Torontonian married to Mos Def?

Now, I'm not one to engage in lame celebrity gossip but one tidbit that has been making the rounds recently is the rumour that Brooklyn, New York-based rapper/actor Mos Def (Black on Both Sides, The Italian Job, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) met and married a Toronto woman (at Toronto City Hall no less) in the space of a weekend a few weeks back.

I was returning home from New York earlier this week and who do I see getting off the plane from Toronto is Mos Def himself with a comely female closely fitting the description. So is it true? Hell if I care but I thought it was interesting to see, especially considering that the notoriously reclusive Mos Def has dodged the issue and it's never been officially confirmed.

Get Real
While they may now be on a commercial radio station, The Real Frequency is perhaps one of the best hip-hop shows in the T-dot. I can never remember to actually listen to the show when it comes on Monday nights, but thanks to the miracle of (not-so-new-as-the-media-would-have-you-believe) podcasting technology, the podcast allows me to get my hip-hop on at my leisure. Like that "so-hip-its-embarassing" television commercial for Mp3 phones says, it's "bananas, son!"

Fun To Watch?
Now that television network Toronto One is now Sun TV, what exactly is the point of the station? When Toronto One launched, it was touted that this station that would reflect the city's diversity, multiculturalism, blah blah blah, etc., ad lib to fade. Not quite.

I guess the station made a half hearted attempt to meet this mandate (*shrug*), but it slowly (inevitably?) mutated into a home for played out movies and bland newsmagzine shows. The new Sun TV (whose slogan "Fun to Watch" has got to be one of the most uninspired slogans ever) appears to be continuing this trend. While the "ethnic" shows get shuttled off to off-peak hours (read: when no one is watching) the station appears to be a dumping ground for quality shows like Jerry Springer (!?!) and A Current Affair (is that show still on?).

To be fair, it does have homegrown shows like The Grill Show (your standard sportstalk show) Inside Jam (your standard entertainment show) and the aforementioned smattering of cultural shows. But ultimately, there's a feeling that the station could be doing a heck of a lot more to truly reflect our fair city. What I'd like to see is some sort of urban music show (other than The Toronto Show) that takes a cool look that some of the local acts this city has to offer. My two cents.

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