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Here are some of the best Halloween costumes spotted in Toronto this year so far

After two years of laying low (relatively speaking) on account of various lockdown measures, Toronto residents were raring to celebrate spooky season hard this Halloweekend.

From huge club bashes and hip house parties to quietly festive funtimes with the fams, people turned up and turned out for Halloween 2022 on the costume front in Canada's largest city, as evidenced not only by all of the adult ghouls, goblins and skankified monsters downtown on Saturday but by the sheer volume of photos flooding Instagram right now.

Below are but a small selection of costumes that graced the city this weekend — I saw many more with my own eyes (shoutout to the Marge Simpson in a Chanel suit outside Painted Lady! Please send us pics!).

It's also worth noting that many more creative Halloween purists will debut their 2022 costumes tonight, on the holiday proper, despite the fact that it's Monday.

Please note that pets will have their own dedicated costume roundup article later today. It will undoubtedly be cuter in every way than the human version of the post, with a few exceptions.

Toronto construction woes

A raccoon and a rat wearing shuttle bus and pending development signs? You can't get more on-brand than that if your costume is an homage to our lovely city's constant construction and traffic chaos. Well done to these folks.

A team of paleontologists with a dinosaur

These young scientists discovered a very special velociraptor during one of their excavations, it would appear, making for a clever tribute to the Toronto Raptors and their beloved mascot.


Clowns were huge this year, and not all of them were of the scary variety. One Toronto woman went as Loonette The Clown from the classic YTV kids' show "The Big Comfy Couch." Molly the doll not included. 


Like I said, clowns were big for 2022. Many took inspiration from Stephen King's IT (and specifically recent film adaptations of the work). Look away if clowns give you nightmares.

Money Heist

Some of the best 'stumes we've seen floating around this year involved the use of babies as accessories. I can think of no better reason to own a baby. This family was inspired by the Spanish crime drama Money Heist!

Super Mario World

Babies eventually turn into children, which also make excellent costume partners. This family transformed into members of the Mushroom Kingdom for an adorable group ensemble.

Breaking News

I have no idea how they did this, but a beauty manager at Shopper's named Muha created this headline-worthy look using nothing but skill and cosmetics.

Pamela Anderson

Noted rich person Jenna Bitove Naumovich absolutely crushed Halloween with this bang-on Barb Wire look. The professional stylist had help from Toronto hair stylist Saina Sarafian and makeup artist Jessica Savedra.

Neon demons

Glowing accessories were also huge this Halloween, specifically masks and headbands like these dead-easy but still head-turning angel and devil accessories. 

David Bowie on the TTC

I just think the image of David Bowie riding a Toronto subway train is funny. Swipe for the inspo photo to see just how accurate this costume was. 

Five eyes

This image stopped me in my tracks (er... finger grease spots) with its impressive illusory beauty. Professional makeup artists are among the best friends you can have come spooky season.

Jack Skellington

The Nightmare Before Christmas might be seen by some as played out in terms of Halloween costume fodder, but this gender-swapped Jack Skellington looks stunning against the Toronto skyline. An instantly iconic image.

Doug Ford and his bee

Whatever your take on Ontario Premier Doug Ford's politics, most people can agree that he's an entertaining public figure. Those who don't can watch this clip of Ford accidentally swallowing a bee during a press conference in August — a moment that has now been immortalized in Halloween history by blogTO's very own Kris Pangilinan and his lovely lady.

Poker Face

I'm not quite sure how this creation came to be, but it's absolutely terrifying. If you want to see Halloween done well, look at the Instagram profile of a special effects artist.

The scariest costume of all...

In the words of veteran emo rockers Motion City Soundtrack, the future freaks me out. It freaks us all out, hence the brilliance of this subtly scary look.

Whether spooky, cute, topical, funny, artistic, metaphorical or anything else, Toronto went hard this Halloween and will likely continue to do so this evening. 

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