The Shop Toronto

The Shop

The Shop started out as a metal and punk bar underneath an arguably more famous business, Matty Matheson's Parts & Labour. With the restaurant upstairs now shuttered, it's garnered a reputation in its own right.

The scene these days is oriented more towards DJs, hip hop, and more eclectic sounds like U.K. garage. The Shop is only open regularly Thursday through Saturday at 10 p.m., occasionally hosting the odd event here and there on off-nights.

The Shop Toronto

The space with a capacity of 163 still has all the original equipment, but received a makeover upon reopening in 2019 with new lighting, artwork by local Ink & Water tattooer Mr. Koo, all-gender signage on the bathroom doors, and a second bar where the coat check used to be. 

Seating consists of bleachers scattered around the edges of the low-ceilinged room, plus eight bar stools that get taken away around 11 p.m.

The Shop Toronto

DJ Grump runs event Duro here and Sucio at Drake Underground, spinning mostly Latin-infused Afro beats. Some old school and pop vibes sneak into the set with a recognizable tune here and there.

The Shop Toronto

Gimmemar backs up Grump for Duro, a local DJ, singer and songwriter. Other events include popular hip-hop party Boosie Fade once a month as well as a house music series called Housewarming.

The Shop Toronto

Always owned by The Social Group (Dog & Bear), new management was brought in for the reopening: Oliver Dimapilis, Justin Bella (Cold Tea), Aldo Pescatore-Tardioli, and Quinn and Ethan Danielis (La Carnita). The Danielis brothers are actually producers and DJs in their own right who used to throw parties here.

The Shop Toronto

To drink, there are mini bottles of prosecco for $15, or full-size bottles for $50, along with a list of other beverages that, while limited in typical club fashion, manages to take things to the next level.

The Shop Toronto

For example, there are regularly changing batch cocktail specials like Negronis and Old Fashioneds for $10. They taste decent and you even get a proper citrus peel garnish.

The Shop Toronto

They even do Spritzes for $10 with Aperol and prosecco that are also pretty good but a little less boozy.

The Shop Toronto

There are also vodka slushies ($10) in ever-changing "party punch"-type flavours like strawberry peach, which is thick and frosty.

The Shop Toronto

There's also open WiFi, and the space can be rented out for private events.

The Shop Toronto

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The Shop

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The Shop

2 Upcoming Events
About the Event
  • January 24

    Happy new year, folkssssss!

    It’s time for us to bring the Fade into the 2020s. So let's get on with it.

    On Friday, January 24th, 2020 at The Shop, the Boosie Fade squad is back to bring you the latest and greatest in hip-hop, surrounded by the best party crowd in this city.

    You can expect to hear tunes from artists like:


  • January 29

    Game Time : Aritst Producer/ Sounclash

    Doors Open 8PM

    Tickets $10


    Casey Garcia

    Peter Janded

    Nina Jvne


    lil airhole



    B1g Juice

    chuck hertz

    yodel beat smith

    Ray hmnd


    shaili camp

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