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Kids of Toronto Raptors players announced their dads last night and it was adorable

The Toronto Raptors took their fans on yet another emotional roller coaster ride from within the confines of Walt Disney World last night, prompting tears and (presumably) cheers from more than 2,000 kilometres away.

Canada's own reigning NBA champions defeated the Brooklyn Nets 134-110 during their first playoff game for 2020, but the most memorable moment from Monday night's event took place even before tip-off.

If watching Toronto's starting line-up be introduced by their own family members ahead of Game 1 doesn't choke you up, Kyle Lowry's reaction will.

Being stuck in a bubble with zero in-game spectators has only forced the Raptors organization to get more creative, it seems, with how it pumps up players and fans watching from home alike.

Getting players' kids involved in announcing the line-up worked brilliantly on both fronts.

Not only are people online still raving about the unique intro, inspired by The Phoenix Suns, but players were also fired up to see their loved ones after so much time away from them in Orlando.

Karter King Lowry and Kameron King Lowry did a particularly fine job of announcing their dad, imitating Raptors in-game host Mark Strong with a flawless joint "L-L-L-L-L-LOWRY!"

Anyone who knows anything about Kyle Lowry's life off the court knows how much the six-time NBA All-Star adores his young sons, and the pure joy on his face after watching their introduction was truly touching.

"That got me going. Those are my babies, they're my world," said Lowry after the game to TSN. "That's a memory that's gonna last forever."

Karter and Kam are undoubtedly the most-famous junior Raptors around, thanks to their frequent appearances at games, charity events and on Lowry's Instagram account.

The 34-year-old basketball star isn't the only Raptor with impossibly cute children, however — Marc Gasol and Fred VanVleet also got precious intros from their little ones.

Gasol's young daughter, Julia Gasol Blesa, introduced the Spanish starter as "My daddy, Marc Gasol," while one of Fred VanVleet's toddlers helped their mom with a "Go Daddy!" during her introduction.

The intro was cute, for sure, but it also reminded fans at home of how much athletes are sacrificing to play in this strange, isolated NBA season.

"These guys miss their kids and families so f*cking much and they're away from them for work and for our entertainment and I respect them," wrote one fan.

"I don't care how much money you make, no amount of money can fill the void of not being with the ones you love."

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