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Massive outdoor lights show Terra Lumina is opening at the Toronto Zoo

Toronto's lighted night walk featuring majestic holograms and other fascinating displays is reopening within the week.

Terra Lumina is a night walk taking place at Toronto Zoo once again. It's part of a Lumina night walk series by Moment Factory.

The walk guides you through one and a half kilometres of lighting, effects and video projections with an enchanting background score, taking you through a journey from the past to a future where nature and humans exist harmoniously.

You first pass through a portal of light intended to transport you to the year 2099.

From there, you'll wander through a forest of light and an Arctic landscape, to get to illusions of vanished species and a magical creature with a special message.

As you walk, it's required that you wear a face covering and keep six feet of distance between yourself and other groups.

The walk had initially been running at Toronto Zoo during the fall but was shut down when the zoo temporarily closed due to public health orders on Nov. 23, 2020.

Tickets can only be purchased in advance and are $29.99 for adults, and there's $5 discount for zoo members. Parking is $14.

Lead photo by

Moment Factory

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