Vintage Crawl Toronto

5 shops to check out at Vintage Crawl Toronto

Vintage Crawl Toronto means treasure hunters can kick up their heels and rejoice as vintage-y shops across the west end open their doors to a ton of gorgeous items on sale. Thursday marks the spring edition of the event, which is basically as cute as it gets (check out the deets on their site here). Shop owners (many of whom are friends with one another) have treats on hand, some of which including beer and wine. Is there any combination more heavenly than drinking and shopping? Here are some top shops to check out during this year's crawl.

Sub Rosa Vintage
Sub Rosa is a lovely little nook in Kensington Market, nestled in beside Courage My Love. Treasure hunters can't hep but be drawn in by their selection of retro denim displayed outside on the stairs. Entering the haven, you can expect to find racks of high-waisted '90s shorts, old man cardies, and fun baubles of all sorts.

Penny Arcade
This adorable shop at Dundas and Ossington specializes in top-notch quality vintage footwear, floral frocks, and incredible leather bags. They've usually got a wide selection of vintage Coach, fabulous eyewear, and some seriously classic denim jackets and gilets. Owner Rachel Sheehan has great taste, and she's super friendly, too.

Bridge + Bardot
The owners of this little Dundas West boutique put some serious TLC into the selection of the garments that wind up on their racks. They sell items that would have been fashionable in any decade, but they also give mini-makeovers to otherwise somewhat basic pieces: picture a plain silk Oxford shirt with hand-studded collar, or mum bum jeans that have been artfully dyed and embellished. Couple this with the clean white aesthetic and you've got an almost spiritual shopping experience going on.

Common Sort (Parkdale)
The Parkdale version of Common Sort is a sister boutique to the long-time Leslieville location. Its identity, in a sense, holds true to its name in that the shop takes newer items as well as vintage. And the prices are incredibly fair, even on a normal day. But this is no rag tag thrift shop. Everything is in like-new condition and ready to wear. They've usually got a huge and varied selection of bags and boots ready to be adopted, as well as a thoroughly decent men's section.

Philistine is a little Parkdale shop with many personalities, all of them on trend. They've got vintage boots-a-plenty, tons of unique jewelry, Levi's cutoffs for a steal, and a number of contemporary brands as well, such as Alternative Apparel. They've got great prices on the regular, especially given the level of curation they've got going on.

Photo of Bridge + Bardot by Jesse Milns.

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