STRUCK Contemporary Toronto

STRUCK Contemporary

STRUCK Contemporary seems intent on filling a gap in Toronto's pop-art scene. The surprisingly spacious, white-walled gallery is a canvas and the numerous prints and paintings make it come to life. And, boy is there a lot to look at. The collection of pop art here is impressive to say the least.

STRUCK Contemporary Toronto

While STRUCK's location is an outlier in relation to the city's other contemporary art galleries, its spot in the King East Design District makes perfect sense considering Andrew Bockner (head of outdoor furniture company Andrew Richard Designs ) is behind it. In fact, this new artistic venture is attached to his furniture store.

STRUCK Contemporary Toronto

Many of the items currently on display are part of Bockner's own collection. Although others, of course, are for sale. If you're a Warhol fan, STRUCK has a sizeable collection, including a few Cow screenprints and a Golda Meir (1973) screenprint on felt.STRUCK Contemporary Toronto

Keith Haring fans will be pleased to see his rather iconic work represented. Other familiar pop-artists currently on display include Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Indiana, Mel Ramos and of course, Robert Rauschenberg.

STRUCK Contemporary Toronto

The gallery's back wall is dedicated to a massive, celestially inspired abstract piece by Mario Martinez, Oliver Vernon and Damon Soule. Visitors can also see one of Mario Martinez's Mars-1 sculptures.

STRUCK Contemporary Toronto

There's an entire wall dedicated to Shepard Fairey (behind the OBEY brand) and there are a few Banksy pieces scattered about as well.

STRUCK Contemporary Toronto

Pieces of toy-art (mostly KidRobot's Dunny character) are situated on side-tables throughout the gallery and there's also local work by Toronto-based artists Samara Shuter and photographer Matt Barnes.

STRUCK Contemporary Toronto

With ample seating room, the space works well as both a gallery and an event space--ideal for crowded opening night shows.

STRUCK Contemporary Toronto

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