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Fans drag K-pop group ATEEZ for mistaking Toronto for Hamilton in tour announcement

Calling all K-pop fans! ATEEZ has just announced that they will be making a stop in Canada on their world tour, with a stop in... Toronto?

Fans were quickly disappointed to see that the show is actually in Hamilton, 80-km away.

Although the poster certainly says the stop is in Toronto, when fans saw that they were playing at FirstOntario Centre, they soon realized that the group or publicist had made a mistake.

This news upset some fans because they were initially excited when they saw the poster only to realize that the venue is about an hour away from the city.

Fans even pointed out that Hamilton and Toronto are not the same cities.

One fan even wrote that it's embarrassing that the group is going to Hamilton instead.

Another fan joked that ATEEZ will perform in Hamilton and not come back after realizing it isn't a big city.

Someone even laughed when they realized that the concert is being held in the Hammer.

A few are confused as to what city the concert will be held in.

People are even questioning why artists come to Canada only to play Hamilton and not another major city in the county.

Someone even pointed out that people didn't even know about Hamilton until BTS played a concert there.

Another person joked saying that if the group says that the two cities are the same, then we have to change our maps.

One person even joked how about how the group will at least be able to see the winter in Niagara.

This isn't the first time a K-pop group has gone to the port city instead of Toronto.

BLACKPINK has also "snubbed" Toronto, and will be playing in Hamilton in the fall.

ATEEZ is set to stop in Hamilton on December 2.

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