mill of kintail

The historic Mill of Kintail in Ontario is surrounded by beautiful nature trails

Several kilometres of hiking trails and a historic mill make the Mill of Kintail Conservation Area a nice spot to spend some time in nature.

The grist mill that sits along the Indian River in Almonte and dates back to the 1830s feels straight out of a storybook. It used to be a summer home and sculpture studio of Robert Tait McKenzie, a physician and artist born in Lanark County. 

The restored mill now acts as a museum full of the Canadian artist's work and also pays tribute to James Naismith, the inventor of basketball and fellow native of the area. 

Museum tours are only available until Thanksgiving weekend each year, but the area is still worth a visit even when it's closed for the season. 

The historic building and its natural surroundings are a sight to behold any time of the year. A sheltered picnic area and a small lookout right nearby also offers up the perfect riverside views. 

It's especially beautiful during the holidays surrounded by snow and fully decorated in garland and bows, making it the ideal backdrop for a festive photo. 

There are also six kilometres of year-round trails leading around the 152-acre property. Walk along the river to the mill or venture across the bridge to access multiple walkways through forests and fields. 

You might even stumble upon a few other historic gems along the way like an old log cabin and chapel.

If you plan on visiting the Mill of Kintail, keep in mind it will cost you $6 per vehicle. Make sure to pick up after yourself to leave the area as beautiful as you found it.

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Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority

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