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Miami's mayor just referred to Kyle Lowry as 'Kevin' and Toronto is not having it

Great news, guys! It would appear as though longtime Toronto Raptor and NBA champion Kyle Lowry wasn't actually traded to the Miami Heat earlier this month. It was just a guy with a similar name! Kevin. Kevin Lowry.

The actual Mayor of Miami said so on television, so it has to be official. Let's get Lowry back to Toronto from Florida. There's been a terrible mistake.

As much as I wish I weren't joking about Lowry-is-still-a-Raptor thing, City of Miami Mayor Francis Suarez did actually refer to our beloved, recently-traded Klow as "Kevin Lowry" during an interview with Bloomberg on Thursday.

"Do you think The Heat can bring it to 'em this year?" said a Bloomberg host during the interview in question, as seen in a video snippet published on Twitter Thursday afternoon.

"Well, we just got Kevin Lowry..." replied Suarez, a former attorney elected as mayor of the Floridian city in 2017.

Talk about adding insult to injury: Not only were Toronto NBA fans crushed to lose a player who is widely considered the greatest Raptor of all time, we lost him to a city where the person in charge of everything doesn't even know his name.

"Send Kyle Back. Miami can keep Kevin," snarked one fan in response to the interview snippet on Twitter.

"Omg 'Kevin' oh my," wrote another. "Give Kyle back please that is unacceptable."

Many seem to agree that, in the wake of their mayor's verbal flub, Miami "doesn't deserve" Lowry anymore.

And it's not like this is the first time a certified Miami-lover has disrespected Toronto lately in the context of NBA trades.

New Raptor Goran Dragic came under intense fire a few weeks back after telling a Slovenian TV station that he had "higher ambitions." While wearing a Miami Heat shirt, to boot.

The jury is out about Dragic after he apologized and explained that his words "didn't come out the right way." Most are in agreeance however, that Toronto's Mayor John Tory would never make such an utterly heinous error when speaking about Canada's only NBA team.

"This alone should be enough for Lowry to undo his decision and come back to Toronto," remarked one Raptors fan of the Suarez Bloomberg clip.

"Miami Mayor on Bloomberg Markets talking condos and calling Kyle 'Kevin Lowry'," wrote another. "Yeah, the Heat don't deserve a championship."

Lowry, 35, left Toronto for Miami after nine seasons in early August, saying goodbye with an emotional, heartfelt love letter for the city and country he now calls his "second home."

He is clearly missed by all.

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