Someone in Toronto created a portrait of Justin Bieber using 150 Timbiebs

Regardless of what you think of them, Justin Bieber and Tim Hortons have become synonymous with being Canadian, which is why their recent Timbiebs collaboration has caught so much attention nationwide.

Toronto artist Keenan D'Abreo decided to honour the collab in the most creative way, using 150 of the new Timbits to create a portrait of Stratford's favourite pop star.

"As an artist, I'm always looking to think outside the box, and I'm heavily inspired by my surroundings," D'Abreo told blogTO.

"I moved to Toronto a few years ago from Dubai and wanted to create something that I thought would resonate with the Canadian audiences. I've worked with different mediums before, like makeup, coffee, even wine but never food. I felt like challenging myself, and I'm really glad I did because of how the piece turned out."

With all Timbiebs being various shades of brown and only three flavours released as part of the collaboration, D'Abreo didn't have much to work with as far as the spectrum of colour goes. Still, he made excellent use of the limited resources to create a recognizable portrait.

According to D'Abreo, the response has been overwhelming, and the artwork has quickly become one of his most shared pieces across social media. The attention has even led to some quick opportunities for the ambitious artist.

"A few other brands have reached out to me to create art with their products and artistic proposals, and I'm so excited to push my boundaries and create more art with new materials," D'Abreo said.

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Keenan D'abreo

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