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The Best Restaurants in Pickering

The best restaurants in Pickering show some surprising culinary depth. The suburb may not be the coolest destination, but it does have a vast selection of food options that range from fancy sit-downs to 'mom and pop' places. Whether you live in the area or visit from time to time, make sure to keep this list handy.

Here are my picks for the best restaurants in Pickering.

Big M Burger
Big M is kinda like the Johnny's Hamburgers of Pickering. Established in the 1960s, this spot has a long-standing relationship with the community. It's the kind of place that grown folks mention when they reminisce about their younger days. The parking lot also tends to be a chill-out spot for bikers and people with cool cars.

Stars Pizza
Stars Pizza is one of the few family-owned pizza places that have managed to stay popular amid the bigger chains. Located in the Pickering Markets - which is only open on weekends - Stars has a loyal following of customers. The pizza usually comes right out of the oven, topped with the kind of oily, gooey cheese that is so fresh it strings apart in your hands.

Port Restaurant
If sit-down dining is your thing, then Port might just be the place. Located right on Frenchman's Bay, the restaurant provides a perfect view of the docked boats on the harbour. Dishes range from fish to steak or kale chips. This is the kind of tranquil spot where you can relax, watch the harbour, and enjoy a glass of wine.

The Apple Fritter Factory
It all started out of one man's garage. The Factory's founder, known as Wolfgang, began making homemade apple fritters and funnel cake using Pennsylvanian Dutch batter (using a 100-year-old recipe). Now, his operation is based out of the Pickering Flea Market. With year-round treats like the signature apple fritters, fried Mars bars and funnel cake fries, this might be the most fun dining experience in town.

Khawar Supermarket and Cafe
An Afghani grocery store in the heart of Pickering - say what? This little grocery store sells your usual grocery items, plus a number of Middle Eastern brands and staples like saffron, Turkish coffee or vine leaves. But the best, by far, is the fresh Afgani bread baked on the spot - or maybe the butcher in the back who sells raw and freshly-grilled kabobs.

Silverspoon is definitely Pickering's finest Indian and Pakistani food joint, not to mention the Hakka Chinese dishes. Butter Chicken. Naan. Curries. Palak paneer. Daal. Need I say more?

Makimono is a sleek sushi joint with a sweet all you can eat sushi deal and buffet. One of the main places to go to for sushi, Makimono also has locations in Ajax and Woodbridge.

Casa Verde
Located in historic Pickering, Casa Verde is small and unassuming from the outside, yet so authentically Italian on the inside. This little restaurant serves a variety of pasta that tastes just like your nonna made it.

Jazzberry Tea House
Jazzberry serves good food - but what really makes this place special is the vast selection of looseleaf tea. In a suburb where coffee shop chains are the norm, this is one of the few independent tea houses. (Plus, I'm a sucker for creating my own loose tea cocktail.)

Belaggios' veal cutlet sandwiches are the bomb. Breaded veal, marinated with Italian tomato sauce, topped off with fresh bread - yum. Apart from that, Belaggios is a cute little spot that serves pasta, gelato and a bunch of things - but really, it's all about the veal sandwiches.

This place may not be the trendiest But it is perhaps the most quaint spot in all of Pickering. Located on Wharf St., with an outdoor patio facing Pickering's waterfront, Hy-Tea is a small, independent cafĂŠ and restaurant owned by two really awesome women.

Photo via Silverspoon on Facebook.

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