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Anti-vaccine passport protestor Chris Sky plans to jam Canada's international airports

Anti-vaxxer and anti-masker Chris Saccoccia, better known as Chris Sky, has a new plan to annoy people and disrupt businesses.

Since the pandemic began, Sky has protested just about every public health measure out there – from masks to protest Canada's vaccine passport. While he has been able to rally his base to protest at shops and malls, in recent days he also pissed them off, calling them losers in a screaming rant.

But Sky hopes to gather his losers at international airports in his plan, announced on Twitter, to "Jam the Airports" on Nov. 7.

The idea is to create vehicle convoys and circle around international airport arrival areas. Sky says he will be at Calgary airport.

"It's happening all across Canada, Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Regina, Nova Scotia, everywhere there's an international airport," he says.

He is asking people to gather in a convoy at 12 p.m. and then start driving at 3 p.m.

"You're not doing anything illegal, you're not doing anything wrong," he says. "You're protesting against these unjust corporations who are partnering illegally with the government to try and steal our rights. So we're going to inflict pain upon them financially. And that's going to get them to see the light."

While this plan has the potential to anger people, particularly those who may be trying to catch a flight, there are a few glaring flaws.

First off, he has announced the time as 3 p.m., seemingly forgetting that Canada has six time zones — not to mention Sunday, Nov. 7 is when most people in Canada (not Saskatchewan) move their clocks back, which adds to the potential of confusion.

Another problem with the plan, as his Twitter followers point out, is that it won’t do much.

"What is the point? Driving around in circles at arrivals will not hurt the airlines - these people have flown/paid already," one person wrote. "All you going to do is piss the public off, they will call security and I'm sure some arrests will be made. Check 'public nuisance' under Criminal Code."

Also it is just likely going to anger the wrong people.

"Well that seems productive. I'm sure this is going to be very beneficial for the movement," one person wrote. "Also, causing a traffic jam by the airport - where folks are time crunched to leave... ya, not making friends here."

There is also the failure of the so-called Rosa Parks challenge where he called for people to get on Ontario buses, trains, streetcars on Oct. 30 and politely refuse to disclose vax status and sit and wait for service or fine.

"Will this be like the Rosa Parks challenge and only 7 people will do it?" one person asked.

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