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Drake sparks new meme by doing literally nothing after Rihanna announces pregnancy

Twitter is an absolute hoot this afternoon, despite all the usual rantings, as Drake stans and haters alike imagine how the Toronto artist must feel upon learning that his unrequited long time flame Rihanna is expecting her first child — WITH SOMEONE OTHER THAN HIM. 

That other someone, of course, is Riri's partner and fellow recording artist A$AP Rocky. The couple announced the news on Monday morning by releasing a set of photos in which the Barbadian singer's baby bump can be seen on full display.

In reality, Drizzy is likely happy for his friends and frequent collaborators, as he himself is discovering the joys of parenthood with his young son Adonis

On Twitter, however, it's nothing but tears for the imaginary Drake that lives online as a recurrent meme and de facto sad boi.

Some context, if you need it:

Drake and Rihanna are thought to have started an off-again, off-again, undefined and tenuous relationship after hooking up at a bowling alley in 2009 — a subject that the former superstar has touched upon in his lyrics many times over the years.

Rihanna dismissed rumours that they were dating in a 2010 radio interview, stating that she and Drake were "just friends." Drake, in turn, said the very same rumours were "semi-true" in a magazine interview.

Musical collaborations after that point included Rihanna's What's My Name and Drake's Take Care — both tracks complete with steamy music videos that left people wondering once again: Are Drake and Rihanna in not-so-secret love?

It seemed as though some sort of romantic feelings were rekindled when Drake called Rihanna "someone I've been in love with since I was 22" at the MTV Video Awards in 2016.

They were spotted at some of each other's shows around that time and attended a party together in August, but announced that they were strictly "close friends" a few months later.

In June of 2018, Rihanna told Vogue that she and Drake no longer had a friendship but were "not enemies either."

Through subtle snubspublic disses and even high-profile nightclub dust-ups with Chris Brown, the pair have always played at least semi-friendly in the public eye.

The most widely-held theory based on things both stars have said (or sang) is that Drake has been in love with Riri from the jump, but she's never felt the same way.

Whatever the case, fans of both artists are just having a ball with "Drake finding out Rihanna is pregnant" reactions.

They're using interview clips from NBA greats...

Over the top reality TV reactions…

Drake's own work…

Song titles…

And of course images of the rapper himself being upset about other things.

They used iconic songs and music videos to imagine conversations between Drake and Chris Brown, who also famously dated Rihanna between 2005 and 2009.

There was a lot of Chris Brown and Drake being fictionally sad together on Twitter today.

Fans are also wondering how this situation will manifest itself on Drake's next album. 

Only time will tell.

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