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Toronto inventor creates smart gloves that can be heated electronically

If you've had your hands freeze during the city's cold winters, this Toronto man's invention will interest you. 

Adrien Beyk and his company Quanta Vici have created a pair of gloves that connect to your smartphone and get heated electronically.

Imagine a digital version of those hand warmers you used to use as a kid — Not only are they fashionable, but you can regulate exactly how warm you want them to be.

smart gloves

Beyk told blogTO that the idea came while they were looking at viable heating solutions for people suffering from medical conditions negatively affected by cold weather.

"Everyone knew about heated wearables, but no one was rocking a pair on the streets. That showed us that these existing solutions were not practical, and not something that you can adapt in your daily life," he said. 

In 2017, his team began working on a concept of smart gloves that were both fashionable and efficient. He told us that they really focused on creating a product that looked good, was warm, provided the user with heat regulation and had good battery life.

smart gloves

Adrien Beyk and his partners created smart gloves to keep your hands warm.

The result was a pair of smart gloves that could heat up to 50 degrees celsius, with a battery life of six hours. The temperature could also be adjusted through your phone or right on the glove.

The gloves have hidden fibers distributed throughout the material that can sense the temperature in the glove, as well as a processor that helps to regulate the heat. 

smart gloves

"A common misconception is that connecting to the smartphone is a requirement, it's not. You're able to change the temperature on your glove, just by using the button on the glove itself," said Beyk.

Of course, technology like this comes at a price. Right now the gloves sell for over $300.

While some may argue this is too steep price for a pair of gloves, Beyk explained why they're so expensive.

smart gloves

"I believe in paying extra for something that I know it's going to perfectly take care of my needs, rather than pay half the price for something that doesn't," he said.

These are, of course, more than just an average pair of gloves. He says that the anti-theft features and full-year warranty guarantee that you will receive a product that you are 100 per cent happy with. 

"We've been looking at ways to reduce the cost without compromising the quality at all. This is the best price that we could reach, that anyone can reach, as a startup."

smart gloves

He told blogTO that the app which connects to the gloves will be updated, meaning they can add enhancements and new features even after you have received your product.

"It was important for me to provide something that people want and need. It really helps everyone in the city look nice, stay warm, and doesn't disrupt their daily life," said Beyk.

The gloves, along with other smart devices, are available on the Quanta Vici website. Orders completed today are expected to be shipped out by March 2021.

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