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The top 5 community centres in Toronto

The top community centres in Toronto are incredibly valuable resources for residents of all ages. These hubs of activity are generally focused around physical fitness and athletic programming, but there's much more on offer as well. From community kitchens to events spaces to services for newcomers, the city's community centres are where Toronto comes out to play and learn.

Here are my picks for the top community centres in Toronto.

Regent Park Community Centre
Located across the street from the acclaimed Regent Park Aquatic Centre, this sparkling community centre features your standard amenities like a gym and weight room, but also an indoor track, climbing wall, green roof and teaching kitchen. The bright and contemporary space is a bustling hub of activity with a long roster of classes for kids and adults.

Joseph J. Piccininni Community Centre
One of the biggest community centres in Toronto, Piccininni has a massive outdoor pool to go along with its two indoor swimming options (one is for the kids), as well as a gymnastics centre, dancing/yoga studios, bocce courts(!), community kitchen, and much more. Lest I forget, there are also outdoor fields and skating/hockey facilities. Piccininni rules.

North Toronto Memorial Community Centre
This modern facility boasts indoor and outdoor pools, a dance studio, fitness facilities, two ice pads, and a lounge space for events amongst other amenities. It's also home to a host of camp and drop-in programs for kids, as well as organized sports for adults. Nearby Eglinton Park also has soccer and baseball programs.

Wallace Emerson Community Centre
Housed in a somewhat strange looking building just south of the Galleria Mall, this community centre is actually loaded with programs and amenities. One of the highlights is surely the 25 metre indoor pool, but there are also fitness facilities, yoga rooms, and two ice pads, sports fields, and a BMX park.

Scadding Court Community Centre
Scadding Court isn't the biggest community centre in Toronto, but it might be the busiest. It sets itself apart with its container market, commercial kitchen, and massive list of programs and services targeted at a wide array of ages, from children to seniors. It also boasts lots of programming for newcomers to the city and makes headlines every year for its Gone Fishin' event.

Did I miss a great community centre? Add your suggestions in the comments.

Photo via the city of Toronto.

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