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Mark Wahlberg is hanging out in Muskoka and was just spotted hitting up a popular gym

It's common knowledge that Mark Wahlberg works out a lot. In the morning, afternoon and night Markie is in the gym pumping iron and taking selfies of his jacked arms.

So it's not that surprising that he was spotted in Collingwood, Ontario — at a gym.

In a video posted to his Instagram page, Wahlberg strolls up to a F45 location in Blue Mountain, telling his followers "we found F45 in Muskoka."

The video chronicles this random outting and features appearances from locals with the caption "If I have to climb a mountain or take a helicopter, I will get to an F45! The best!!"

Markie waltzes into the gym and gets down to business, passing out highfives to the starstruck locals.

Wahlberg is a devoted F45 fan, maybe because he has a multi-million dollar stake in the business. For those who aren't up-to-date with the world of F45, it's a franchise of fitness studios that specializes in circuit and HIIT training.

Venture out to any main intersection in Toronto and you're likely to see an F45. 

Speaking of F45, the franchise is facing a ton of controversy after its CEO stepped down and 110 employees were laid off last month. The company is also potentially facing five class-action suits. 

"Best workout on the planet baby, this is a game changer," Wahlberg tells the camera as he wipes the sweat from his furrowed brow.

"You wanna get fit? You wanna get right? You better hit F45," he says while also showing off his massively sculpted upper arm.

The next scene in the video shows him performing some dead lifts and ends with a group shot outside the facility. It is unclear if these people are locals or part of Markie Mark's crew.

"I woke up this morning I said 'oh I can't make it' and I did that workout and guess what? I’m alive."

Both Wahlberg and the people who filmed with him with were wearing shirts and caps with the word 'Municipal' plastered across, which turns out is Mark's own "sport utility gear" brand.

"Get in the gym, stop playing around," he says before he waltzes out of frame. 

Wahlberg is currently hanging out in Muskoka, which is about two hours from Collingwood.

While we don't know if he's filming or cottaging, we do know that he's been hanging out with some other A-listers including David Beckham and Tie Domi.

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