Open call for reader-submitted photo essays

Over and above the photo of the day and the various images featured in the Morning Brew and Radar, we want to do more to highlight your work in an extended fashion.

So...we're posting an open call for photo essays.

What we're looking for:

- photo essays can be made up of as few as 5 photos
- essay topics have no limits other than that they be compelling, timely, and related to Toronto and surrounding areas
- Essentially, we'd love to show off your photojournalist skills with hyper timely posts (coverage of the G20 protests or the Pride Parade for instance) or appeal to the fine art photographer in you (via a series of tightly-themed images that shed light on the city we live in and love).
- photo essays rely mostly on images, but a short description should be included to set the stage (about 100 words will do)
- we're NOT looking for photos of events that happened last week or last year, but we would be interested in photos of an event that happened very recently, or any themed photo sets that aren't time-sensitive.
- this is an open call, so there are no deadlines

Some examples of what we're after:


- Toronto's G20 fence in photos
- Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament In Photos
- Yonge-Eglinton Square gets its pillow fight swan song

Art and documentary:

- Canoeing on Lake Ontario
- Seeing the Slabs of Toronto in a New Light
- A CN Tower-less Toronto

How to submit:

- create a Flickr set for your essay
- submit it to us using the blogTO contribute form
- please include:
1) your essay title
2) your short description (100 words or less)
3) the URL of your essay set on Flickr

Submissions will be reviewed and the best will be published by the blogTO editorial team.

If you stick to the above guidelines and your photos are good, the chances are good that you'll see some main-page time on blogTO (and lots of view-love for your excellent photos).

If you have any questions, send them to

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