houseboat for sale

This ghost houseboat floating in a Toronto marina is finally coming up for sale

After sitting vacant for about a year at a Toronto marina, a beautiful houseboat will soon be up for sale.

The modern-looking houseboat is currently at Bluffer's Park Marina among a unique community of houseboats and floating homes, which occasionally come up up for sale at affordable prices.

houseboat for sale

A houseboat for sale in Toronto is built in a modern style. Photo by Karen Longwell.

This ghost houseboat was built by a developer but has never been lived in, says realtor Steve Mak, who is handling the sale of the boat.

houseboat for sale

It is unfurnished inside but the floors and walls are complete in the living room. Photo by Karen Longwell.

It is currently docked at Bluffer's Marina Park and Mak says it is a registered Transport Canada live-aboard vessel. But the owner has not been permitted to live on the boat and is paying the marina just for storage.

A spokesperson for Bluffer's Park Marina could not be reached for comment.

houseboat for sale

The kitchen is also ready to go with appliances. Photo by Karen Longwell.

Anyone interested in buying this houseboat would need to speak to the marina or find a new location for the boat. Although it looks like a home, this is a boat that can be moved, says Mak.

houseboat for sale

There are large windows for views of the water. Photo by Karen Longwell.

Mak is soon listing the houseboat, called We The Champs 2019, for $999,800.

This is a "very unique and rare opportunity to live on a winterized year-round boat that is the size and scale of a large floating home, but modern by design," he says.

houseboat for sale

There are two full bathrooms onboard. Photo by Karen Longwell.

Unlike a floating home, the houseboat is designed to accommodate outboard motors which allows for easy transport. There are no motors currently on the boat.

Inside the boat looks like a home.

houseboat for sale

Upstairs you will find three bedrooms and a deck. Photo by Karen Longwell.

There is 1,200-square-feet of cabin space with a full kitchen and living area. There is 450-square-feet of deck space on the upper level. There are three separate sleeping quarters and two full washrooms.

houseboat for sale

The bedrooms are small but have large windows. Photo by Karen Longwell.

There is a private mortgage available for this home, Mak says.

houseboat for sale

The deck is on the second floor. Photo by Karen Longwell.

Unless you have your own private waterfront dock for this boat, potential buyers would have to pay monthly fees to a marina.

houseboat for sale

This houseboat can be moved and has space for motors. Stefanie Carmichael photo

While it may not be for everyone, life on the water offers a unique lifestyle and wonderful waterfront views every day.

This story was adjusted to add that the houseboat is not yet up for sale.

Lead photo by

Karen Longwell

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