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Leslieville, after many years of playing the role of little brother to more developed Riverside, has emerged as Toronto's hippest place to dine, drink, shop and live, or so proclaimed a 2005 article in the New York Times that also anointed the neighbourhood as the new Queen Street West. Historically home to light industry and the Film District, it's now more known as one of Toronto's best brunch destinations and features some great cafes, vintage furniture, fashion and design stores.

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3DPhacktory / Galleries

1134 Dundas St E 416.462.0994 Website

3DPhacktory is a full-service 3D printing and design studio that opened its Leslieville doors last July. It offers cutting-edge technology to Toronto's creative industries in a collaborative and accessible setting. In...

Aikido Shugyo Dojo / Fitness Clubs

302 Carlaw Avenue 416.469.4846 Website
Aikido Shugyo Dojo

Aikido Shugyo Dojo is a non-profit marital arts organization specializing in the practice of Aikido, a Japanese practice which aims to protect the defendant while leaving the attacker generally unharmed....

Amato Pizza (Leslieville) / Restaurants

1056 Queen Street East 416.463.1818
Amato Pizza (Leslieville)

Amato used to be the go-to pizza joint in Toronto with locations sprinkled around the city. But as we've reported, the pizza chain has come under fire for shady labour...

Anchored Social Club / Fitness Clubs

899 Queen St. E. 647.267.4790 Website
Anchored Social Club

Anchored Social Club is a small fitness club which gets to the barebones of a workout. Put away what you thought you knew about working out. Ben Dussault, owner...

Any Direct Flight / Fashion Stores

1382 Queen Street East 416.504.0017 Website
Any Direct Flight

Contributed by Natalie Taylor No need to hop a plane but a streetcar will suffice to arrive at the destination of this charming boutique in the far east corner of Leslieville....

Aprile Bambina Cucina / Restaurants

1054 Gerrard St. East 647.352.6969 Website
Aprile Bambina Cucina

Aprile Bambina Cucina serves up simple Italian food with a pizza and pasta heavy menu....

Arts Market / Design Stores

1114 Queen St E 647.997.7616 Website
Arts Market

Arts Market is Toronto's first year-round artisan market, if you can believe it. And admittedly, I couldn't. I had to pause to think about it, but indeed, there are only...

Ashdale Brunch and Espresso / Restaurants

1560 Queen St. East 647.479.8170 Website
Ashdale Brunch and Espresso

Ashdale Brunch and Espresso is a welcome addition, even if Leslieville is already blessed with some great breakfast and brunch spots. Located at the northeast corner of Ashdale Ave. and...

B & B Fish & Chips / Restaurants

1116 Queen St. East 416.466.3185
B & B Fish & Chips

B & B Fish & Chips is one of the many popular fish and chips spots in Leslieville. Also worth checking out are Reliable Fish 'N Chips and Woodgreen. ...

Baby on the Hip / Fashion Stores

969 Queen Street East 416.465.4141 Website
Baby on the Hip

Baby On the Hip is an eco-minded baby boutique in Leslieville that keeps it green. With a focus on environmentally-friendly, locally-sourced and "back to basics" merchandise (they avoid battery-powered baby...

Baldini / Restaurants

1012 Queen St. East 416.849.1233 Website

Baldini is an understated Italian restaurant on Queen East that serves up Northern and Southern Italian cuisine including risotto, pasta and pizza. Brunch makes an appearance on weekends with eggs...

Barkside Bistro / Services

1125 Gerrard St. E. 647.479.3888 Website
Barkside Bistro

Barkside Bistro isn't a restaurant for dogs, but it does sell gourmet food for your furry best friend. This pet food store caters mostly to dogs (there is some cat...

Barrio / Restaurants

884 Queen St. E. 416.572.0600

Barrio has taken over the former Joy Bistro space. It's a homecoming of sorts for owner Ted Koutsogiannopoulos, who started Joy Bistro before selling it in 2008. In the years since,...

Beech Nursery / Design Stores

4 Carlaw Avenue 416.461.6555 Website
Beech Nursery

Beech Nursery is a garden store in Leslieville that has your gardening needs covered from picking out a single plant, to planning an entire overhaul of your backyard. Their products...

Belmonte Raw / Restaurants

1022 Queen St. East 647.340.1218 Website
Belmonte Raw

Belmonte Raw has finally opened in Leslieville near the corner of Queen and Pape. On the menu? Fresh juices and delicious raw food. The quality and taste here can't be...

Beryl's Pepper Pot / Restaurants

1610 Queen St. E 647.748.1400 Website
Beryl's Pepper Pot

Beryl's Pepper Pot is already well established in Ajax and Oshawa where its authentic Jamaican cuisine has earned a loyal following. The menu lists jerk meats, curries and roti all...

Bill Hicks Bar / Bars

946 Queen St. East Website
Bill Hicks Bar

Bill Hicks Bar is a new rock-meets-dive-meets-tiki bar (basically, the bar version of a hypothetical love child between Dave Grohl, Gary Busey, and Matthew McConaughey in his bongo phase). Posthumously...

Biseagel / Services

388 Carlaw Ave. 416.466.2212 Website

Biseagel is tucked in an old warehouse building on Carlaw Avenue. It's a hidden gem of a bike shop with a range of service options most place don't offer, chief...

Blitz Facial Bar / Fashion Stores

1133 Queen Street East 416.360.1700 Website
Blitz Facial Bar

Blitz Facial Bar wants to give your skincare routine relaxation and hydration in half the time of a regular facial, and half the price. Now open in two locations, Leslieville...

Bobbette & Belle / Baked Goods

1121 Queen Street East 416.466.8800 Website
Bobbette & Belle

Bobbette & Belle, an artisan patisserie that began as a studio that catered to couples looking for wedding cakes and wedding reception favours, moved into a retail location in Leslieville...

Bone House / Services

946 Queen Street East 416.463.2663 Website
Bone House

The Bone House features 85% Canadian made and 100% eco friendly products for pups. This cute little Queen East shop carries a wide range of products from doggie bathrobes to...

Braised / Restaurants

896 Queen Street East 416.519.6280 Website

Braised is a cozy little Leslieville restaurant that specializes in comfort food. The menu is stacked with bone-in pork chops, braised chicken and portobello linguini, southern fried tofu and more....

Brick Street Breads (Leslieville) / Baked Goods

255 Logan Avenue 416.465.6808 Website
Brick Street Breads (Leslieville)

Brick Street Breads (as its know at its Leslieville location) is the smallest of all the Brick Street locations but here is where the magic happens. More than a dozen...

Brooklyn Tavern / Restaurants

1097 Queen St. E 416.901.1177 Website
Brooklyn Tavern

Brooklyn Tavern is a two week old restaurant and bar that takes its name from the being located at the foot of Brooklyn Avenue on Queen East rather than the...

Bumbleberry Kids / Fashion Stores

1584 Queen St. East 416.691.5556 Website
Bumbleberry Kids

Bumbleberry Kids is a store in the Beaches that makes having a baby that much more affordable for new parents. Everything here is sold on consignment. There are used toys,...

Canadian School of Lutherie / Services

276 Carlaw Ave., Unit 105 416.333.7557 Website
Canadian School of Lutherie

Canadian School of Lutherie is a place you'll probably never come across, unless you're intentionally looking for it - and even if you do have the address, it's still a...

Cask Music / Services

1054 Queen St. East 647.748.2275 Website
Cask Music

Cask Music is a boutique music store specializing in guitars, basses and amplifiers. Brands include Les Paul, Fender and Ibanez. Some guitar and bass accessories are also available. Check the...

Ceili Cottage / Restaurants

1301 Queen Street East 416.406.1301 Website
Ceili Cottage

Ceili Cottage has only just opened its doors, but the lively atmosphere and charming surroundings are quickly establishing this "public house" as a favourite among Leslieville locals. Publican Patrick McMurray,...

Chick-N-Joy / Restaurants

1483 Queen Street East 416.461.5848

Chick-N-Joy has been serving loyal customers in Leslieville since 1977. Family-operated and owned by John Doufekas all these years, Chick-N-Joy is a true pillar in the community. Johnny, as he's...

Chino Locos / Restaurants

4 Greenwood Avenue 647.345.5626 Website
Chino Locos

Chino Locos is not your average burrito bar. In appearance, it may fit the profile; a minuscule space, slammed with starving customers waiting to wolf down tightly packed tortillas crammed...

Coach House Shortbread Company / Baked Goods

235 Carlaw Ave 416.907.8356 Website
Coach House Shortbread Company

Coach House Shortbread Company is the retail showroom of Carl Stryg's famous shortbread company. The shop offers both sweet and savoury shortbread cookies in flavours such as cranberry, pecan, and...

Combat Asylum / Fitness Clubs

388 Carlaw Ave. 647.350.7152 Website
Combat Asylum

Combat Asylum has a pretty steady 20 per cent turnover rate, and owner Michael (Mike) Hysong says dropouts usually cite two main reasons: "It's too hard," Mike says, "and there's...

Completo / Restaurants

5 Coady Avenue 416.901.9233 Website

Completo began as a temporary alley stand serving up Chilean-style steak sandwiches and boxes of steak and eggs over fries at the El Gordo Food Court at 214 Augusta Ave....

CoreWorks / Fitness Clubs

1109 Dundas St. East 647.479.2537 Website

CoreWorks is a fitness centre in Leslieville specializing in Pilates classes. The studio has a kids space so that your child can play while you're in class. They also offer...

CrossFit Toronto / Fitness Clubs

32 Logan Ave. 647.351.6336 Website
CrossFit Toronto

CrossFit in Toronto. It's a beautiful thing. For those familiar with the CrossFit concept, it doesn't get much better than this. This place is fully decked out with everything...

Cry If I Want To / Design Stores

1175 Queen St. East 416.466.2797 Website
Cry If I Want To

Cry If I Want To offers unique housewares, contemporary rentals, service referrals and products sourcing for entertaining at home....

Dark Tools / Design Stores

4 Carlaw Avenue 647.725.3275 Website
Dark Tools

Dark Tools is a lighting store and distributor located in Leslieville. Their 6500 square foot facility is designed to demonstrate different lighting possibilities with setups from various manufacturers. Their selection...

Delica Kitchen (Leslieville) / Restaurants

913 Queen St. E 416.546.5408 Website
Delica Kitchen (Leslieville)

Delica Kitchen's motto is "honest wholesome food that's good to go." They use simple cooking methods, time-honoured traditions, and bold flavours in their recipes. Like their slow roasted beef brisket...

Descendant Pizza / Restaurants

1168 Queen St. East 647.347.1168 Website
Descendant Pizza

Descendant Pizza charts out unchartered territory as the city's first Detroit-style pizzeria. A former chef at Pizzeria Libretto and Danforth Pizza House, Christopher Getchell brought the concept to Toronto, which...

Desmond & Beatrice / Baked Goods

388 Carlaw Ave 647.352.2257 Website
Desmond & Beatrice

Desmond & Beatrice is already selling out of its famous cupcakes before close. Desmond & Beatrice was previously a wholesale and catering operation, supplying cafes such as Green Beanery, Te...

Discovery Records / Services

1140 Queen St East 416.778.6394 Website
Discovery Records

Discovery Records buys and sells records, CDs, LPs and a whole lot more. They also have a small collection of books and videos. ...

District 28 Bar Bistro / Cafes

28 Logan Avenue 647.560.9557 Website
District 28 Bar Bistro

District 28 Bar Bistro is a hidden gem in Toronto's east end. The space operates as a cafe during the day and a bar in the evening. In addition to...

Doll Factory by Damzels / Fashion Stores

1122 Queen Street East 416.598.0509
Doll Factory by Damzels

A fun store that we'll have more to say about soon. ...

Dundas and Carlaw / Cafes

1173 Dundas St. E 647.639.7281 Website
Dundas and Carlaw

Dundas and Carlaw took over from the old Lolabar space at; you guessed it, Dundas and Carlaw. The space has been transformed with white subway tiles, vaulted ceilings with chandeliers,...

Dwell Gym / Fitness Clubs

276 Carlaw Ave., Unit 101 416.465.6200 Website
Dwell Gym

Dwell Gym bills itself as a place for people who want a straightforward workout. This new, open loft-style space in Leslieville is open 24/7, although you can't just walk in...

Eadrey Foods / Restaurants

1129 Queen St. East 416.462.1204 Website
Eadrey Foods

Eadrey Foods wears many hats. This smallish storefront near Queen and Caroline sells a range of gourmet grocery items like sauces and marinades. But the main attraction here are daily...

Eastside Social / Restaurants

1008 Queen St. East 416.461.5663
Eastside Social

Eastside Social is a neighbourly new spot from Joey Skeir, formerly of Ruby Watchco, and HGTV personality Cherie Stinson. The duo hails from the east coast, and aims to introduce...

Ed's Real Scoop (Leslieville) / Restaurants

920 Queen Street East 416.406.2525
Ed's Real Scoop (Leslieville)

Ed's Real Scoop has expanded to Leslieville. No longer must east enders visit the Beach location for some of the city's best ice cream and gelato because all the same...

Edward's 1290 / Restaurants

1290 Queen Street East 416.465.3600 Website
Edward's 1290

Edward's 1290 in Leslieville, so i've heard many times through the brunch grapevine, is an east end staple for the city's beloved weekend meal. This spot has caught my eye...

Enoteca Ascari 26 / Restaurants

1111 Queen St. East 416.792.4157
Enoteca Ascari 26

Enoteca Ascari 26 has now open at the corner of Queen East and Caroline. The restaurant features a short Italian menu of antipasti, salads, pasta and mains. It's from the...

First Break Coffee / Cafes

284 Carlaw Avenue 416.463.4205
First Break Coffee

First Break Coffee has a tiny space but more than makes up for it with its menu, It sells everything from subs, to scrambled egg wraps, sandwiches, bagels, and coffee,...

Flaunt Boutique / Fashion Stores

260 Carlaw Ave, Suite 101B 416.469.4826 Website
Flaunt Boutique

Flaunt Boutique has the first website I've seen with a dynamic relighting dimmer switch -- a nod to the intentional lighting in the salon itself. Flaunt is a self-described...

Florabunda / Design Stores

1131 Queen Street East 416.463.5672 Website

Florabunda is a great little neighbourhood florist in Leslieville that sells an affordable selection of fresh cut flowers as well as bouquets and other arrangements....

Fortis Fitness / Fitness Clubs

276 Carlaw Avenue 416.465.4777 Website
Fortis Fitness

Fortis Fitness at Carlaw south of Dundas also offers 24/7 access, along with month-to-month membership options, which for some reason strikes me as going hand-in-hand. Its focus is on healthy...

Fruitful Market / Grocery Stores

327 Carlaw Ave. 416.849.2504 Website
Fruitful Market

Fruitful Market is a mostly organic shop and kitchen at Dundas and Carlaw. It's the type of place that stocks daily essentials from produce and grocery items to grab-and-go food...

Fuss Hair Studio / Fashion Stores

1093 Queen Street East 416.469.0006 Website
Fuss Hair Studio

Fuss is a boutique hair studio in Leslieville.They promise to "fuss with your hair to bring out your best look". Co-owners Stacey Lipstein and Kristin Rankin's black, white and...

Gadabout / Fashion Stores

1300 Queen Street East 416.463.1254 Website

Gadabout houses an extensive collection of vintage clothing, accessories, textiles, ephemera, nostalgia, curios and oddities. Glamour is the name of the game here. The beautiful fifties frocks (including an ivory...

Gale's Snack Bar / Restaurants

539 Eastern Avenue
Gale's Snack Bar

Now that the economy's sputtered and stalled worse than your over-heated vintage 1969 PX150, places like Gale's Snack Bar appear less a quaint anachronism or dusty relic than a sanctuary...

Garden's Path / Design Stores

983 Queen Street East 416.466.0116 Website
Garden's Path

Garden's Path is a go to source for flowers for film product companies, visiting actors and those celebrating special events. Find the great looking boutique right beside Te Aro near...

Gio Rana's Really Really Nice Restaurant / Restaurants

1220 Queen Street East 416.469.5225
Gio Rana's Really Really Nice Restaurant

When it's Friday night and a pleasant dinner out is on the menu, optimally, it'd be a combination of great food (of course), a fun atmosphere, brisk service, and not...

Good Neighbour / Fashion Stores

935 Queen St. East 647.350.0663 Website
Good Neighbour

Good Neighbour sells cool, casual clothing for men and women, quirky home goods and bath products, and a couple of art prints and greeting cards, all in an airy, friendly...

Goods & Provisions / Restaurants

1124 Queen St. East 647.340.1738 Website
Goods & Provisions

Goods and Provisions is a well-kept secret in the heart of Leslieville -- our very own Prohibition-era speakeasy, complete with dim, globe-lit corners and black-and-white tiled floors. Dark stained oak...

Great Burger Kitchen / Restaurants

1056 Gerrard St E 416.778.0111 Website
Great Burger Kitchen

The Great Burger Kitchen adds another notch to Toronto's bulging burger belt. Launched three weeks ago by The Wine Bar's Ted Koutsogiannopoulos and Jim Gontis of Johnny G's, this labour...

Green Tea Design / Design Stores

388 Carlaw Ave #200 416.462.1459 Website
Green Tea Design

Greentea Design offers exceptional home furnishings from Asia, or else customized and Asian-inspired. I was lost in the room of antique cabinets, which included a pair of intricately detailed iron...

Greta Solomon's / Restaurants

1118 Queen St. E. 647.347.8640 Website
Greta Solomon's

Greta Solomon's is an intimate spot in Leslieville that was previously Glas Wine Bar. First-time restaurateur Darlene Mitchell named this place after her grandparents (Greta was her grandmother and Solomon...

Grinder (Gerrard Street) / Cafes

1021 Gerrard Street East 416.901.0290 Website
Grinder (Gerrard Street)

Grinder Coffee on the corner of Gerrard and Marjory is an offshoot of the popular Main St. joint of the same name. Although the three-month-old cafe sells the same brew...

Hailed Coffee / Cafes

801 Gerrard St. E. 647.352.4040 Website
Hailed Coffee

Hailed Coffee is a cafe with a nouveau twist on traditional Middle Eastern coffee, where Arabic coffee is served in handless small glasses and coffee is "hailed" with cardamom. Doors...

Hands on You / Fashion Stores

349 Carlaw Ave 416.462.9277 Website
Hands on You

Hands on You on Carlaw is part therapeutic clinic and part training facility. They offer registered massage therapy, Fascial Stretch Therapy, personal training, studio classes and more. There's also a...

Hanoi 3 Seasons / Restaurants

1135 Queen East 416.469.3010 Website
Hanoi 3 Seasons

Hanoi 3 Seasons brings tasty Vietnamese cuisine to Leslieville. Portions here are great and the prices are very reasonable....

Hastings Barber Shop / Fashion Stores

1270 Queen St E 647.527.5276 Website
Hastings Barber Shop

Hastings Barber Shop has a small stack of '70s era Playboy magazines on the windowsill, and when you look up, the next thing you notice is two large taxidermied deer...

Hastings Snack Bar / Restaurants

5 Hastings Ave. 416.466.0534 Website
Hastings Snack Bar

Hastings Snack Bar might just be the cutest lunch counter in Toronto. The wide but shallow eatery features just a single row of stools along the counter looking into the...

Heliographics Gallery & Studio / Galleries

1238 Queen St. East 416.466.2685 Website
Heliographics Gallery & Studio

Heliographics is part gallery and part studio. Home to photographer Dieter Hessel and illustrator Colleen Clancey, this new Leslieville gallery displays both their works as well as that of other...

Hey Meatball (Leslieville) / Restaurants

912 Queen Street E 416.546.1483 Website
Hey Meatball (Leslieville)

Hey Meatball in Leslieville is the second outpost for the Italian meatball connoisseurs, with the original location in Little Italy. The menu lets you to choose a type of meatball...

Hitch / Bars

1216 Queen St. East 647.352.7781 Website

Hitch is now open near Queen and Leslie. I visited the bar on a quiet Monday evening. Because the bar is so new, I couldn't find any information about it...

Holy Cow / Design Stores

1100 Queen St East 416.778.6555 Website
Holy Cow

Holy Cow has taken up a large corner location in Leslieville and crammed it full with a colourful assortment of wooden objects, bowls and other ornaments that are likely to...

Home James / Design Stores

998 Queen St. East
Home James

Home James has a brand-new store located in Leslieville where Zenporium used to be. Owner, James Lane offers an eclectic mixture of new, vintage and upcycled decor and furniture while...

Hooked / Grocery Stores

888 Queen St. East 416.828.1861 Website

Hooked has brought accessible, sustainable fish to Toronto. You'll find it on Queen Street East, just west of Logan Avenue where colourful fish cutouts dangle in the big window by...

House of Moments / Restaurants

388 Carlaw Ave 416.901.6003 Website
House of Moments

House of Moments, located on Carlaw just south of Gerrard has recently reinvented itself as a gallery meets restaurant, in what owner Hamid Kouchak hopes will become a hub for...

In the Groove / Services

1174 Queen Street East 416.461.1942 Website
In the Groove

In the Groove is an east end record shop that some vinyl collectors treasure, though stock can be slow to turn over. They carry vintage rock and British invasion, soul,...

It's The Icing on the Cake / Baked Goods

1238 Queen Street East 416.469.4973 Website
It's The Icing on the Cake

It's The Icing on the Cake in Leslieville bakes custom crafted cupcakes (pictured above), yummy desserts, bread and other baked treats. ...

Janie Jones / Restaurants

1030 Gerrard Street E Website
Janie Jones

Janie Jones is the place to go for a relaxed and funky reggae brunch. Located on up-and-coming Gerrard East, the restaurant is helmed by Dave Love, former owner of The...

Jare's Place Bed and Breakfast / Hotels

87 Empire Ave 416.778.1940 Website
Jare's Place Bed and Breakfast

Jare's Place has complimentary refreshments running throughout the day, and breakfast available to go. If you decide to stay for the morning meal, you can invite guests to join you...

KA Space / Fashion Stores

185 Carlaw Avenue Website
KA Space

KA Space is much more than a fashion boutique. In fact, co-owner Ashley King Allwood corrected me when I described it as such. "It's really a creative space, not a fashion...

Kapow! Combative Sport for Fitness / Fitness Clubs

1356A Queen St. E. 416.488.7676 Website
Kapow! Combative Sport for Fitness

Kapow! Combative Sport for Fitness offers personal training in Jiu Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, MMA and wrestling, as well as yoga, women's fitness and self-defense classes. It also has Fit...

Kibo Sushi (Leslieville) / Restaurants

1169 Queen St. E 416.792.6210 Website
Kibo Sushi (Leslieville)

Kibo Sushi is a popular local chain of sushi bars with locations in Summerhill, Cabbagetown and now the east end. The menu prides itself on its ultra fresh fish made...

Kids at Home / Fashion Stores

181 Carlaw Avenue 647.352.5437 Website
Kids at Home

Kids at Home is where to go if you're looking to spruce up your child's bedroom with contemporary furniture and design pieces. The prices may be a little steeper than...

Kristapsons / Grocery Stores

1095 Queen Street East 416.466.5152 Website

Kristapsons is known as the place to go for some of the best smoked salmon in Toronto. Prepared fresh and cold-smoked to boost omega-3 oils, this Leslieville shop has been...

Kryart Studio / Galleries

181 Carlaw Ave., Studio K 416.710.2695 Website
Kryart Studio

Kryart Studio is an open-concept art space with an "art menu" that allows artists of all levels and ages to focus on a particular art project (textured scenery, geometric painting,...

Lady Marmalade / Restaurants

898 Queen St East 647.351.7645 Website
Lady Marmalade

Lady Marmalade, in the former Pulp Kitchen space, ups the ante on standard brunch by offering locally sourced organic food (when possible), and plenty of options for our non-meat eating...

Left Field Brewery / Grocery Stores

36 Wagstaff Drive 647.346.5001 Website
Left Field Brewery

Left Field Brewery is a local player known for its roster of baseball-themed beers. At the taproom and bottle shop in Leslieville, sample beers from its starting lineup along with...

Leslie Jones / Restaurants

1182 Queen Street East 416.463.5663
Leslie Jones

Leslie Jones has unique exterior signage that somehow didn't catch our eye last Friday night. So much so that we drove past it twice before spotting the oversize handwritten sticky...

Leslieville Cheese Market / Grocery Stores

891 Queen Street East 416.465.7143 Website
Leslieville Cheese Market

Leslieville Cheese Market in the east end boasts that "everyone at Leslieville Cheese is a cheese expert". Check in with them in the fall about their cheese night school. Or...

Leslieville Pumps / Restaurants

929 Queen Street East 416.465.1313 Website
Leslieville Pumps

Leslieville Pumps is reminiscent of a Northern Ontario truck stop. Faux Muskoka chairs line the window outside under the old-tyme storefront, while inside cottage memorabilia decorates the walls, and...

Leslieville Sanctuary / Fitness Clubs

1192 Queen St. East 647.930.7752 Website
Leslieville Sanctuary

Leslieville Sanctuary is a favourite of east end yoga fans. The studio offers a range of classes, catering to novices and ashtanga experts alike. There are also two movement therapists...

Lil' Baci / Restaurants

892 Queen Street East 416.465.4888 Website
Lil' Baci

I grew up with a Nanny and Poppa as opposed to a Nonna and Nonno but just being at Lil' Baci makes me feel like I am part of a...

Little AAA / Restaurants

1276 Queen St. East 647.347.2677 Website
Little AAA

Little AAA is AAA Bar's younger sibling in Leslieville. Taking over what was last Caribbean joint The Hummingbird, this spot is definitely smaller than the one at Adelaide and Jarvis...

Loaded Pierogi (Gerrard) / Restaurants

1044 Gerrard Street East 647.348.0088 Website
Loaded Pierogi (Gerrard)

Loaded Pierogi is where to go in Leslieville to get your fix of Eastern European fare. The restaurant serves plates of piping hot pierogi stuffed with everything from buffalo chicken...

Machine Age Modern / Design Stores

1000 Queen Street East 416.461.0471
Machine Age Modern

With its fluid lines, Verner Panton's S chair beckons you to sit down. But his Pantonova Dining Set, available at Machine Age Modern for $12500, goes in a slightly different...

Maple Leaf Tavern / Restaurants

955 Gerrard St. East 416.465.0955 Website
Maple Leaf Tavern

Maple Leaf Tavern is an old bar with a contemporary finish. The formerly dilapidated east side institution is an approachable (albeit pricey) 130 seat North American tavern with a wood...

Maral Salon / Fashion Stores

936 Queen Street East 647.352.3336 Website
Maral Salon

Maral Salon is a boutique salon in Leslieville just across the street from Mercury Espresso. They offer the usual assortment of cut, blow dry and colouring services. Products used in...

McGugan's / Restaurants

1058 Gerrard Street East 416.901.9859 Website

Mcgugan's Fine Scottish Pub at Gerrard at Jones enriches Leslieville with a handsome outpost for Highland flavours and libations. The trio of owners includes chef Bryan Burke and husband and...

McQueen's Pub / Restaurants

993 Queen St. East 647.748.7740 Website
McQueen's Pub

McQueen's Pub has taken over the space on Queen East once home to Toast Restaurant. The menu features the usual pub favourites, chicken wings and smoked meat sandwiches from Caplansky's....

Me! Studio / Fashion Stores

1270 Queen St. East 416.463.0888
Me! Studio

Me! Studio in Leslieville is a sibling store to nearby Studio We. Recent offerings included J.A.C.H.S. woven plaid shirts (both long and short sleeves) and a new line of Swamisz...

Mean Bao (Leslieville) / Restaurants

181A Carlaw Ave. 647.351.5535 Website
Mean Bao (Leslieville)

Mean Bao is the latest downtown eatery to expand to the east side, and the restaurant's third location in Leslieville is the biggest and sunniest one yet. Located on Carlaw just...

Meating on Queen / Grocery Stores

1160 Queen St. East 416.461.7500 Website
Meating on Queen

Meating on Queen at the corner of Jones and Queen St. is a small but well stocked butcher and grocer with fresh beef, sausages, salmon, chicken and other items perfect...

Mercury Espresso Bar / Cafes

915 Queen Street East 647.435.4779
Mercury Espresso Bar

Mercury Espresso is a Leslieville staple that's never allowed itself to get distracted from its mission of providing great coffee made from socially responsible beans. Though it's been open for...

MJG Gallery / Galleries

1028 Queen St. East 416.923.4031 Website
MJG Gallery

MJG Gallery houses the paintings and photographic works of gallery creator, Mark Jeremy Gleberzon. Works by other select artists are also featured. MJG caters to Cabbagetown collectors in search of...

My Little Dumplings / Restaurants

1372 Queen Street East 416.912.0374 Website
My Little Dumplings

My Little Dumplings is a purveyor of international dumpling styles ranging from gnocchi to bao and beyond....

Okay Okay / Restaurants

1128 Queen Street East 416.461.2988
Okay Okay

My favourite pancake has a home and it's at 1128 Queen Street East. Hot off the grill and topped with fresh whipped butter, the big fluffy wonders at Okay Okay...

Olliffe on Queen / Grocery Stores

1378 Queen St. East 416.778.6328 Website
Olliffe on Queen

Olliffe on Queen is the newest outpost of the Olliffe butcher shops (other locations at 1097 Yonge Street and 95 Front St. East). Olliffe offers prime cuts of meat (lamb,...

Oni Tattoo / Services

1594 Queen St. East 416.406.3222 Website
Oni Tattoo

Oni Tattoo is a Japanese style tattoo parlour near Queen and Coxwell. They also do American traditional tattoos....

Pamela Lauz Jewellery / Fashion Stores

233 Carlaw Avenue 647.201.5289 Website
Pamela Lauz Jewellery

Pamela Lauz Jewellery is a shop in Leslieville that sells a bevy of high-end sterling silver and gold baubles. If you're looking to add your personal touch to something, skip...

Parts Gallery / Galleries

1150 Queen Street East 416.465.8500 Website
Parts Gallery

Parts Gallery is a contemporary art gallery focused on emerging and established local and international artists....

Peach Garden / Restaurants

1018 Gerrard St. 416.916.6432
Peach Garden

Peach Garden has three locations in Toronto includingt this popular one near Gerrard Square. The menu is massive and spans both Vietnamese and Thai cuisine. But best here is the...

Pinkerton's Snack Bar / Restaurants

1026 Gerrard St. E 416.855.1460 Website
Pinkerton's Snack Bar

Pinkerton's is bustling when I pop in on a recent Friday night. The music, a soundtrack of alt-rock (including the odd Weezer track, obviously) is loud, atypical for this stretch...

Pizza Pide / Restaurants

949 Gerrard Street East 416.462.9666 Website
Pizza Pide

Pizza Pide has occasionally been tagged as hit-or-miss but my most recent visit has me falling in love all over again. The Kiymali Acik topped with tender beef is a...

Pizza Thick / Restaurants

1026 Queen St. East 416.778.1101 Website
Pizza Thick

Pizza Thick, also known as Milky Way Ice Cream Parlour, specializes in slices of deep dish pizza and scoops of Kawartha Dairy ice cream. UPDATE: The business is now owned...

Primal MMA / Fitness Clubs

388 Carlaw Ave. Unit 116 647.782.4555 Website
Primal MMA

Primal MMA is a new training facility opened by Thomas Heffernan, owner of the affiliated gym Primal Movement. Both gyms are located in a mixed-use commercial building in the heart...

Primal Movement / Fitness Clubs

388 Carlaw Ave. 416.899.9183 Website
Primal Movement

Primal Movement is a fitness and athletic conditioning gym in Leslieville. Classes offered include spinning, detox yoga, joga and team circuit training. They also have an MMA facility. Read more...

Project Gallery / Galleries

1109 Queen St. East 416.890.5051 Website
Project Gallery

Project Gallery is a gallery in Leslieville showcasing the work of local and emerging artists. ...

Purple Penguin / Restaurants

889 Queen St. East Website
Purple Penguin

Purple Penguin is the latest food spot to take up the corner location of Queen and Logan where short-lived restaurants The Commissary and Bero once stood. Unlike their predecessors, however,...

Queen Margherita Pizza / Restaurants

1402 Queen St East 416.466.6555 Website
Queen Margherita Pizza

Queen Margherita Pizza recently opened in Leslieville and already it's being positioned as the east end's answer to Pizzeria Libretto. Yes, they too serve napoletana pizza baked in a prized...

Queen's Head Pub (Leslieville) / Restaurants

1214 Queen St. E 416.469.4323 Website
Queen's Head Pub (Leslieville)

Queen's Head Pub is a ye ol' English style pub in Leslieville with another location in Scarborough. Offering traditional pub food this bar has tons of promotional days with discounts,...

Radical Road Brewing / Restaurants

1177 Queen St E 647.794.7909 Website
Radical Road Brewing

Radical Road Brewing is a microbrewery and taproom in Leslieville. They brew all their beer in-house, and you can see parts of the process going on through a window that...

Raise the Root / Grocery Stores

1164 Queen St. E 416.466.7668 Website
Raise the Root

Raise the Root is an organic market in Leslieville. Sitting next to Meating on Queen, it's the perfect grocery pairing for the neighbourhood. Not only does it offer up organic...

Rashers / Restaurants

948 Queen St. East 416.710.8220 Website

Rashers is a tiny new Leslieville take-away counter offering an artisanal take on classic bacon sandwiches. If approaching on foot you'll smell the powerfully seductive scent of bacon before you...

Rawspace / Fashion Stores

270 Carlaw Ave Website

Rawspace is a jewellery studio, pop-up shop, and workshop on industrial Carlaw Avenue. This unique space offers bench rentals for expert jewellers, and classes for those who want to learn....

Reflections Vintage & Antiques / Fashion Stores

839 Gerrard Street East 416.944.0333
Reflections Vintage & Antiques

Reflections Vintage and Antiques transforms into a halloweener's haven just after the September long weekend. After replacing last season's bridal wear with this season's witches and clowns, (expect to see...

Reliable Fish 'N Chips / Restaurants

954 Queen Street East 416.465.4111
Reliable Fish 'N Chips

Sometimes the map is the territory. I was prepared to be dazzled-- or in the absence of awe, hoping to at least buoy a Reliable Fish & Chips review...

Remarkable Bean (Leslieville) / Cafes

1103 Queen St. East Website
Remarkable Bean (Leslieville)

Remarkable Bean in Leslieville is the brand-new sister location to the venerable Beaches cafe, which turns 21 this year. Owners (and siblings) George and Marianne Fowler are parlaying their dedicated...

Rowe Farms (Leslieville) / Grocery Stores

893 Queen St E 416.461.4383 Website
Rowe Farms (Leslieville)

Rowe Farms in Leslieville is one of several Rowe Farms locations in Toronto, and stocks a range of antibiotic-free meats, with a particular emphasis placed on grass-fed and pasture-raised beef,...

Sandy Aleksander / Grocery Stores

1183 Queen St. East 416.466.2600 Website
Sandy Aleksander

Sandy Aleksander is Leslieville's newest specialty food store. It's full of charcuterie, cheese, chocolate and prepared meals, sliced and prepared fresh. The owner, Sandy Aleksander Vujcuf, calls his eponymous store...

Skin + Bones Wine Bar / Restaurants

980 Queen St. East 416.524.5209 Website
Skin + Bones Wine Bar

Skin + Bones quietly opened late last year on Queen East. Co-owners Harry Wareham and Daniel Clarke (Pizza Libretto, Enoteca Sociale) have brought on Matthew Sullivan (Boxed pop-up dinners) to...

Spirit Loft / Fitness Clubs

290 Carlaw Ave. Unit 201, 2nd Floor 416.841.2000 Website
Spirit Loft

Spirit Loft is a yoga and fitness studio in Leslieville run by former CFL football player, Andre Talbot and his life partner Catalina Moraga. Located on Carlaw, just south...

Stratengers / Restaurants

1130 Queen Street East 416.466.8934 Website

Stratengers is a local favourite in Leslieville, serving pub grub like nachos, pizza and chicken curry....

Studio We! / Design Stores

1184 Queen Street East 416.463.4616
Studio We!

Studio We! is fashion and decor in one store. The focus here is on offering a range of diverse fashion that is versatile and affordable....

Sushi Marche / Restaurants

1105 Queen Street East 416.463.0114
Sushi Marche

Sushi Marche is leaving some serious money on the table. A restaurant that serves raw fish this fresh, and this good could easily fill a large room seven nights a...

Sushi on Gerrard / Restaurants

1024 Gerrard St. East 416.406.1815 Website
Sushi on Gerrard

Sushi on Gerrard popped up near Gerrard and Pape at almost the same time as the nearby Manzen Sushi. Like its competitor it offers up the usual sushi and maki...

Sweat & Soda / Cafes

1091 Queen St. East 647.748.3335 Website
Sweat & Soda

Sweat & Soda isn't your typical coffee shop. It's more like a fitness hub for athletes looking to replenish and connect with like-minded sporty types. Owned by long-distance marathon runner,...

Sweet Bliss / Baked Goods

1304 Queen Street East 416.916.7895 Website
Sweet Bliss

Sweet Bliss Bakery opened in 2006, ahead of the cupcake craze that exploded in Toronto and before a boom of bakeries hit Leslieville and Riverside, some of which are still...

Tango Palace Coffee Company / Cafes

1156 Queen Street East 416.465.8085
Tango Palace Coffee Company

Tango Palace is the perfect place to stop in for an afternoon treat. It's got a really neat Art Nouveau style, stained glass lamps, and large comfy chairs at...

Te Aro / Cafes

983 Queen Street East 416.465.2006 Website
Te Aro

"Te Aro," as it revealed itself through a Google-mapping, does not mean "I love you" in Spanish after all. Of course, I jest. But I also, upon my first couple...

Ten Spot (Leslieville) / Fashion Stores

1402 Queen Street East 416.915.1010 Website
Ten Spot (Leslieville)

The Ten Spot Beauty Bar expanded last year and now offers its famous not-so-bad Brazilian waxes at its new Leslieville location. Open for about a year now, the best part--it seems...

Textur Studio / Fashion Stores

1201 Dundas St. East 416.465.3737 Website
Textur Studio

Textur Studio is putting graffiti on the walls of a new Dundas St. East condo. There are also colourful abstract paintings, black and white photographs of musicians, and quirky reclaimed...

The Art and Sole Academy / Fashion Stores

20 Leslie Street 647.542.2233 Website
The Art and Sole Academy

The Art and Sole Academy is a DIY studio that teaches workshops on shoemaking. If your closet is already filled with footwear, the studio also offers a few classes on...

The Cycling Gym / Fitness Clubs

388 Carlaw Avenue #100 Website
The Cycling Gym

The Cycling Gym is the ultimate cycling enthusiast's workout club. The studio combines cycling and strength training in a facility suited for a Crossfit gym. For fanatic bike riders this is...

The Duke / Restaurants

1225 Queen St. East 416.463.5302 Website
The Duke

The Duke in Leslieville has a bit of a sordid past. A neighbourhood landmark well before the area gentrified, the large pub (with live music on weekends) is known to...

The Food Dudes Pantry / Restaurants

24 Carlaw Ave. 647.340.3833 Website
The Food Dudes Pantry

The Food Dudes Pantry fronts the 10,000-square-foot production kitchen that supports the thriving catering outfit and food truck of the same name. Aside from the retail outlet, the behind-the-scenes facilities...

The Friendly Thai (Leslieville) / Restaurants

1218 Queen St. East 416.461.8424
The Friendly Thai (Leslieville)

The Friendly Thai has locations around Toronto including this one near Queen East and Leslie. For previous coverage on The Friendly Thai see: The Mystery of The Friendly Thai Is The Friendly...

The Purple Purl / Fashion Stores

1162 Queen St. East 416.463.1162 Website
The Purple Purl

The Purple Purl is a Leslieville knitting cafe and retail store. It sells an assortment of yarns and offers classes on everything from knitting to crocheting. ...

The Real Jerk (Gerrard St.) / Restaurants

842 Gerrard St. E 416.463.6055 Website
The Real Jerk (Gerrard St.)

The Real Jerk set up shop on Gerrard St. in fall of 2013 after leaving its iconic Riverside location. The food and vibe remain unchanged, as does the diverse selection...

The Rock Oasis / Fitness Clubs

204-388 Carlaw Ave 416.703.3434 Website
The Rock Oasis

The Rock Oasis was always my favourite Toronto climbing gym, if mainly because of its bladder-bending 60-foot wall. Now, I've never been one for heights, but I've always figured that...

The Roy / Restaurants

894 Queen Street East 416.465.3331 Website
The Roy

The Roy is a traditional pub that recently opened in Leslieville. The surroundings are pretty basic (but cozy) and attract locals for their pub grub and excellent selection of beers...

The Sidekick / Cafes

1374 Queen St. East 647.444.7875 Website
The Sidekick

The Sidekick is something Chris Watton has dreamt about owning since she was 16, and now she's made it a reality. This Leslieville spot combines her two passions in life:...

The T-Shirt Guys / Fashion Stores

401 Logan Avenue Unit 101 416.465.4443 Website
The T-Shirt Guys

The T-Shirt Guys make custom t-shirts for men, women and kids. ...

The Thirsty Duck / Restaurants

972 Queen St. East 416.463.2303 Website
The Thirsty Duck

The Thirsty Duck is named for a Halifax bar that owners Joey Skeir and Cherie Stinson used to frequent. The new public house in Leslieville sits just doors down from...

The Tulip / Restaurants

1606 Queen Street East 416.469.5797
The Tulip

Somewhere between Leslieville and The Beaches lies a modest strip of Queen East where The Tulip's big yellow sign (or at least two-thirds of it) light up the street. ...

The Unplugged Woodshop / Design Stores

388 Carlaw Avenue Website
The Unplugged Woodshop

The Unplugged Woodshop is the only workshop in Toronto that is dedicated exclusively to using hand tools for woodworking. Come here if you're looking to work with your hands and...

Thrill of the Find / Fashion Stores

1172 Queen Street East 416.461.9313
Thrill of the Find

Contributed by Natalie Taylor Remember that episode of Sex and the City where our heroine Ms. Carrie Bradshaw is introduced to the Vogue Accessories closet? A feeling of awe, disbelief and...

Tom & Sawyer / Services

1247 Queen St. East 647.247.3212 Website
Tom & Sawyer

Tom & Sawyer, a new cafe-like space in Leslieville looks like any chic coffee house at first glance. Arm chairs occupy the front room, while a barista tends to a...

Toronto Newsgirls Boxing Club / Fitness Clubs

388 Carlaw Avenue 416.480.2058 Website
Toronto Newsgirls Boxing Club

Toronto Newsgirls is a boxing club for women started by Savoy Howe in 1996. I've stopped in many times, but I'm still astounded each time I take in the agility...

Torq / Fitness Clubs

978 Queen St. East 647.715.5309 Website

Torq is a beautifulspin studio in Leslieville. Keeping on trend with clean, all-white, aesthetics, the 1900-square foot studio offers a 50-minute high energy, low impact ride. A Torq class...

Tropical Joe's / Restaurants

1000 Gerrard St. E. 416.461.5030
Tropical Joe's

Tropical Joe's is located in the Gerrard Square food court, and it's probably some of the best food court fare you'll ever have. This place does brisk business, serving up...

Up To You / Design Stores

1483 Queen Street East 416.778.6487 Website
Up To You

Up To You is an easy to miss retail shop that is setup to look like an apartment. Inside are a bunch of neat and hard to find design items....

Urban Bulk Emporium / Grocery Stores

1380 Queen St. E 647.344.8075 Website
Urban Bulk Emporium

Urban Bulk Emporium is the adorable indie love-child of Whole Foods and Bulk Barn. Located at the corner of Queen and Greenwood, in the space formerly held by Leslieville's The...

Value Village / Fashion Stores

924 Queen St. East 416.778.4818 Website
Value Village

Value Village has always been a personal favourite of mine for Halloween shopping. My recent visit to the Queen East location reminded me of my university days where I would...

Velotique / Services

1592 Queen St East 416.466.3171 Website

Velotique is a bike shop that sell bikes and a wide selection of cycling accessories. Lights, locks, bottles, helmets, bags, books, videos, and even banana guards are found here in...

Wayla Bar / Bars

996 Queen Street East 416.901.5570 Website
Wayla Bar

What Are You Looking At has the style and colour of the two-page Tokion Magazine spread that was its inspiration. Also called WAYLA, Leslieville's newest spot aspires, like its neighbourhood,...

Wonder Pens / Design Stores

250 Carlaw Ave #105 647.461.2426 Website
Wonder Pens

Wonder Pens has found a way to bring back the written word. The little shop sells a huge assortment of fountain pens, ink, and stylin' little notebooks. Owner Liz Chan...

YAYA / Restaurants

1186 Queen Street East 416.463.9292 Website

YAYA is a cozy brunch spot located in a neighbourhood already brimming with places to get your eggs benny fix. But YAYA manages to distinguish itself with a menu inspired...

Yoga Yoga East / Fitness Clubs

1402 Queen East 647.349.4200 Website
Yoga Yoga East

Yoga Yoga East has relocated from the Beaches to Leslieville just across from the TTC yards near Greenwood. The huge warehouse space offers 20 classes a week plus workshops and...

Yogathletix / Fitness Clubs

911 Queen Street East Suite 201 647.748.0999 Website

Yogathletix is a newly-opened fitness studio on Queen Street, in Leslieville. The studio bills itself as "an intimate, non-intimidating yoga and fitness studio offering various forms of yoga and barefoot...

Yogaville / Fitness Clubs

1201 Dundas St. East 647.478.8843 Website

Yogaville, a brand-new yoga studio in Leslieville (naturally), is a family run operation with a lot of heart - and very flexible bodies. If you're big into yoga, you may have...

Zenporium / Design Stores

388 Carlaw Ave Unit 102 416.778.8936 Website

Zenporium is all about guilt-free wood. The husband and wife owned store sells modern-organic and rustic furniture designs made of salvaged or reclaimed wood. They formerly had a shop on...

Zig Zag / Design Stores

985 Queen Street East 416.778.6495 Website
Zig Zag

Like every other condo-owning museum go-er, you could get a reproduction of Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich's Barcelona chair, or, for less money and more backstory, you could...

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