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Summer weather brings big crowds to Woodbine Beach in Toronto

It seems as though more and more Toronto residents are throwing caution to the wind when it comes to COVID-19, abandoning pandemic protection measures such as wearing face masks and social distancing for a bit of fun in the sun.

After more than three months of living under lockdown (or, at the very least, of being restricted from enjoying some normal life activities), can you blame them?

Yes, apparently, you can. And are. 

Hundreds of Twitter users have been decrying the behaviour of beachgoers and parkgoers who've decided to gather in huge groups around the city on this hot, sunny Father's Day weekend for at least two days now.

Fresh off of freaking out over a rager at Cherry Beach, angry Torontonians have turned their sights to Woodbine Beach, which is currently said to be awash with both humans and the trash they're leaving behind.

The problem of garbage at Woodbine isn't new, but photos being shared today illustrate the extent of the problem in light of how many people are now allegedly flocking to the beach and treating it like a club.

Video footage posted to Instagram account 6ixbuzzTV purports to show thousands of young people jammed together at the beach, dancing and drinking without masks.

It has not been confirmed if the video is recent or if it was actually shot at Woodbine, but the clip is raising concern nonetheless among those who fear a new outbreak of the deadly viral disease.

"Woodbine beach was DISGUSTINGLY packed yesterday," wrote one Twitter user. "The fact that there's an entire virus just makes it crazier but either way... virus or not... that was WAYYYY too many people."

While some parts of the province have entered Stage 2 of the reopening process, Toronto has not.

This point is moot, however, as it pertains to social gatherings: Provincial orders still restrict gatherings of more than 10 people who are not members of the same household, regardless of where they live in Ontario or what stage their region is in.

Additionally, all Ontarians must stay at least six feet away from those they don't live with, unless they are one of 10 people in their designated social circle.

In response to concerns raised by members of the community, the City of Toronto announced Sunday afternoon that it had "increased garbage bins along the waterfront and mesh bins on the City's eastern beaches."

The city announced additionally on Twitter around 3 p.m. Sunday that it had "realigned resources to ensure additional bylaw enforcement in busy parks and beaches today, including Woodbine beach."

"While visiting a beach or park, residents must practise physical distancing and avoid crowding," reads the city's update. "Residents are reminded that the consumption of alcohol is not permitted in parks, beaches or public spaces."

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