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Hundreds take to the streets to defend tenants from Toronto landlord

A rally was held in Parkdale on Saturday to defend the residents of 55 Triller Avenue from eviction.

Hundreds of people showed up to support residents who have been threatened with eviction after organizing to ask for basic repairs and better conditions from their landlord. The protest was the result of action by community group Parkdale Organize.

Last year, Starlight Investments purchased the building and since then tenants have complained about inadequate heating, water shutoffs, pest treatment, and repair requests being ignored by the new owners. 

These problems have led to an alarming increase in vacant units which residents of the building say has destroyed the sense of community it once had.

Earlier this month, eviction forms were delivered to three tenant organizers of 55 Triller, accusing them of illegal acts after they attempted to deliver letters to management regarding concerns over the many issues tenants were facing.

The organizers requested that one tenant be allowed to speak to management about their letter and discuss ways to improve the situation. Management responded by locking themselves in their office and calling the police.

"This is a clear attempt by a landlord and their lawyers to criminalize organizing. It is a sign that landlords view the unwillingness of tenants to accept unsafe, unhealthy, abusive or predatory living conditions to be a criminally dangerous act that should be punished with homelessness," said Bryan Doherty of Parkdale Organize. "Tenants will not stand for this."

Tenants all over the city have begun forming associations to protect themselves from shady landlords. Now, protesters are reinforcing the idea that organizing is not a crime while supporting their neighbours who find themselves in a similar situation.

It remains to be seen what will come of the eviction notices, though having hundreds of supporters fighting for your rights is sure to bolster the spirits of this Parkdale community.

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Parkdale Organize

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