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Toronto inventors' hot product reaches crowdfunding goal in less than a day

The Toronto-based inventors of smart heated apparel just reached a crowdfunding goal of thousands in under 24 hours, and they're running with their success.

Quanta Vici was actually founded in Toronto back in 2017 by Adrien Beyk when he had just graduated from university.

"His girlfriend was suffering from terrible migraines, and [only a] heating pad was helping her with it," Quanta Vici director of marketing Sofia Chesnokova tells blogTO. "That is why he decided to research the wearables market and see if there is some magic remedy."

Beyk found heated apparel tended to have poor heat distribution and battery life, and set out to create something smarter to help people like his girlfriend with temperature-sensitive conditions such as Raynaud's, muscle pain, arthritis and migraines.

After three years of research and development, Quanta Vici came out with smart heated gloves and socks in 2020, which connect to your phone to regulate the temperature to be anywhere between 20 C and 55 C.

During initial crowdfunding, the company raised $330,000 USD, and by the following year they were in big stores like Best Buy.

Now, in 2022, they're launching a collection of vegan leather gloves, slim jackets and vests, which they're doing by recreating the success of their first crowdfunding campaign.

"Kickstarter is an excellent opportunity for startups to show their potential in the big business world," says Chesnokova. "We were looking to see if the idea was right, if people liked the product, if our products have a future."

It might seem strange that the funding is happening in spring as people are shedding their jackets rather than putting them on, but they want to gather feedback to address any issues during a quality check and mass production that happens over summer, in time for fall.

This time Quanta Vici raised $36,462 CAD on Kickstarter in the first 24 hours, and by now has raised around $84,570, with the funds going towards the production process, marketing, and company capital.

The new products are wind-proof, waterproof, animal-free and have a battery life of two days. In the future, Quanta Vici is hoping to collaborate with other companies and grow on the market.

"One of our plans is to license the technology to luxury fashion brands, so don't be surprised to see Lulemon puffers powered by Quanta Vici technology," says Chesnokova.

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