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Kensington Market

Toronto's most unique neighbourhood, Kensington Market retains its charm and wonderful diversity through its eclectic mix of vintage clothing stores, Latin American grocers, fresh produce, cafes and watering holes. Defiantly independent and progressive, Kensington hosts street festivals like Pedestrian Sundays in the Summer months and December's annual Festival of Lights. Often overlooked but not to be missed is the stretch of Nassau street between Augusta and Bellevue, home to spots like I Deal Coffee, Kid Icarus and This Ain't the Rosedale Library.

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4 Life Natural Foods / Grocery Stores

257 Augusta Ave 416.591.6800
4 Life Natural Foods

4 Life Natural Foods carries an array of organic produce and bulk foods, as well as hormone-free meats. A Kensington Market favourite, the tidy store features a helpful labeling system...

Akram's Shoppe / Restaurants

191 Baldwin St. 416.979.3116 Website
Akram's Shoppe

Akram's Shoppe has a simple philosophy: delicious, fresh and healthy food at prices affordable to everyone. Akram and his wife Hiyam reopened the shop in May 2010 after a nightmare...

Amadeu's / Restaurants

184 Augusta Ave. 416.591.1245

Amadeu's is a popular Portuguese restaurant in Kensington Market . They have a casual patio fronting Augusta and the park as well as a slightly more formal dining room inside....

Anice Jewel Boutique / Fashion Stores

167 Augusta Avenue 647.501.5526 Website
Anice Jewel Boutique

Anice Jewel Boutique, though only opened a few weeks ago, is no stranger to the world of eclectic treasures found in Kensington Market. After seven years of pop-up action in...

Average Joe's / Cafes

161 Baldwin St.
Average Joe's

Average Joe's on Baldwin St. in Kensington Market is more lunch spot, less coffee house. While they do have numerous drinks on offer, the main attraction here are the sandwiches...

Baldwin Cafe / Cafes

180 Baldwin St. 416.597.0080
Baldwin Cafe

The Baldwin Cafe is essentially a re-brand of the old Shai's Cafe that was in the same location. Like it's predecessor, the Baldwin Cafe focuses more on food than coffee....

Big Fat Burrito / Restaurants

285 Augusta Avenue 416.913.7487
Big Fat Burrito

Home of the yam burrito, Big Fat Burrito makes 'em just as it sounds. But hold off on the salsa - it's way too sweet and tastes store bought. ...

Bikes on Wheels / Services

309 Augusta Ave 416.966.2453 Website
Bikes on Wheels

Bikes on Wheels is a good option when you're looking for a slick urban commuter bike or accessories for tooling around town. Operating out of Kensington Market for over 20...

Blackbird Baking Co. / Baked Goods

172 Baldwin St. 416.708.3475 Website
Blackbird Baking Co.

Blackbird Baking finally has a flagship, and it's in the heart of Kensington - a great fit for owner Simon Blackwell's rustic bakery. Housed in the former Cobs Bread location...

Blue Banana Market / Design Stores

250 Augusta Avenue 416.594.6600 Website
Blue Banana Market

I've often thought that Toronto could use a really good artists market. I'm thinking something like Madrid's Mercado de Fuencarral or the Market NYC in Lower Manhattan. So I was...

Buddha's Vegetarian / Restaurants

666 Dundas Street West 416.603.3811
Buddha's Vegetarian

Last night I met up with some friends at Buddha's Vegetarian, a little hole in the wall on Dundas, just East of Bathurst. They had eaten there before and consider...

Bungalow / Fashion Stores

273 Augusta Avenue 416.598.0204 Website

Contributed by Jaime Kawamoto I admit to not having the patience for vintage shopping. Scouring through crammed racks of dubiously cared for hand-me-downs while inhaling the intoxicating odour of mothballs...

Bunner's Bake Shop (Kensington Market) / Baked Goods

244 Augusta Ave. 647.350.2975 Website
Bunner's Bake Shop (Kensington Market)

Bunner's Bake Shop has opened a new location in Kensington Market that I'm guessing is going to be more popular than the original in the Junction. There's something about Bunner's...

Cafe Pamenar / Cafes

307 Augusta Avenue 647.352.3627 Website
Cafe Pamenar

Cafe Pamenar has recently opened at the northern tip of Augusta Avenue, adding to the already congested coffee scene in Kensington market. But while the market sure has a range...

Cafe Unwind / Cafes

68 Wales Avenue 647.352.7724 Website
Cafe Unwind

Cafe Unwind sits tucked away in a quiet residential section of Kensington Market on the corner of Wales and Leonard Avenue. I was initially quite sceptical about the awkward location...

Casa Acoreana / Grocery Stores

235 Augusta Avenue 416.593.9717
Casa Acoreana

Casa Acoreana is a long time Kensington Market fave even if few people know its name. Often referred to as the place at the corner of Baldwin and Augusta, or...

Casa Acoreana Cafe / Cafes

235 Augusta Avenue 416.593.9717
Casa Acoreana Cafe

Casa Acoreana has lived many lives in the half century it's spent on the corner of Augusta and Baldwin. The cafe is now known as one of the Market's staple...

Cheese Magic / Grocery Stores

182 Baldwin Street 416.593.9531
Cheese Magic

Cheese Magic on Baldwin Street competes with Global Cheese for the hearts and wallets of cheese seekers in the neighbourhood. ...

Chura Hair Salon / Fashion Stores

161 Baldwin St. 416.979.5405 Website
Chura Hair Salon

Chura Salon is a Japanese owned and managed hair salon with locations in Vancouver, Tokyo and this one in Kensington Market....

Cold Tea / Bars

58 Kensington Avenue 416.546.4536
Cold Tea

Cold Tea is modeled on the principle that a good thing is hard to find. This new Kensington bar is hidden at the back of the unassuming Kensington Mall through...

College Hostel / Hotels

280 Augusta Ave 416.929.4777 Website
College Hostel

College Hostel on Augusta Avenue at the north end of Kensington Market has got some serious competition from the nearby and newer Planet Traveler, but a renovation a few years...

Courage My Love / Fashion Stores

14 Kensington Avenue 416.979.1992
Courage My Love

Kensington Market favourite Courage My Love has been open since the seventies, and has won a loyal following among Torontonians looking for cheap vintage, exotic beads, exquisite jewelry from faraway...

Creative Blueprint Gallery / Galleries

376 Bathurst St 416.938.1229 Website
Creative Blueprint Gallery

Creative Blueprint gallery provides artists with loads of support. From work studios to consulting services, business planning, grant writing assistance and even dental plans - this is a go-to place...

Crows Nest Barbershop / Fashion Stores

35 Kensington Avenue 647.346.4333 Website
Crows Nest Barbershop

Crows Nest isn't just a throwback barbershop or an aesthetic steeped in tattoos, motorcycles, quality fades and memories of days long past. Founded in 2010 by Jon Roth in a...

Detour Bar / Bars

193 Baldwin St. 416.515.0515
Detour Bar

Detour is the latest addition to Kensington Market's bar scene, and the best way I can think of describe it is this: imagine that Beetlejuice bought a seedy cowboy bar,...

Dolce Gelato (Kensington) / Restaurants

234 Augusta Ave. 416.519.9995 Website
Dolce Gelato (Kensington)

Dolce Gelato in Kensington Market is the third location of this popular gelateria that opened its first spot in Little Italy (with the second on the Danforth). Along with a...

Don't Call Me Cupcake / Baked Goods

160 Baldwin St. 647.760.3262 Website
Don't Call Me Cupcake

Don't Call Me Cupcake opened earlier this summer in Kensington Market and has been receiving a steady stream of foot traffic ever since from those curious as to what the...

Dr. Comics / Bookstores

44 Kensington Ave 416.910.3337 Website
Dr. Comics

Dr. Comics took over the Kensington Comics space after a change in management and remains a quaint but major staple in Kensington Market. Though the stock of local books is...

El Arepazo / Restaurants

214 Augusta Ave. 647.472.1011 Website
El Arepazo

El Arepazo is a reincarnation of the ill-fated Arepa Market in Kensington Market's El Gordo building. It serves gluten-free Venezuelan-style arepas (maize-flour pockets with veggie, meat and cheese fillings) as...

El Gordo Fine Foods / Restaurants

214 Augusta Avenue 416.205.9981
El Gordo Fine Foods

El Gordo's certainly not about ambience. There's plenty here to suspect that its previous incarnation was a Kensington market butcher shop (increasing the suspicion is the fact that the proprietors...

El Trompo / Restaurants

277 Augusta Avenue 416.260.0097 Website
El Trompo

El Trompo in Kensington Market, with its west-facing patio, is one of my favourite places to be on a sunny afternoon in Toronto. This spot, serving up delicious and simple...

Embassy / Bars

223 Augusta Avenue 416.591.1132

By day, Kensington Market is a booming consortium of ethnic food shops, used clothing stores, cafes, and eateries. However, by night it nearly becomes a ghost town, as most storefronts...

Emporium Latino / Grocery Stores

243 Augusta Avenue 416.351.9646
Emporium Latino

Emporium Latino is a tiny, unassuming grocery store in Kensington Market that flies way under the radar, unless you're Latin American. Walk directly past the imported aliments and you'll see...

Essence of Life / Grocery Stores

50 Kensington Avenue 416.506.0345 Website
Essence of Life

Essence of Life in Kensington Market is one of the best health food stores in the city. The prices here are much better than Noah's and the Big Carrot; and...

Exile / Fashion Stores

62 Kensington Avenue 416.595.7199 Website

Exile is a staple in Kensington Market and a go to spot for cheap vintage fashion, iron-on tees, plain t-shirts and costumes....

Exile Warehouse / Fashion Stores

22 Kensington Ave. 416.596.0827 Website
Exile Warehouse

Both Exile locations are long-time Kensington vintage hunting staples. Here, you will find fabulous old-school jackets, t-shirts and crinolines, vintage dresses from all eras, and new costume accessories. ...

Fairies Pajamas / Fashion Stores

29 Kensington Avenue 647.343.1876 Website
Fairies Pajamas

The Fairies Pajamas carries fantastical festival wear like faux-fur leg warmers, little vests with pointy hoods and skirts that look like giant leaves. Their stuff is fair trade and locally...

Fika Cafe / Restaurants

28 Kensington Avenue 416.994.7669 Website
Fika Cafe

Fika Cafe, the Swedish-inspired spot from Nikki Leigh McKean and husband Victor Barry (Splendido, County General), opened this week on Kensington Avenue, serving up a selection of coffees, sandwiches and...

Flashback / Fashion Stores

33 Kensington Avenue 416.598.2981

More details coming soon....

Flashback 2 / Fashion Stores

33 Kensington Ave. 416.598.2981
Flashback 2

Flashback specializes in the truly vintage item. Just down the street from its sister store, a treasure hunt through this Kensington hole in the wall is likely to yield leather...

Free Times Cafe / Restaurants

320 College St 416.967.1078 Website
Free Times Cafe

After turning down a string of Hanukkah "Latke Party" invites last past week due to work committments, I was craving those greasy taters so badly come Sunday night. Walking...

Fresco's Fish and Chips / Restaurants

213 Augusta Avenue 416.546.4557 Website
Fresco's Fish and Chips

Fresco Fish and Chips is a take-out joint located across the street from Kensington Park, ideal sitting grounds for a takeaway meal. Having grown up in a small fishing community...

Fresh Collective (Kensington) / Fashion Stores

274 Augusta Avenue 416.966.0123 Website
Fresh Collective (Kensington)

Fresh Collective in Kensington Market is the new re-branded space of what used to be Fresh Baked Goods. This is one of three Fresh Collective boutiques in Toronto, the others...

Freshmart / Grocery Stores

241 Augusta Avenue 416.598.9000

Freshmart in Kensington Market offers an assortment of groceries, from frozen foods, to fresh meats, to drinks and packaged food items. Where else in Kensington are you going to buy...

Global Cheese / Grocery Stores

76 Kensington Avenue 416.593.9251
Global Cheese

Global Cheese has unveiled its newly renovated digs, complete with "Betsy" and "Molly" holding guard by the front door. "That one we got off the internet," says Jason DaSilva, pointing...

Good Day Hairshop / Fashion Stores

32 St. Andrew St. 416.542.9455 Website
Good Day Hairshop

Good Day Hairshop is Kensington's answer to a modern salon and barbershop, where the only thing with attitude is your hair when they're done with it. Even in a bustling...

Good Egg / Design Stores

267 Augusta Ave 416.593.4663 Website
Good Egg

Good Egg's thoughtful selection of brilliant books and artful yet functional kitchen and kitchen-themed products combine to make this Kensington Market storefront an essential stop for any food lover....

Graffiti's Bar & Grill / Bars

170 Baldwin St. 416.506.6699
Graffiti's Bar & Grill

Graffiti's Bar & Grill has an interior that is dark, maroon-lit and pulsating with activity, making me feel like I'm within the heart of something enormous. An apt decorating scheme,...

Greens Vegetarian Restaurant / Restaurants

638 Dundas St. West 416.603.3337
Greens Vegetarian Restaurant

Greens Vegetarian Restaurant is on Dundas West just steps from Kensington Market. The menu is 100% vegetarian with plenty of mock meat dishes with a decidedly Chinese influence....

Grilled Cheese / Restaurants

66 Nassau Street 647.347.7062
Grilled Cheese

The Grilled Cheese in Kensington Market has taken a simple concept, perfected it and unleashed it on the neighbourhood at just the right time to capitalize on the mass...

Grind House / Cafes

281 Augusta Avenue 647.330.0617
Grind House

The Grind House is a new cafe in Kensington Market, tucked into a small space near the top of Augusta. It assumes the space that was formerly home to Pennylicks....

Handlebar / Bars

159 Augusta Avenue 647.748.7433 Website

Handlebar, courtesy of Rachel Conduit (of the east-end's Avro), embodies the saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." If you're a dedicated fan of the Avro, then there's not...

Hardboiled / Fashion Stores

82 Nassau Street 416.203.3373 Website

More details coming soon....

Hibiscus Cafe / Cafes

238 Augusta Avenue 416.364.6183
Hibiscus Cafe

Why Hibiscus Cafe doesn't charge more for its delicious treats is one of Toronto's greatest mysteries. It seems to me that healthy food is like bikini material: the less there...

Hooked (Kensington Market) / Grocery Stores

206 Baldwin Street 416.551.2755 Website
Hooked (Kensington Market)

Hooked has expanded beyond Leslieville to a new storefront in Kensington Market. Found where the old Sanagan's Meat Locker used to be, the shop has completely transformed into a fish...

Hot Box Cafe / Cafes

191A Baldwin Street 416.203.6990 Website
Hot Box Cafe

Hot Box cafe is a novelty cafe in Toronto if there ever was one. While the menu offers a reasonably robust selection of breakfast/lunch/diner and other 'munchies', the real draw...

Hotshot / Galleries

181 Augusta Ave. 416.876.5627 Website

Hotshot is a new gallery in South Kensington Market that was started in late 2007 by a group of five artists, designers and creative entrepreneurs. The gallery showcases regular exhibits...

House of Spices / Grocery Stores

190 Augusta 416.593.9724
House of Spices

House of Spices is a quintessential Kensington Market store. From bags of garam masala to bins of roasted coffee beans from Tanzania, this neighbourhood staple lives up to its name...

Hungary Thai / Restaurants

196 Augusta Avenue 416.595.6405 Website
Hungary Thai

Hungary Thai is a quirky little resto in the heart of Kensington Market that marries stick-to-your-ribs Eastern European fare with trendy Thai dishes. Sure, it's a bit of an...

I Deal Coffee / Cafes

84 Nassau St. 416.364.7700 Website
I Deal Coffee

Why do I prickle with guilt upon walking into my local Starbucks? I guess I've seen one too many docs on the world's second most valuable commodity and can't...

Jade The Vintage Shop / Design Stores

86a Nassau Street 647.773.3671
Jade The Vintage Shop

Jade The Vintage Shop, located in the heart of Kensington Market, is an eclectic collector's shop selling everything from vintage maps to one-of-a-kind jewelry. The small shop, overflowing with unique...

Jimmy's Coffee (Kensington Market) / Cafes

191 Baldwin St Website
Jimmy's Coffee (Kensington Market)

Jimmy's Coffee has emerged from the spent ashes of the Hot Box Café at 191 Baldwin St. in Kensington Market, joining the original and very popular location on Portland. Walking in,...

Jumbo Empanadas / Restaurants

245 Augusta Avenue 416.977.0056 Website
Jumbo Empanadas

So empanadas eh? I can eat a couple. Especially if they're from Jumbo Empanadas in Kensington market. Unlike the picture above, this particular frigid afternoon it's hard...

Ka Chi / Restaurants

8 St Andrews St 416.597.1999
Ka Chi

Along St Andrew's St, where Chinatown meets Kensington Market, a little Korean restaurant is busy winning over regulars from both sides of the neighbourhood. I'd just left the Moonbean cafe in...

Kali / Fashion Stores

2 Kensington Ave. 416.340.1778 Website

Kali is located at the foot of Kensington Market, and treasure hunters can usually find baskets of insanely cheap scarves and other goodies on the sidewalk outside of this...

Kensington Cornerstore / Restaurants

2A Kensington Avenue 647.343.1597 Website
Kensington Cornerstore

The Kensington Cornerstone is a 100% gluten-free restaurant but you can forget about noticing that, in fact, most people wont. The only indication about it's status comes from a small...

Kensington Fruit Market / Grocery Stores

36 Kensington Ave 416.593.9530
Kensington Fruit Market

There are only two shops I rely on in Kensington Market for my weekly fix of fruit and vegetables. One is Oxford Fruit at the corner of Nassau and Augusta;...

Kensington Lodge / Restaurants

21 Kensington Ave. 647.769.9936 Website
Kensington Lodge

Kensington Lodge is a cozy spot in Kensington Market that keeps craft beers on tap and sticks the kitchen with simple and straightforward comfort foods like charcuterie boards, panino and...

Kensington's Espresso Bar / Cafes

79 Kensington Avenue 416.971.5632
Kensington's Espresso Bar

Kensington's Espresso Bar sits at the southeast corner of Kensington and Baldwin and proclaims to have the best coffee in town. While that may be overstating it, they do have...

Kid Icarus (Augusta Ave.) / Design Stores

205 Augusta Avenue 416.977.7236 Website
Kid Icarus (Augusta Ave.)

Kid Icarus has moved. But don't worry, no additional treks across town will be needed--they've moved onto Augusta Ave., continuing owner's Michael Viglione 14-year-long tenancy of Kensington Market. "What we...

Kim / Restaurants

10 St. Andrew Street 416.911.9922

Our review coming soon. ...

King's Cafe / Restaurants

192 Augusta Avenue 416.591.1340
King's Cafe

King's Cafe on Augusta in Kensington Market is a vegetarian restaurant serving noodle soups and a variety of mock meat options. ...

KOS Restaurant (Kensington) / Restaurants

61 Bellevue Ave 416.597.6912 Website
KOS Restaurant (Kensington)

KOS restaurant has two locations in Toronto, one of which is at the corner of Bellevue and Nassau St. in Kensington Market. Here, it's tucked away from the hustle-bustle and...

Krepesz European Palacsinta Cafe / Restaurants

253 Augusta Ave 416.840.8930
Krepesz European Palacsinta Cafe

Krepesz European Palascinta Cafe is a new spot on Kensington's cafe-happy Augusta Ave. Specializing in Hungarian-style crepes, it features an interior as sweet and comforting as its culinary creations....

Krudar Muay Thai / Fitness Clubs

152 Augusta Ave. 416.923.5633 Website
Krudar Muay Thai

Krudar Muay Thai has moved from Chinatown to Kensington Market. Found on Augusta Avenue, just north of Dundas, Krudar occupies two floors of a building with an open class studio...

La Tortilleria / Restaurants

198 Augusta Avenue 647.723.8760 Website
La Tortilleria

La Tortilleria is Toronto's first place that makes fresh corn tortillas every day. Not quite as good as what you'll find in Mexico, but still better than the frozen or...

Last Temptation / Restaurants

12 Kensington Ave. 416.599.2551
Last Temptation

Last Temptation is one of the quintessential Kensington Market hangouts. It's best on a sunny Summer's day, sharing a pitcher of beer among friend on the front patio. Inside, things...

Le Neuf Cafe (Kensington Market) / Cafes

181 Augusta Ave. 416.598.4242 Website
Le Neuf Cafe (Kensington Market)

Le Neuf Cafe has already established itself on Clarence Square and now has branched out to open a second outpost on lower Augusta in Kensington Market. While there's no shortage of...

Le Ti Colibri / Restaurants

291 Augusta Avenue 416.925.2223
Le Ti Colibri

Le Ti Colibri has recently opened in Kensington Market, adding its unique international dishes to a neighbourhood already known for bold flavours, exotic ingredients, and best of all, affordable prices....

Let's Be Frank / Restaurants

460 Spadina Ave. 416.519.7256 Website
Let's Be Frank

Let's Be Frank has taken over the space formerly occupied by dingy punk bar 460 at Spadina and College. It's now been revamped into a hot dog bar and sit-down...

Lightweight Mini-Donuts / Baked Goods

214 Augusta Ave 416.727.4150 Website
Lightweight Mini-Donuts

Lightweight Mini-Donuts opened last week, adding a bite-sized treat to the mix of delicious food options available in Kensington Market. I went to check it out after a tiring day...

Longboard Living / Fashion Stores

202 Augusta Avenue 416.901.7787 Website
Longboard Living

Longboard Living is a prized mecca for a booming longboarding community. Having only been around for a few years, Longboard Living offers skate lessons, skateboard art, a wide variety of...

Mare Pizzeria / Restaurants

185 Baldwin St. 647.787.4335
Mare Pizzeria

Mare Pizzeria has taken over the Baldwin address that was until recently home to the Chocolate Addict. It's a shallow storefront decorated with hand-painted illustrations and lettering that already looks...

Millie Creperie / Restaurants

161 Baldwin St. 416.977.1922 Website
Millie Creperie

Millie Creperie has recently opened in Kensington Market. As is explained to us early in our visit, the difference between Japanese and French crepes is a combination of preparation and...

Model Citizen / Fashion Stores

279 Augusta Avenue 416.553.6632
Model Citizen

I needed something last minute, something unique and sexy, an outfit to catch a girl's eye, something that might garner a compliment, an "Event" outfit. I shot down to Model...

Modern Lovers / Fashion Stores

283 Augusta Ave 416.931.6449 Website
Modern Lovers

Modern Lovers is a hair cutting shop in Kensington Market. For those who are looking for a hair style with attitude, their resident stylist specializes in edgy cuts. The cost...

Moo Frites / Restaurants

178 Baldwin St. Website
Moo Frites

Moo Frites, a new takeout spot in Kensington Market that opened a little over a month ago, is something Toronto has been lacking until now: a standalone shop that specializes...

Moonbean Cafe / Cafes

30 St. Andrew Street 416.595.0327
Moonbean Cafe

Moonbean Cafe has been a beacon of caffeinated hope in Kensington Market for 18 years, and while it's changed with the times, owner Alan Erdstein has always kept coffee as...

My Market Bakery / Baked Goods

172 Baldwin Street 416.593.6772
My Market Bakery

My Market Bakery is a Kensington Market favourite. They sell pretty much everything here except a good selection of spelt and gluten free options (hint hint). For everyone else, there's...

Nu Bugel / Baked Goods

240 Augusta Ave. 647.748.4488 Website
Nu Bugel

Nu Bugel opened its doors this week after months of delays, finally bringing one of my favourite breakfast foods to Kensington Market. Admittedly, I am a bit of a bagel...

Off the Truck / Fashion Stores

237 Augusta Ave 647.502.8695 Website
Off the Truck

Off the Truck sells a whole lot of nifty nic nacs - literally, a quirky mishmash of everything and anything. From seasonal items like pumpkin carving kits and pet Halloween...

Our Spot / Restaurants

180 Baldwin Street 647.349.7767
Our Spot

Our Spot in Kensington Market is where to go for a cheap breakfast or brunch. All-day breakfast starts at $4.50, with a cup of coffee or espresso. Lunch items are...

Oxford Fruit / Grocery Stores

255 Augusta Ave 416.979.1796
Oxford Fruit

Kitty corner to the now closed J&J Fruit Market, Oxford Fruit is still thriving in the heart of Kensington. Boxes of fresh fruit pushing out to the curb at...

Pancho Y Emiliano / Restaurants

200 Augusta Avenue 416.925.8454 Website
Pancho Y Emiliano

Pancho Y Emiliano is the most recent entrant into the crowded Mexican restaurant scene in Kensington. With a Mexican chef and named after two Mexican revolutionary heroes (Villa and Zapata,...

Pancho's Bakery (Kensington) / Baked Goods

214 Augusta Avenue 647.889.8770
Pancho's Bakery (Kensington)

Pancho's Bakery first opened at Dufferin and Davenport, and has been in 214 Augusta for just a few weeks, collecting a faithful following for its house-made churros ($1.50), which are...

Paradise Bound / Services

270 Augusta Ave 416.916.7770 Website
Paradise Bound

Paradise Bound is a Kensington Market music store that also sells Japanese art. The vinyl sits in low bins made from old wine and port crates - a truly creative...

Patty King / Baked Goods

187 Baldwin Street 416.977.3191
Patty King

Patty King reigns in Kensington market. My favourite is the Spicy Beef, with its great savoury filling and perfectly crisp and tender pastry. Patty King also offers Chicken, Goat,...

Paul's Boutique / Services

2 Nassau St 416.603.9477 Website
Paul's Boutique

Paul's Boutique is the sort of place you go to equip your prog-folk math rock jam band. The ghost of Church St. pawn shop legend Richmond's Trading Post has returned...

Pearl Harbor Gift Shop / Services

24 Kensington Avenue 416.595.7184 Website
Pearl Harbor Gift Shop

Pearl Harbor Gift Shop draws inspiration from Japanese and American WWII-era art and design. Officially open since May 1st, it's a light, open and inspiring space to have one of...

Perola Supermarket / Grocery Stores

247 Augusta Avenue 416.593.9728
Perola Supermarket

Perola Supermarket is the Coke to Emporio Latino's Pepsi. Both stock almost the same mix of hard-to-find fresh, canned, jarred and frozen Latin American products and, come weekends, feature the...

Pipo Tattoo Studio / Services

6 Littlehayes Lane #2 416.901.4996 Website
Pipo Tattoo Studio

Pipo Tattoo Studio has been inking people up from its Kensington Market location since 2011. They specialize in bio mechanical, black and grey, and colour tattoos....

Pizza Pala / Restaurants

280 Augusta Avenue 647.350.4025
Pizza Pala

Pizza Pala is the latest incarnation of what has sometimes been a chain of pizza joints called Plizza or Gelato Pizza. The focus here is on gourmet pizza with plenty...

Pizzeria Via Mercanti / Restaurants

188 Augusta Ave 647.343.6647
Pizzeria Via Mercanti

Pizzeria Via Mercanti is the latest addition to Toronto's Neapolitan-style pizza scene, and in many ways holds its own with some of the other major players in this city like...

Poetry Jazz Cafe / Bars

224 Augusta Avenue 416.599.5299 Website
Poetry Jazz Cafe

Poetry Jazz Cafe is not a cafe, nor is it a poetry club. There's no appreciative snapping, subtle allegories, or hushed, whispered words between friends. Rather, Poetry Jazz Cafe a...

PRINT Art Gallery / Galleries

160 Baldwin Street Website
PRINT Art Gallery

PRINT Art Gallery is a photo and painting gallery in Kensington Market. PRINT works with CAST, an artist collective, and is committed to promoting local art. As well, Kensington Market's...

Province Apothecary / Fashion Stores

16 Kensington Ave. 647.857.2062 Website
Province Apothecary

Province Apothecary is a skincare line carried in shops around Toronto, including Likely General and the Drake General Store; however, founder Julie Clark also offers individually-tailored facials, featuring products made...

Pure Vegetarian Restaurant / Restaurants

668 Dundas St W 416.815.7676
Pure Vegetarian Restaurant

Denison and Dundas is a competitive area for Asian vegetarian food. With Buddha's Vegetarian next door, Full Moon Vegetarian Restaurant a few steps away and others close by, the aptly...

Qianhe Golden Wheat Cake Room / Restaurants

346 Spadina Ave 647.500.2188
Qianhe Golden Wheat Cake Room

Qianhe Golden Wheat Cake Room in Kensington Market serves up Chinese cuisine for cheap. It's mostly a grab-and-go place, with very few chairs to sit and eat. They make Chinese-Style...

Rasta Pasta / Restaurants

61 Kensington Avenue 647.501.4505 Website
Rasta Pasta

Rasta Pasta based out of 214 Augusta serves up various combinations of pasta and jerk chicken dishes as well as other Caribbean inspired creations....

Rick's Cafe / Cafes

281 Augusta Ave. 416.931.4358 Website
Rick's Cafe

Rick's Cafe in Kensington Market has taken over what used to be The Grind House (this space seems to attract names that reference movies). Not-too-sweet Nutella lattes are the specialty...

Romeo's Juice Bar / Restaurants

285 Augusta Avenue 416.597.2300
Romeo's Juice Bar

Romeo's Juice Bar guarantees that its juices and smoothies are made with the freshest possible fruits and vegetables. And that guarantee comes with a pretty good backing — Romeo, himself,...

Ronnie's Local / Bars

69 Nassau Street 416.340.1110
Ronnie's Local

In Kensington Market, there's a place where everybody knows your name. Well, they will if you advertise it. And if they still remember it the next time you go. But...

Round / Bars

152 Augusta Ave. 416.451.6346 Website

Round is a new space in Kensington Market that hosts a variety of events and themed nights and also operates as a restaurant during dinner hours. It takes over for...

Samadhi Tea House / Cafes

160 Baldwin St. 647.725.3636 Website
Samadhi Tea House

Samadhi Tea House, now in the short-lived Juice Dept space on Baldwin, is perhaps the antithesis of those uber-trendy tea spots cropping up around the city. The vibe is traditional,...

Sanagan's Meat Locker / Grocery Stores

206 Baldwin Street 416.593.9747 Website
Sanagan's Meat Locker

Sanagan's Meat Locker on Baldwin Street might be easy to miss from under the red Max & Son-branded awning, but one should not overlook this new kid on the Kensington...

Sanagan's Meat Locker (176 Baldwin) / Grocery Stores

176 Baldwin St 416.593.9747 Website
Sanagan's Meat Locker (176 Baldwin)

Sanagan's Meat Locker has made its new, 5,000-square-foot debut. Owner Peter Sanagan made the announcement earlier this summer that he would be moving his shop into the former European Meats...

Segovia Meat Market / Grocery Stores

218 Augusta Avenue 416.593.9904
Segovia Meat Market

Segovia Meat Market is a Kensington staple that sells chorizo infused sausages and other Latin American inspired meats. In addition to raw meat, they also sell some delicious prepared food...

Seven Lives / Restaurants

69 Kensington Avenue Website
Seven Lives

Seven Lives opened up in the recently renovated space at 214 Augusta just 2 weeks ago and there's already a line-up. UPDATE: Seven Lives has relocated to 69 Kensington Avenue. Having...

Six String Garage / Services

16 Kensington Ave 416.531.0777 Website
Six String Garage

Six String Garage opened in Parkdale in May. The shop sells a modest selection of mostly affordable instruments up front, services and builds guitars in the back, and hosts classes...

Spicy Grill / Restaurants

291 Augusta Avenue 416.968.7111
Spicy Grill

Spicy Grill has taken over from the short-lived Debu's on Augusta Avenue in Kensington Market. While Kensington doesn't really need another Indian restaurant (the serviceable Indian Waterfalls and Tapas is...

St. Andrew Poultry / Grocery Stores

17 St. Andrew St. 416.596.7305
St. Andrew Poultry

St. Andrew Poultry, a Kensington Market fixture for fresh and affordable fowl since 1962, has undergone a huge makeover. People who still fondly remember the days when you could go...

Sub Rosa Vintage / Fashion Stores

16 Kensington Ave. Website
Sub Rosa Vintage

Sub Rosa Vintage carries some seriously trendy-yet-vintage pieces. They always have a great assortment of old man cardies and high-waisted cutoffs, not to mention piles of excellent jewelry and shoes....

Sublime Cafe / Cafes

219 Augusta Avenue 416.732.0431 Website
Sublime Cafe

Sublime Cafe is part coffee shop, part vinyl store. And it is perhaps that combination that has allowed it to thrive in Kensington Market for the past six years. Oddly...

Supermarket / Restaurants

268 Augusta Avenue 416.840.0501 Website

Supermarket is an asian tapas parlour and DJ venue at the northern end of Augusta Avenue in Kensington Market. The food here is good value and is a good for...

Tasty Corner / Restaurants

234 Augusta Avenue 416.504.4448
Tasty Corner

Tasty Corner has moved into the awkward corner of Augusta and Nassau. The kitchen serves up both breakfast and lunch including omelettes, pancakes, salads, burgers, roti, rice dishes, wraps and...

Templeton's / Restaurants

319 Augusta Avenue 416.922.7423

Templeton's is the bar/restaurant that recently opened in the old Burger Bar location in Kensington Market. The exterior of the place hasn't changed much since its previous incarnation with the front...

The Boat / Bars

158 Augusta Avenue 416.593.9218
The Boat

There's nothing like The Boat in Kensington Market. The epitome of kitsch, this second story nautically themed bar is always a good time and is a great intimate venue for...

The Burgernator / Restaurants

269 Augusta Ave. 647.748.0990 Website
The Burgernator

The Burgernator has been open for less than a week in Kensington Market (in the former home of Big Chubby Burger), but it's fairly easy to spot; from the logo,...

The Comic Pile / Bookstores

146 Baldwin St. 416.546.5160 Website
The Comic Pile

The Comic Pile is a newer addition to the Kensington Market family. Opening at the beginning of August, this small and quaint ground-level store just south of College Street on...

The Dirty Bird / Restaurants

79 Kensington Ave. 647.345.2473 Website
The Dirty Bird

The Dirty Bird is a newly opened chicken and waffle outfit in Kensington Market. It's a collaborative effort between partners Daniel Quintas and Josh Scott (both of Insomnia), Brian Butler...

The Rage / Fashion Stores

13 Kensington Avenue 416.588.5177 Website
The Rage

Ah, streetwear! Deconstructed tees, cotton frocks, handpainted items, and kitschy jewels, I knew thee well! I may have grown out of my streetwear phase, but I'm still fond of the...

Thirsty & Miserable / Bars

197 Baldwin St. 647.607.0134 Website
Thirsty & Miserable

Thirsty & Miserable hopes to be your new beer forward destination in Kensington Market. The bar, formerly Planet Kensington, Freshwood Grill and Havana Cuba - is a tiny little nook...

Thomas Lavers Cannery and Deli / Grocery Stores

193 Baldwin St. 647.351.1959 Website
Thomas Lavers Cannery and Deli

Thomas Lavers Cannery and Deli, which opened this past Saturday, is a highly evocative blast from the past. Although I'm told that it was born out of a desire to...

Tibet Cafe / Restaurants

51 Kensington Avenue 416.260.5178
Tibet Cafe

The only Tibetan restaurant in Kensington Market, the unassuming Tibet Cafe may be short on looks but what it lacks in appearances it more than makes up in flavour. Best...

Tom's Place / Fashion Stores

190 Baldwin Street 416.596.0297 Website
Tom's Place

Tom's Place in Kensington Market is famous for its huge selection and discount prices on men's suits, formal and business wear. They also have a selection of coats and women's...

Torito / Restaurants

276 Augusta Ave 416.961.7373

A few days ago I had dinner at Torito, a new Spanish tapas restaurant on Augusta in Kensington Market. I had a hunger to go there for a while. ...

Toronto Popcorn Company / Grocery Stores

147 Baldwin St 1.844.767.8368 Website
Toronto Popcorn Company

Toronto Popcorn Company will forever divide the market's history in two periods: pre TPC and post TPC. Like Drake said, 'nothing was the same'. Caramhel Villegas, a pastry chief from...

Tutti Frutti / Grocery Stores

64 Kensington Avenue 416.593.9281
Tutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti is a great health food store in Kensington Market which sells a variety of bulk cereals, flours, nuts and spices. ...

Twylite / Fashion Stores

4 Kensington Ave. 416.351.9727 Website

Twylite can probably help you out if you're looking for a whack outfit of sorts. They have goth and "Lolita" items galore, alongside classic kimonos, top hats and other funky...

Urban Herbivore / Restaurants

64 Oxford Street 416.927.1231 Website
Urban Herbivore

Whether you're looking for organic salads, vegetarian sandwiches, vegan soups or just a really healthy, flavourful (and filling) lunch, Urban Herbivore has got you covered. Sure enough, Toronto is already a...

V Restaurant / Restaurants

61A Bellevue Avenue 647.748.1828 Website
V Restaurant

V Restaurant has opened in the former Valentina space and sports a similar menu of Latin American eats. On the menu are tacos, arepas, ceviche as well as unexpected finds...

Videofag / Galleries

187 Augusta Avenue 647.238.3047 Website

Videofag, as you may have guessed by its slightly on-the-nose name, is devoted to, yep, video-based work from local queer artists. A storefront cinema and performance space in Kensington Market,...

Wanda's Pie in the Sky / Baked Goods

287 Augusta Avenue 416.236.7585 Website
Wanda's Pie in the Sky

Stepping foot in Wanda's Pie in The Sky is sort of like meeting a famous person. The name of the place has certainly made its rounds about the city. I...

Waterfalls Indian Tapas / Restaurants

303 Augusta Ave 416.927.9666
Waterfalls Indian Tapas

Waterfalls has stuck to its chef's roots and re-branded itself as Indian Tapas. It might be a tough sell with popular tapas-ish spots Supermarket and Torito across the street, but...

Whippersnapper Gallery / Galleries

594B Dundas St. W Website
Whippersnapper Gallery

Whippersnapper Gallery has moved to a new space, and there's a brand new vision to go along with it. The gallery, now located at the southern tip of Kensington Market...

WilBe Bloomin / Design Stores

160 Baldwin Street 416.597.6222 Website
WilBe Bloomin

WilBe Bloomin is the best florist in Kensington Market. They have a good selection of fresh cut flowers, orchids and a stunning floral bath....

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