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10 things to do in Toronto today

Thursdays, amirite? You've made it this far and events in Toronto today are a reward for your hard work. Leon Bridges and Maroon 5 are performing and Oktoberfest is in the air. The Broadview celebrates, while art, pizza, film and more are all on as well.

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    • September 27
      A man of many styles and sounds, Leon Bridges lends his beautiful voice to both soulful acoustic ballads, electro collabs and everything in between.
      RBC Echo Beach
    • September 27
      Celebrate Oktoberfest with the fish at this big party featuring ten local breweries on hand to keep you swimming all night.
      Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada
    • September 27
      See inside some of the many startups around the city during this big open house and maybe you'll see a dog or two running around.
      Multiple Venues
    • September 27
      We all remember where we were when "This Love" came out and Maroon 5 hasn't looked back since, now here to play songs from Red Pill Blues.
      Scotiabank Arena
    • September 27
      Take in the views at the newly revamped Broadview Hotel as it celebrates one year since it opened with $1 food specials and cheap drinks.
    • September 27
      Designing the Movies is back to take a closer looks at the aesthetics that make up the 1975 rages-to-riches story starring Diana Ross.
      Revue Cinema
    • September 27
      The last pizza party of the season is on with an evening of fresh pizza courtesy of the ovens in the park, drinks, tunes and Indian food from Banjara.
      Christie Pits Park
    • September 27-29
      The sights and sounds of Deutschland takes over during this huge celebration with all the lederhosen, bratwurst and steins you can imagine.
      Ontario Place East Parking Lot
    • September 27-30
      Immerse yourself in art that seeks to explore the possible with the impossible with a celebration of Black expression and shared dreams.
      White House Studio Project
    • September 27-30
      Get your fix of psych rock at this festival happening all over the city with performances by Mien, Teke Teke, Luna Li and many more.
      Multiple Venues
    Lead photo by

    Hector Vasquez

Lead photo by

Hector Vasquez

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