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This minimalist home in Toronto comes with a hot pink doorway

The architecture and design of a unique home located in Toronto's Oakwood Village features an eclectic combination of minimalism, bright accents and asymmetrical shapes, resulting in a house like no other with a one-of-a-kind hot pink entryway. 

The property, called "Winona House," was designed by Reigo & Bauer and sits on a formerly vacant lot tucked in between two rows of ordinary homes and deep backyards — making it almost invisible from the streets nearby.

But anyone that does spot it will immediately notice its distinct shape and eye-catching pink doorway.

winona house"The shape and materiality of the two-level dwelling were heavily influenced by adjacent backyard sheds, storage shacks, and detached garages; oddly scaled, utilitarian buildings free from the common visual cues typifying a house," architect Stephen Bauer told blogTO. 

"A dark textured cladding is used to cover the entire building, an effect that's heightened by the lack of eave lines and a continuous reading from roof to wall. In contrast, the bright pink entryway articulates a clear point of arrival, while paying homage to the owner's Mexican heritage."

winona houseThe symmetrically-pitched roof, made from 95 per cent recycled and reclaimed materials, runs diagonally from corner to opposite corner, and this creates an unconventional geometry that translates into the design of the interior's upper level.

winona housePhotos of the interior show a second floor with high walls and a sloped ceiling, and the top floor also features a slanted skylight that lets in plenty of light. 

winona houseDownstairs, a stunning black-and-white kitchen balances simple, modern and whimsical design, with marble countertops, black shelving, stainless steel appliances and a white island with unique legs.

winona houseThe three-bedroom, three-bathroom home also features a twisted staircase with bright blue carpeting, as well as hardwood flooring in other parts of the house.

winona houseThe northwest facade of the home meanwhile features simple glass doors that peak into the kitchen while leading to a spacious backyard and patio. 

winona houseThe home is larger than it looks from the front at 2,000 square feet, and work on the property was completed back in 2015.

Photos by

Reigo & Bauer

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