry when measures to prevent the spread of the virus aren't taken seriously enough.

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