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The Hamptons

The Hamptons is a quaint bar with dynamic wine offerings and small plates built on seasonal flavours and locally-sourced ingredients. 

This restaurant operates out of what looks like a century-old home tucked away into the boroughs of Clinton Street just a few steps away from the main College strip. 

hamptons torontoThe name is nod to The Hamptons sister location of Montauk Bar ran by owners Rachel Chartrand and Michael Young .

the hamptons torontoThe pair came across the space for lease while making runs for InstaCart in the area, a gig they picked up during lockdown days. Prior to this, you would've found Pinky's Ca Phe here, they moved across the street. 

hamptons toronto

The Hamptons gave Chef Chartrand the freedom to be in-charge of a kitchen, building her cooking dreams come into fruition.

She's intent on how special this opportunity has been, especially after 16 years working just about every hospitality job you can imagine.  

the hamptons torontoYoung has also had his fair share of the industry, owning Montauk for the last seven years and before that working for SPINCO and Soho House

the hamptons torontoThe owners left the dark, woodsy dive bar feel to Montauk and for their new venture opted for a warm, charming beach house vibe.  

the hamptons torontoAlthough, there's still a lot of wood, it appears they kept most of the historic bearings of the house intact too. Exposed brick and gritty walls give the bar and main dining space a sense of character.

the hamptons toronto

There's a gorgeous "sun room" if you will, in the front of the house near the main entrance. Light pours through the series of window panels surrounding this space that sits away from the busy dining area.

It's somewhere nice if you're looking to have more intimate conversation or just a few glasses of wine without a full meal. 

the hamptons torontoMore seating space extends into the large patio in the back that could fit a little more than 20 people. A firepit stands in the centre set up for use once colder weather comes. 

the hamptons torontoSpeaking of new seasons, the food here is meant to accompany just that. If you visit in August, expect to find dishes made with fruits that grow on trees, vegetables that you can pick from a vine. 

The fall and winter months will bring more root-based produce like potatoes, and heartier, warmer dishes. 

the hamptons torontoKeeping it light for the summer time menu, The Hamptons serves Butter Three Ways ($15.00). Starting with several slices of seeded rye bread straight from Blackbird Baking Co. 

the hamptons torontoButters with different taste notes are to follow: Meadow butter is sweet,  Norwegian Cod is salty and the Nduja (my personal favourite) warm, spicy, all three are an easy eat. 

hamptons torontoThe Bay Scallop Crudo ($23.00) has a captivating green hue to it, coming from the cucumber mignonette. The rest of the plate is decorated with cherry tomatoes, tender pieces of scallop, tomatillo and dolloped with mama nuccia olive oil. 

the hamptons toronto

One thing I've never come across is deer tartar, otherwise known on the menu as New Zealand Venison ($23.00). Bits of capers, radish microgreens, baby leeks are folded into the meat which also gets covered in egg yolk and Dijon mustard. 

hamptons torontoUnlike traditional tartar which is served with some kind of cracker or baguette crisp, this comes with fresh lettuce on the side, ready to be scooped up with the meat adding a fresher spin on what you might be used to. 

hamptons torontoIt wouldn't be right if I didn't showcase a taste of the wine program at The Hampton's because they pretty much have it all sourcing from Portugal, Spain, France and Italy. 

This glass of 2019 Franz Weninger - Ponzichter is made with grapes grown in Austria. It's a Pinot Noir tasting of cherry, blackberry notes, bold flavouring pairs nicely with the venison or Butter Three Ways. 

the hamptons torontoIf you're hoping to explore more of their selection, the Hamptons is a good catch up spot that's nice enough for a special occasion but still casual to feel comfortable eating, that goes for  food, drink and atmosphere. 

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