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Drake is getting dragged for flying 14 minutes on his private jet to Hamilton

A number of celebrities are getting tons of hate for their lavish but incredibly problematic private jet lifestyles this week, and Drake is among the exorbitantly-wealthy group.

A recent wave of internet hate against Kylie Jenner took place this week  as she flaunted her private jet on Instagram, a decision that many have called out as tone deaf and straight up terrible.

A deep dive into the cosmetic maven and Kardashian sibling's trips by the Twitter account Celebrity Jets showed Jenner's many flights across California, including one that lasted only three minutes.

Private jets are mega polluters and dump tons CO2 emissions into the air. It's especially heinous when celebs use them for tiny trips that could have been covered by car, train or in Jenner's case, a bus. Maybe even a taxi.

Well now it's time to shine a light on Drake.

Celebrity Jets confirmed that Drizzy's 767 Boeing 'Air Drake' recently landed in Hamilton from Toronto, for a total flight time of just 14 minutes.

That 61-kilometre trip from Toronto released four tons of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and cost almost $3,000 in jet fuel.

It's important to note that a 767 is a massive plane and has a cargo capacity of 206 tons. 

The account also tracked Drake's flight from Nice, France, to Toronto just hours earlier.

That eight hour flight from southern France cost almost $100,000 worth of fuel and released 155 tons of C02 emissions.

For context, the average global carbon foot print is around four tons of C02 emissions, meaning Drake's 15 minute flight is equivalent to one year of personal emissions for a normal human being.

While the majority of the world is dealing with record-breaking heat waves, devastating wildfires and mammoth flooding, many are arguing that private jet flights are not only ignorant – they're just plain unnecessary.

Here's hoping that while the rest of us non-celebs bare the brunt of climate change (hello Toronto's four-day heat wave) this recent scrutiny will have A-listers thinking twice before they jet off.

Next time we suggest Drake takes the QEW in one of his many flashy sportscars. Or maybe the GO Train. 

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