ossington canteen toronto

Ossington Canteen

Ossington Canteen is a fusion of four local food businesses which sell pies, pasta, plus an assortment of breakfast tacos. 

Owner Jimmy Sobeck had the idea for the marketplace as a way to bring together Toronto-based foodies who were selling product out of their homes during the pandemic. 

ossington canteen toronto

This includes: Back to the Pasta, run by two former employees of Buca; Pies by Squire; and Gertie's Pies - all sold through retail at the Canteen. ossington canteen torontoRepublic of Tacos is the last to grace this bright and airy food hall, where their food is served to tables.

ossington canteen torontoThe breakfast tacos here were inspired by a popular trend in Texas, with cooking techniques borrowed from the state's neighbouring border with northeastern Mexico. 

ossington canteen torontoCorn tortillas are commonly used in Canada, but Ossington Canteen uses flour instead, handmaking each using two dough machines brought in from San Antonio

ossington canteen torontoYou can taste the difference too. The breading resembles a crossover between a tortilla and roti which really allows the flavours of the toppings to come through. 

ossington canteen torontoWe tried the Con Migas ($6.00) which is a vegetarian taco coming with sauteed spiced mushrooms as its base. Refried pinto beans, scrambled egg, and spicy potatoes are part of it too. Then crumbled feta cheese and three slices of jalapeno to finish. 

ossington canteen torontoThe Classic ($6.00) comes with your choice of bacon or marinated chorizo. We decided to stick with the latter, which was a great choice because it's a perfect addition to the rest of the breakfast ingredients: scrambled eggs, spiced potatoes and white cheese. 

ossington canteen toronto

All the tacos come with your choice of homemade salsa too. The Creamy Jalapeno Salsa ($1.00) is spicy, but not super crazy. The consistency is thick and pairs well with the chorizo. 

ossington canteen torontoThe Queso ($8.00) is by far the best thing on the menu. American cheese is melted in with sauteed jalapenos, serano peppers and mixed vegetables. You won't be able to stop yourself from reaching back for more. 

ossington canteen torontoThe Churros ($10.00) are a great way to end off a meal at Ossington Canteen. Each churro is tossed in cinnamon, sugar, and a little salt. The two sauces on the side are what makes this dish: mexican chocolate and a bourbon butterscotch combination. 

ossington canteen torontoOssington Canteen can be found just off of Dundas Street West and Ossington Avenue, where the hustle and bustle of people walking outside attracts customers into this vibrant space. 

Photos by

Fareen Karim

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