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Ontario customer service worker celebrates two lottery wins

A customer service worker from Ontario is jumping for joy after two life-changing lottery wins.

Maria Petrucci of Mississauga has won $99,448.40 with OLG's Poker Lotto and an additional $5,000 with instant poker, bringing her total winnings to a hefty $104,448.40.

The 50-year-old has been playing the lottery for around eight years. This time, she bought her ticket at an Esso gas station in Stouffville.

"The machine read 'Big Winner.' It was very unexpected!" Petrucci recalled while at the OLG Prize Centre to collect her winnings. "Some people in the store saw that I was in shock and congratulated me."

When she returned to her mom and dog, who were waiting in the car, she shared the good news.

"My mom took a bit of convincing at first, but she eventually believed me and was so happy!" shared Petrucci. She then broke the news to her family in a group chat.

"I showed my brothers and sister a video of me with the ticket. They thought I was playing a prank on them!"

Petrucci's plans include a family dinner and a fun night out with friends, but she says she might also treat herself to a new bike.

"There are so many feelings associated with this win. I feel thankful, grateful, happy, and humble," the customer service worker said. "I'm proof that a big win can happen to anybody – sometimes when you least expect it!"

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