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I got the chance to ask James Robertson (2nd from right), guitar/organ/anything player for Toronto-based band Boy, a few questions about winning an Edge 102.1 CASBY (Canadian Artist Selected By You) award for "NXNE Favourite New Indie Release" Wednesday evening at the Kool Haus for their last record "Every Page You Turn". They beat out Cuff the Duke, The Ladies and Gentlemen, Frontier Index and Protest the Hero.

Who are you?
My name is James Robertson and I play guitar in a rock and roll band called Boy.

What were the CASBYs like? Did you meet anyone famous?
The CASBYs were fun. The crowd was pretty into it. I think EDGE listeners like to drink more than the average bear. As for famous people, not really. It wasn't an especially star-studded event (Is that proper english?). I shook hands with Tom Green awkwardly before hitting the stage. Does that count?

Can you think of any past winners of the CASBYs?
I know the Weakerthans won in a recent year because I ran into one of them drunk after the award show. Besides that, the CASBY weren't really on my radar until this year. New rock radio lost me ages ago.

What are you listening to? Who are some of your favourite Toronto bands?
I think the Constantines are pretty amazing, though I'll admit I still haven't heard their new record. Are the Sadies based out of Toronto these days? I think so. I'm gonna have to admit I've been a bit of a shut in this year (and last I guess). Generally the last thing I want to do when I get off the road is get drunk in a club. I've played with the Golden Dogs a few times this year and been blown away every time by the amount of energy they bring on stage with them.

The rest of Boy is from out west - Do they always talk about how it's better than Toronto? Are they into health food and stuff? Is it annoying?
They're definitely different, and in a same-ish sort of way. They're prettier but they smell worse. I think that actually might be a result of the health food which they do indeed eat at every opportunity. Maurie says he can close his nose just by flexing some muscle somewhere in his sinuses, so maybe they're evolving a defense against their own stench out there. I kid. I've met plenty of nice smelling people on the west coast too.

The ones in my band though, I think are a little like Americans...but exotic Americans, like, Alaskans or something. Steve the bassist is from Winnipeg, so yeah, his blood is icy and he has no scent at all.

What are you working on now? When can we expect a new record?
We hope to have something ready for next summer. We'll be heading into the studio in the new year. I'm working on a few other things in the meantime. My other band (The I Spies) is heading into the studio soon too, so I'm trying to get preproduction for that out of the way early. I'm working on a short film score. It's my first crack at film. I wish I could say it is coming to me naturally but I'm kinda sucking at it.

Any shows coming up?
There's nothing on the schedule except Tokyo in December.

Best Toronto venue to play:
The 'shoe

Best Toronto venue to watch:
Lee's Palace maybe?

Best Toronto music (instruments) store:
Songbird music, Capsule music, Paul's Boutique, Ring music

Best Toronto music (record) store:

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