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Doug Ford goes viral for swallowing and eating buzzing bee during live TV appearance

This one has got to hurt. Ontario Premier Doug Ford had quite a painful (but free) snack this morning.

While speaking to media and answering questions regarding Ontario's health care state in Dundalk, Ontario, Dougie got a stinging mouthful.

A clip from Friday's live discussion is spreading like wildfire on social media and shows a poor bee flying around the Premier's lips, before it makes a dive bomb into his mouth.

Ford is seen swatting the bee away but cannot deter it from sliding in between his teeth. 

"Holy Christ I just swallowed a bee," he says seconds after attempting to remove the insect from his mouth with a fist.

He kind of clears his throat while his fingers twiddle around, searching for the insect, making for a hilarious clip. 

It seems the tiny bee did travel down Ford's esophagus and into his gut. He tells reporters that he's good to go and that the bee is "down here buzzing around right now," pointing to his freshly-fed stomach.

He takes a sip of water and attempts to continue on dodging reporter's questions. 

But immediately Dougie realizes he's just landed himself a viral moment, telling reporters the clip is going to be "replayed over and over again."

"That just made Colin D'Mello's day, he's going to be laughing all the way back to the city," he said, referencing the Global News reporter. 

Still surprised by the free snack, Ford expresses his shock "Holy Christ he was wedged in my throat, sorry guys, little bugger got away in there," he says with a chuckle.

"Man he went right down the hatch," he says while the bee was probably burning up in his stomach acid.

In good spirits Ford cracks up at his own misfortune, "I'm gonna be howling tonight watching this tape," he said.

Rest In Peace little bee, you were a strong fighter.

It is unconfirmed if Ford stopped at Shoppers Drug Mart to grab some TUMS before returning to his home.

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Premier of Ontario

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