7 Brimley Road Toronto

This houseboat could be one of the best real estate deals in Toronto right now at $339K

As the Toronto housing market hits yet another record high and sales dip due to lack of supply, finding a place to live that's within budget is harder than ever. 

But for people who are willing to think outside the traditional detached-home box, well is there a deal for you!7 Brimley Road Toronto

The living room and kitchen are bright and airy. 

This houseboat docked at 7 Brimley Road is listed for $339,000

7 Brimley Road Toronto

The houseboat has been updated with new floors, windows and hot water tank.

The home has one bedroom, one bathroom and a small den. 

7 Brimley Road Toronto

The living room has a walk-out deck that overlooks the water.

It's cozy but cute. 

7 Brimley Road Toronto

The upper deck gets lots of sunshine. 

There's also a rooftop patio. 

7 Brimley Road Toronto

Views of Toronto Bluffs can be seen from the rooftop patio. 

It spans the entire top of the boat, so there's plenty of room for guests and it's perfect for drinks. 

7 Brimley Road Toronto

The small den is great as an office space. 

The boat can be used all-year round thanks to its propane furnace but if you're not feeling the winter on the water you can store the boat for the colder months, according to the listing. 

7 Brimley Road Toronto

The kitchen has built-in appliances and a breakfast bar. 

The place also has new vinyl floors, a built-in fridge, propane stove and there's even a rough-in for a washer/dryer. 

7 Brimley Road Toronto

The three-piece bathroom. 

While this type of lifestyle definitely is not for everyone, I would say it's perfect for anyone who isn't really into van-life but definitely doesn't want to be in a "box in the sky."

7 Brimley Road Toronto

All bumpers, ropes and one bubbler plus motor come with the houseboat. 

The boat also has a motor, so if you get bored with your surroundings you can move without having to go through the hassle of packing. Truly win-win. 

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