13 Gore Street Toronto

Rental of the week: 13 Gore Street

 I don't even know where to start with this Toronto listing. I'm so blown away by the audacity of this landlord that I'm almost speechless. Almost. 13 Gore Street Toronto

Okay, so the actual apartment is kinda cute. There's exposed brick, not the worst furniture and a fully functional kitchen.

13 Gore Street TorontoSure, it's a basement and the ceilings are below 6-feet in some areas but sometimes we can't be picky. 

13 Gore Street TorontoAnd if I was just basing this off pictures alone I would say it's not too bad. Not great considering it's $1,800 a month but that's all in and it's centrally located. 

13 Gore Street TorontoThen I read the listing description and I immediately went and got a glass of wine to deal with this absolute nonsense. 

So many things are wrong with this place. Probably least of all is the promise at the top of the post of free parking but then lower down saying it cost $10-$15 a day depending on the day of the week. 

13 Gore Street TorontoBut the first thing that stood out to me was this line: "The space is shared with guests in the 3 other guests rooms." Ummm what?!? WHERE ARE THE OTHER GUEST ROOMS?!?!

13 Gore Street TorontoThey say this is a one-bedroom place but even that's a stretch considering the bedroom isn't actually a bedroom. It's an IKEA bookshelf that's made into a wall. 

On the other side is a single bed, is that the other guest room? The other side of a bookshelf? Because that doesn't count as a room!!!!

13 Gore Street TorontoSeriously, three people are supposed to live here? That's obviously not okay.  

And the kicker is they're positioning this an "affordable hotel alternative" by saying you can either pay by the week ($500) or by the month ($1,800). 

13 Gore Street TorontoJust so we're clear $500 a week is still $70 a night and I'm 100% sure you can find a decent hotel for cheaper than that if you do the bare minimum amount of research. Also that one would probably come with your own room. Like with a door. 

  • Address: 13 Gore Street
  • Type: Basement
  • Rent: $1,800/ month or $500 / week
  • Furnished? Yes
  • Utilities: Yes plus Wifi
  • Air conditioning? No
  • Bedrooms: 1 (Not really. There’s a bookcase that they’re considering a wall)
  • Bathrooms: 1 
  • Parking: 1 – $15/24h Fri & Sat, $10/24h weekdays
  • Laundry? Coin 
  • Outdoor space? No
  • Pet friendly? No 
Good For

Being the worst hotel alternative ever?

Move On If

You're a fan of doors and personal space. 13 Gore Street Toronto

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