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Toronto orders halt to building of deck facing directly into woman's bedroom

High Park resident MJ Crawford will once again have her privacy — at least temporarily — as the city has ordered that the neighbouring deck facing directly into her bedroom window either be removed or the owners must apply for a building permit. 

Crawford sparked a lively conversation on Reddit this week about expectations of privacy at home when she posted the photo of her neighbour's new second-floor deck.

My neighbours built a deck that looks directly into my bedroom. (xpost from r/mildlyinfuriating) from r/toronto

She told CTV News she began closing her blinds pretty much all the time after the deck went up last year, though she likes to have natural light from her windows.

When she does choose to open her blinds, she said she's been caught by construction workers in several uncomfortable situations. 

Crawford also said the house is currently vacant so she hasn't been able to speak with the owners directly.

She did, however, file a complaint with the city. 

"Toronto Building received a complaint about the deck at a property near High Park Boulevard and Indian Road on Wednesday January 15. A building inspector conducted a site visit the morning of Thursday January 16 and found that an existing deck was in the process of being reconstructed," reads a statement from the city. 

"The construction as observed requires a building permit, however one has not been issued. Toronto Building will be issuing an Order requiring the property to stop work and obtain a building permit for the construction," the statement continues.

"The property owner can decide to remove the structure or apply for a building permit. During the building permit application process, staff will review the plans against the current zoning and Ontario Building Code in order to determine what would be permitted."

A second email sent to blogTO following the original statement confirmed that the order has now officially been issued. 

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