shawn mendes and camilla cabello video

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello kiss video has the internet freaking out

Shawn Mendes stans take note: The man really (probably) is dating his Señorita collaborator Camila Cabello. It's not a joke, it's not for show, and you don't have a chance.

The recording industry's hottest new couple took to Instagram on Wednesday night with a message for the many social media users who've been publicly doubting the validity of their relationship in recent weeks.

"So we saw on Twitter and stuff you guys saying stuff about the way were kissing and how it looks weird like we kiss like fish," says Mendes in the clip.

"Yeah, it really hurt our feelings," adds Cabello.

"We just want to show you how we really kiss," continues Mendes, turning to his girlfriend for what seems like the build-up to a romantic smooch.

Just as they're about to kiss, 22-year-old Cabello sticks her tongue out all the way.

Mendes, 21, responds in kind by putting his mouth around it. They mash their faces around a bit comically before bursting into laughter and stopping the camera.

The resulting clip stands both as proof of the playful love between Mendes and Cabello, as well as a cheeky wink to gossip accounts obsessed with tracking their public displays of affection.

Fans of both the Canadian and Cuban-American singer are going nuts today as video of their sloppy kiss circulates.

If holding hands all over Toronto, sharing passionate glances on stage and literally confirming to the press that they're together (as Mendes did earlier this month) isn't enough to show haters that they're serious, surely this video will.

Or not.

"I am even more convinced that Shawn and Camilla are fake dating because their acting in that video just wasn't it," wrote one Twitter user of the clip.

"Why does Shawn need to fake having a relationship with Camilla? Just come out already. No one will be surprised," wrote another. "Or if he's straight, isn't he confident in his own talent? He doesn't need the publicity from that cheap ass drama."

Others simply find the clip... unappealing.

"Shawn and Camilla licking wet bandaids would have been less gross than that video I saw today," commented one person on Twitter. "Children what is wrong with you."

"I don't normally talk about celebrity bullshit, but I've just seen the Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabella kissing video," wrote another. "I mean, A: Ew. B: They are clearly trying too hard. Who are they fooling, at this point?"

Okay so, maybe the stunt didn't work out as planned — or maybe, just maybe, it wasn't a stunt at all.

Neither Mendes nor Cabello have yet to comment on public reaction to their spicy Instagram video, but the latter artist did drop a new music video for her song "Liar" last night.

"so GUYS what did you think of the LIAR VIDEO WKDHWJSJDBSBSB," wrote Cabello on Instagram Thursday morning, making no mention of that other video.

"Ma'am stop pretending like nothing happened," wrote back one of her followers with the now-infamous kiss video.

"Yo Shawn almost choked you in a vid where the 2 of you were 'kissing' and now you tweeting bout this?" wrote another. "The fak is happening?"

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