federal election results 2015

Federal election results in Canada 2015

Federal election results for 2015 continue to roll in, but multiple outlets have declared a Liberal majority. Plenty of polls are left to be counted, but the picture has become quite clear. This election will be about a sea of red in places like Toronto, Atlantic Canada, and back in Quebec.

As of 11;30pm, the numbers look like this:

Liberals 189, Conservatives 103, NDP 35, BQ 10, Green 1.

The Toronto element of this story shouldn't be underestimated. If the key local story from the 2011 election was that the Conservatives had penetrated the Liberal fortress in Toronto, the narrative has reversed in 2015. The city is a sea of red once again.

federal election results 2015

The New Democrats did not fare well in Toronto this year either, likely falling victim to a collective push against Stephen Harper. Olivia Chow was trounced by Adam Vaughan in Spadina-Fort York, while incumbent Andrew Cash fell to Julie Dzerowicz in Davenport, though that race was far closer.

federal election results 2015

The Toronto results map now looks more like it did in 2008 (minus the NDP), an island of red surrounded by blue in much of Southern Ontario. At present, the Liberals own every riding in the city of Toronto.

Toronto results in the 2015 federal election

Etobicoke North: Kirsty Duncan (Lib. 62%), Toyin Dada (Con. 24%), Faisal Hassan (NDP, 12%, Akhtar Ayub (Grn. 1%)

Etobicoke Centre: Borys Wrzesnewskyj (Lib. 53%), Ted Opitz (Con. 37%), Tanya De Mello (NDP 8%), Shawn Rivzi (Grn. 2%)

Etobicoke-Lakeshore: James Maloney (Lib. 54%), Bernard Trottier (Con. 32%), Phil Trotter (NDP 11%), Angela Salewsky (Grn. 2%)

Parkdale-High Park: Arif Virani (Lib. 42%), Peggy Nash (NDP 40%), Ian Allen (Con. 13%), Adam Phipps (Grn. 3%)

York-South Weston: Ahmend Hussen (Lib. 46%), Mike Sullivan (NDP 30%), James Robinson (Con. 19%), John Johnson (Grn. 2%)

Humber River-Black Creek: Judy Sgro (Lib. 67%), Kenny Vandenberg (Con. 20%), Daniel Harris (NDP 11%), Keith Jarrett (Grn. 2%)

York Centre: Michael Levitt (Lib. 47%), Mark Adler (Con. 44%), Hal Berman (NDP 7%), Constantine Kritsonis (Grn. 2%)

Eglinton-Lawrence: Marco Mendocino (Lib. 50%), Joe Oliver (Con. 39%), Andrew Thompson (NDP 6%), Matthew Chisholm (Grn. 5%)

Davenport: Julie Dzerowicz (Lib. 44%), Andrew Cash (NDP 41%), Carlos Oliveira (Con. 11%), Dan Stein (Grn. 3%)

St. Paul's: Carolyn Bennett (Lib. 55%), Marnie MacDougal (Con. 27%), Noah Richler (NDP 27%), Kevin Farmer (Grn. 3%)

University-Rosedale: Chrystia Freeland (Lib. 50%), Jennifer Hollett (NDP 29%), Karim Jivraj (Con. 18%), Nick Wright (Grn. 3%)

Spadina-Fort York: Adam Vaughan (Lib. 55%), Olivia Chow (NDP 27%), Sabrina Zuniga (Con. 16%), Sharon Danley (Grn. 2%)

Toronto Centre: Bill Morneau (Lib. 58%), Linda McQuaig (NDP 27%), Julian Di Battista (Con. 12%), Colin Biggin (Grn. 3%)

Toronto Danforth: Julie Dabrusin (Lib. 42%), Craig Scott (NDP 40%), Benjamin Dichter (Con. 10%), Chris Tolley (Grn. 5%)

Willowdale: Ali Ehsassi (Lib. 53%), Chungsen Leung (Con. 37%), Pouyan Tabasinejad (NDP 7%), James Arruda (Grn. 2%)

Don Valley East: Yasmin Ratansi (Lib. 58%), Maureen Harquail (Con. 29%), Khalid Ahmed (NDP 11%), Laura Elizabeth Sanderson (Grn. 3%)

Don Valley North: Geng Tan (Lib. 51%), Joe Daniel (Con. 38%), Akil Sadikali (NDP 9%), Caroline Brown (Grn. 2%)

Don Valley West: Rob Oliphant (Lib. 54%), John Carmichael (Con. 38%), Syeda Riaz (NDP 6%), Natalie Hunt (Grn. 2%)

Beaches-East York: Nathaniel Erskine-Smith (Lib. 49%), Matthew Kellway (NDP 31%), Bill Burrows (Con. 16%), Randall Sach (Grn. 3%)

Scarborough Southwest: Bill Blair (Lib. 52%), Dan Harris (NDP 24%), Roshan Nallaratnam (Con. 21%), Tommy Taylor (Grn. 3%)

Scarborough Centre: Salma Zahid (Lib. 51%), Roxanne James (Con. 32%), Alex Wilson (NDP, 12%), Lindsay Thompson (Grn. 2%)

Scarborough-Rouge Park : Gary Anandasangaree (Lib. 60%), Leslyn Lewis (Con. 27%), KM Shanthikumar (NDP, 10%), Calvin Winter (Grn. 2%)

Scarborough-Guildwood : John McKay (Lib. 60%), Chuck Konkel (Con. 26%), Laura Casselman (NDP, 11%), Kathleen Holding (Grn. 1%)

Scarborough North: Shaun Chen (Lib. 48%), Ravinder Malhi (Con. 27%), Rathika Sitsabaiesan (NDP, 22%), Eleni MacDonald (Grn. 1%)

Scarborough-Agincourt: Arnold Chan (Lib. 52%), Bin Chang (Con. 38%), Laura Patrick (NDP, 8%), Debra Scott (Grn. 1%)

Maps via CTV

Photo via Justin Trudeau's Flickr page.

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