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The best and worst Cineplex movie theatre locations in Toronto

Cineplex theatres in Toronto may not all seem that different to the unseasoned movie-goer, but film buffs know it's the little things that matter to a blockbuster viewing. How sticky are the floors? Do the seats recline—and if so, how far? In the Netflix era, there are few things that can get us out of the house, and stale popcorn isn't one of them  

Scotiabank Theatre

This Richmond Street theatre and its iconic cube won't be around forever, so pay your respects to this downtown destination before its gone. The escalator might feel like a lifetime, but it's all part of the experience, kind of like an ascension to Asgard.


A standalone theatre is always a good sign, but this Etobicoke location is also the only in the City with ScreenX: the new, three-walled 270-degree panoramic screen that launched when Aquaman hit the circuit. There's also valet parking

Shops at Don Mills

Nestled in this outdoor village of shops is this totally underrated theatre that's clean, pristine, and almost always quiet. You won't find many screen hecklers here, easily making it one of the best VIP locations in the city.

Yonge and Eglinton Centre

Another VIP favourite, it doesn't get more convenient than this location right outside Eglinton Station. It's perfect for those lazy days when you want to roll out of bed and right into the dark confines of their cozy movie theatres with perfectly reclining seats.

Varsity VIP

The trick with this one is never paying for the VIP section: it's tiny, since theatres here are generally small anyway. But since it's hidden in the Manulife Centre, you can guarantee that this location will never be  as busy as its brethren, unless it's a Tuesday. Plus, indie films get more love here. 

Yonge and Dundas

You can't blame this theatre for being horrible: it's located in the heart of the busiest intersection in the entire city. On top of that, these theatres act as classrooms during off-screening hours, meaning they're usually covered in snacks and drool from Ryerson students who probably napped through their entire Intro to Economics class.

Fairview Mall

This mall's about to get an $80 million makeover, and hopefully some of that goes to their theatre. Parking isn't bad, but the place is just lacklustre. It almost makes you miss the Rainbow Cinemas days at the top of the food court escalator. 


People should just avoid going to this mall as much as possible given the insane crowds and horrible parking. The hectic nature translates to this SilverCity, which has a pretty lame concession stand and will probably be frequented by loud, heckling high schoolers. 

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Jesse Milns at Scotiabank Theatre

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