CNE 2022

The CNE is officially coming back to Toronto this summer

After a long two-year hiatus, the CNE is officially coming back to Toronto this summer.

The quintessential event of the summer is finally returning to the city which means you'll be able to stuff your face with weird food and go on rides that will give you butterflies in your stomach.

With an announcement of live events returning to the city this year, many have expressed their excitement of the return of the beloved event.

One person even wrote that they could cry from happiness with this news.

SomeΒ have expressed that it's been way too long of a wait since the city has seen some fun.

With others writing that they missed the annual fair.

Someone even joked about how they need to get ready for all the weird food the fair has to offer.

One person who's very excited about the CNE wrote how they'll be spending their summer outside.

While others are declaring that summer is officially back.

The CNE is scheduled to run from Aug. 19 to Sept. 5. Tickets areΒ $15 for general admission to grounds, shows, and exhibits on any one day of the CNE, plus a $1.99 service fee.

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Hector Vasquez

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