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Romantic bridge is one of only two covered bridges in Ontario

In the heart of Guelph lies a hidden gem worth adding to your Ontario bucket list - the Covered Bridge.

Built in 1992 by a dedicated team of 400 volunteers from the Timber Framers' Guild, this is one of only two covered bridges left in Ontario. Inspired by the quaint charm of 1800s bridge architecture, the Covered Bridge has a rustic elegance transported through time from a bygone era. 

Constructed in the style of Ithiel Town's patent from the 1880s, its lattice-covered design allows ample natural light to filter through, casting enchanting patterns on its wooden floors.

Beyond its historical significance, the Covered Bridge is a vital link in Guelph's trail system, connecting parks and pathways along the Speed River.

Measuring 144 feet in length, the bridge crosses over the convergence point of Eramosa and Speed Rivers, offering breathtaking views of the tranquil waters below.

As day turns to night, Guelph's beautiful, century-old Covered Bridge transforms into a mesmerizing spectacle, illuminated by soft lights that cast a warm glow on its weathered timbers.

The Covered Bridge is a great spot to begin a stroll along the four-kilometre Eramosa River Trail, where you can stroll along the riverbank, completely surrounded by the beauty of nature. 

In every season, from the vibrant colours of fall to the frosty chill of winter, the bridge offers a scenic and romantic retreat from city life.

After exploring the bridge, check out the nearby Boathouse Tea Room, just a two-minute walk away, where you can indulge in delicious treats, refreshing beverages, and stunning river views.

Covering bridges serves a vital purpose beyond the aesthetic appeal: protection against the forces of nature. While wooden bridges exposed to the elements may deteriorate within two decades, those sheltered by covers can endure for a century or more, just like this one!

At the end of the 19th century, it was documented that Canada had over 1,400 covered bridges, predominantly found within rural regions. 

But, the passage of time and changing infrastructure needs have significantly altered this picturesque scene, and today, only a fraction of these historic structures remain, with approximately 140 still standing across the country.

In Ontario, the most popular covered bridge, affectionately known as the 'kissing bridge,' can be found in West Montrose. 

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