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Viral meme shows how you can visit major European cities without leaving Ontario

If you've spent any time on social media this summer, you've probably noticed that it seems like everyone you know is in Europe. 

Indeed, this summer saw a major uptick in travel compared to the previous couple of years thanks to lockdowns, and your Instagram feed is here to prove it. 

And while it may be fine to scroll past a few shots of cobblestone streets and Aperol Spritz's, it can certainly get tiring after a while, leading you to glance at your bank account in despair and realize that unlike your Instagram followers, you won't be sipping a cappuccino at a cafe in Paris anytime soon.

Or will you?

According to a meme that's been circulating on Twitter for the past few weeks, it turns out you can visit Copenhagen, Seville, Vienna, Paris, Lisbon, London, Dublin and Brussels without dropping a large sum on a plane ticket — and you don't even have to leave the province to do it. 

Of course, any Ontarian knows that while these are the names of beautiful European cities, they also happen to be real places in Ontario. 

And according to the map, it would only take about five hours total to drive through them all. 

The meme, which reads "When you can't afford a trip to Europe," has been shared widely on Twitter by Ontario residents who've been getting quite a kick out of the inside joke.

But what may have started as a way to poke fun at Ontario and how unexciting it is compared to some of Europe's most romantic cities, has actually turned into a bit of a love letter to these quaint Ontario towns, with many sharing stories of their visits.

It's worth noting that Athens, Scotland, Florence, Donegal and Heidelberg also exist in Ontario, so you truly have endless options if you're looking to take a holiday that at least sounds romantic, historic and European.

Happy travels!

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