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Today in Toronto: Offerings, Jason Collett's Basement Revue, Godzilla, Holidazed & Confused, Cannes Lions

Today in Toronto Cinecycle will host an indie record show and a huge line up of bands to celebrate the newest compilation from free Offerings Magazine, Toronto's own version of Show Paper. Zacht Automaat, Zones, Doom Tickler, New Chance, Nick Storring and more will perform, and labels selling their wares will include Arachnidiscs, Healing Power, Heretical Objects, Inyrdisk, Pleasence, and Reel Cod.

TIFF is showing Ishirô Honda's Gojira, aka the original Godzilla, as part of their new Restored! series. Then Jason Collett's Basement Revue has one last show, and this one's back at the good old Dakota Tavern. For more events, click on over to our events section.

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