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Parkdale is a diverse community home to Tibetan, North African and West Indian enclaves mixed in with some of Toronto's best vintage fashion, furniture and fabric stores. Popular new bars and restaurants like The Commodore and Shameful Tiki Room happily co-exist with pub stalwarts like the Cadillac Lounge and The Rhino.

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96 Tears Vintage / Fashion Stores

1714 Queen St. West Website
96 Tears Vintage

96 Tears Vintage has a new home in Parkdale after stints at pop-up locations in the Annex, then up the street at 1550 Queen St. West. The nomadic vintage shop,...

A+ Sushi & Bibim / Restaurants

1345 Queen Street West 416.588.9988
A+ Sushi & Bibim

A+ Sushi & Bibim is a Parkdale sushi restaurant offering everything from teriyaki to sashimi. Most lunch specials ring in under $10, making it extremely affordable....

Alexandria Falafel / Restaurants

1233 Queen St West 416.533.7500
Alexandria Falafel

Alexandria Falafel has a prime spot at the corner of Gwynne and Queen where it dishes out fresh falafel sandwiches to hungry patrons as they clear out from the Parkdale...

Ali Baba's (Parkdale) / Restaurants

1430 Queen Street West 416.536.2100 Website
Ali Baba's (Parkdale)

You're travelling home from work - a journey that reminds you that you're hungry but have no food in your house, and you don't feel like eating in a restaurant....

Ali's West Indian Roti Shop / Restaurants

1446 Queen Street West 416.532.7701
Ali's West Indian Roti Shop

When it comes to roti in this city there's plenty of options. Normally when I'm anywhere near Parkdale I'll opt for Bacchus but as they were unexpectedly closed earlier this...

Amato (King and Dufferin) / Restaurants

1210 King St. W. 416.588.1777 Website
Amato (King and Dufferin)

Amato is a small pizza chain spread across the city. The Parkdale location, like the others, has a good mix of options, with toppings like goat cheese and roasted red...

Amico's Pizza / Restaurants

1648 Queen St W 416.537.2222 Website
Amico's Pizza

Amico's Pizza is a Parkdale staple for pastas, pizza, and other Italian dishes served late into the night, as well as just grabbing a drink at the bar....

Bacchus / Restaurants

1376 Queen St West 416.532.8191

If there's one food that Toronto should be known for it's roti. It's a mainstay of summer festivals like Pride Week and is rumoured to be in consideration as a...

Baitshop / Galleries

358 Dufferin St. 416.536.6000 Website

The year is 1990. In between repeated viewings of Gleaming the Cube, my friends and I have managed to construct a quarter pipe ramp to help broaden our skateboarding...

BAND Gallery / Galleries

1 Lansdowne Ave. 647.701.4323 Website
BAND Gallery

BAND Gallery (Black Artists' Networks in Dialogue) is a unique story in the Toronto art world. It's relatively rare that a bank, even one as precociously involved in the art...

Bernard's Pilipino Specialties / Grocery Stores

1534 Queen St West 416.534.3640
Bernard's Pilipino Specialties

Bernard's Pilipino Specialties is a rather modest-looking Filipino grocery store located in the Parkdale area. It stocks various dry goods and snacks from Southeast Asian countries, particularly (duh) the Philippines....

Bike Pirates / Services

1416 Queen St. West Website
Bike Pirates

Bike Pirates is a Parkdale bike co-op where volunteers fill the workstations servicing rides. This 4 ½-year old non-profit collective has ambitions beyond bike repair, with a garden and kitchen...

Black Pug DMK / Design Stores

1712 Queen Street West 416.516.6496 Website
Black Pug DMK

My aversion to antique stores started early. I can remember being dragged into them by my parents who, while road-tripping across the country, wanted to see if there were any...

Black Widow Tattoo Arts / Services

1694 Queen St. West 416.588.2982 Website
Black Widow Tattoo Arts

Black Widow Tattoo Arts in Parkdale specializes in ornate, detailed, realistic black and grey portraits shot through with hints of colour, as well as Japanese-style work. The modern, loungelike shop...

Boreal Gelato Company / Restaurants

1312 Queen St. West 647.352.7717 Website
Boreal Gelato Company

The Boreal Gelato Company is a Parkdale gelato shop and cafe that carries its eco-friendly mandate from construction to cone. The shop itself is a testament to owner Melanie Clancy's commitment...

Burrito Boyz (Parkdale) / Restaurants

1736 Queen St West 416.537.2699 Website
Burrito Boyz (Parkdale)

Burrito Boyz in Parkdale serves up Grade A burritos, bowls, and quesadillas with every topping imaginable. Stop by if you're looking for a grab and go lunch or dinner under...

Butchukoy / Restaurants

1311 King St. West 416.516.9564

Butchukoy is part grocery store, part take-out restaurant in south Parkdale. Go here for hard-to-find Filipino food to-go including large portions of cafeteria-style lunches for under ten bucks....

Capital Espresso / Cafes

1349 Queen St. West 416.531.7730 Website
Capital Espresso

Capital Espresso is a pleasant sight on the gloomy Saturday morning when my friend and I decide to meet early to check out what Parkdale's newest cafe has to offer....

Chantecler / Restaurants

1320 Queen St. W 416.628.3586 Website

Chantecler has made quite the impression on the Parkdale restaurant scene. Located between Dufferin and Brock on Queen, it may not be as buzz-worthy as Grand Electric but prior to...

Chartreuse Style / Fashion Stores

1692 Queen St. West 416.901.2800 Website
Chartreuse Style

Chartreuse Style is an eco-friendly clothing store with an emphasis on style."I wanted to open a shop with environmentally-friendly clothes that don't necessarily look 'eco,'" owner Mary-Ann Kowala tells me...

CiCi's Pizza / Restaurants

1618 Queen Street West 416.533.3311 Website
CiCi's Pizza

CiCi's Pizza is an affordable pizzeria in the heart of Parkdale. It offers 28 varieties of pizza as well as pastas, salads, wings, and soups. ...

Common Sort (Parkdale) / Fashion Stores

1414 Queen Street West 416.463.7678 Website
Common Sort (Parkdale)

Common Sort, a two-and-a-half year Leslieville staple, welcomed a West-end sister to the family this month. The second-hand clothing shop expanded to a second location in Parkdale just two weeks...

Community 54 / Fashion Stores

1275 Queen St. West 416.901.4342 Website
Community 54

Community 54 is not a video arcade, per se, but so it will serve for me from now on when I have time to kill in Parkdale. All of the...

Contrast Living / Design Stores

1688 Queen St. West 416.900.2542 Website
Contrast Living

Contrast Living fits in just fine to the stretch of Queen St. where it meets Roncesvalles. To differentiate itself from many of its antique store neighbours, the store carries a...

Coriander Girl / Design Stores

1604 Queen St. West 416.532.3333 Website
Coriander Girl

Coriander Girl, a new interior design store in Parkdale, selling furniture, home accessories, cards and locally grown flowers, opened about a month ago. I'd initially thought the store operated as...

Crown Flora / Design Stores

1537 Queen St. W. 647.861.5799 Website
Crown Flora

Crown Flora opened just over two months ago in Parkdale. It's instantly noticeable for its somewhat at-odds double window display--on one side, a carpet of moss is speckled with terrariums,...

Cube Asian Kitchen / Restaurants

1407 Queen St West 647.352.2823
Cube Asian Kitchen

Cube Asian Kitchen is a Parkdale restaurant serving up traditional Chinese dishes. On the menu you'll find staples like vermicelli and General Tao chicken....

Daiko / Restaurants

1564 Queen St. W. 416.516.4038 Website

Daiko is a restaurant in Parkdale where the menu features Asian fusion foods. Expect to find dishes like foie gras momos, butter chicken chat-e-dillas and mussels malabar on offer with...

Delicacy / Restaurants

1422 Queen Street W 416.538.3035

Delicacy, located on Queen just east of Lansdowne, is one of those little holes in the wall that is as consistent as it is delicious. Though the menu isn't extensive,...

Designer Fabrics / Design Stores

1360 Queen Street West 416.531.2810
Designer Fabrics

Contributed by Jessica Bartram Designer Fabrics is a Parkdale landmark, a mecca for those who make their own clothes or are planning an interior design project. Its massive size and mind-blowing...

Di Roma Pizza / Restaurants

1407 Queen St. West 416.531.3400 Website
Di Roma Pizza

Di Roma Pizza has snagged a great location at Queen and Lansdowne, enticing late-night Parkdale bar hoppers with its stone-baked pizzas and fried chicken. Also on the menu here are...

Doomie's / Restaurants

1263 Queen Street West Website

Doomie's is a vegan restaurant in Parkdale that originated in Los Angeles. It takes a brash, unapologetic stance on veganism. The ideology, exemplified by a comfort food-filled menu, is all...

Duggan's Brewery (Parkdale) / Restaurants

1346 Queen St. West 416.588.1086 Website
Duggan's Brewery (Parkdale)

Duggan's Brewery Parkdale isn't owner Mike Duggan's first trip to the rodeo. Having been involved with brewing beer in some form or another since he was in his twenties, Duggan...

Easy Breakfast / Restaurants

1645 Queen West 416.537.4893 Website
Easy Breakfast

My absolute favourite place to have brunch in the city is Easy Breakfast on Queen West near Roncesvalles. A nominee in our inaugural Best of Indie Toronto poll, Easy impresses...

Electric Mud BBQ / Restaurants

5 Brock Ave 416.516.8286
Electric Mud BBQ

Electric Mud BBQ somehow managed to open without much fanfare last weekend in the space formerly occupied by Stampede Bison Grill — this despite the fact that the new...

Elevator / Fashion Stores

1273 Queen St West 416.535.9671 Website

Elevator, the latest shop to pop up near Queen and Dufferin, opened its doors to the neighborhood this past month, offering a dose of Savile Row-lite for the Parkdale set....

Food & Liquor / Restaurants

1610 Queen St. West 647.748.7113 Website
Food & Liquor

Food & Liquor, the new Parkdale restaurant and bar, is a pretty self explanatory concept. There's an ever changing list of delicious, reasonably priced housemade nibbles and a straightforward selection...

Fringe / Fashion Stores

1336 Queen Street West 416.588.1336

At Queen & Brock, favourite Fringe beckons the stylish in the neighbourhood (and out) to come and give it a try. ...

Frou Frou Vintage / Fashion Stores

1616 Queen Street West 416.556.6378
Frou Frou Vintage

More details soon!...

Future of Frances Watson / Fashion Stores

1390 Queen St. West 416.531.8892 Website
Future of Frances Watson

The Future of Frances Watson is like rehab for fashion-overkill. The two-month-old Parkdale shop is a back-to-basics apparel destination, where crisp denim and simple pieces rule. Don't get me wrong,...

Gallery 1313 / Galleries

1313 Queen Street West 416.536.6778 Website
Gallery 1313

Contributed by Laura Mendes Originally built as a police station at the height of Toronto's art deco boom, Gallery 1313 has been luring Queen West gallery hoppers to the district of...

Gary Armstrong Woodwinds / Services

1612 Queen Street West 416.535.6000 Website
Gary Armstrong Woodwinds

Gary Armstrong Woodwinds has been in business for 35 years at locations all over the west end. Armstrong arrived in Parkdale a few years ago where he sells mostly clarinets...

General Hardware Contemporary / Galleries

1520 Queen St. W 416.516.6876 Website
General Hardware Contemporary

General Hardware Contemporary really did used to be an old hardware shop, but you'd barely know it from the chic interior. Gallery director Niki Dracos, a 20-year veteran of the...

Glory Hole Doughnuts / Baked Goods

1596 Queen St. West 647.352.4848 Website
Glory Hole Doughnuts

Glory Hole Doughnuts has been so eagerly anticipated that on a Sunday morning at 10 a.m., there's already a rush at the counter. The two-day-old retail location in Parkdale, between...

Glory of India / Restaurants

1407 Queen St. W 647.349.5679
Glory of India

Glory of India doesn't look like much from the outside (or the inside, really), but the small, friendly restaurant is sure to become a neighbourhood favourite. Serving excellent, flavourful Indian...

Good Catch / Grocery Stores

1556 Queen Street West 416.533.4664 Website
Good Catch

Opened in June of 2006, Good Catch General Store in Parkdale is a smorgasbord of a shop mixing everyday staples such as bread and milk with vintage clothing, work by...

Grand Electric / Restaurants

1330 Queen St. West 416.627.3459 Website
Grand Electric

Grand Electric has Torontonians flocking to Parkdale to sample the powerful Mexican flavours, absorb the pulsating rhythms and imbibe in brown-hued liquor. The brainchild of former Black Hoof'ians, Chef de...

Guu (Parkdale) / Restaurants

1314 Queen Street West 647.351.1314 Website
Guu (Parkdale)

Guu is back in Toronto. This Vancouver-based chain first landed in Hogtown in 2009 and furiously expanded across the city. But after an ownership split, all of its existing locations...

Harry's / Restaurants

160 Springhurst Ave 416.532.2908 Website

Harry's invites you back in time to 1968, to a diner filled with technicolour twinkly lights, crazy old knick knacks like stuffed animal heads and mounted fish, and loud music....

Hideaway Antiques / Design Stores

1605 Queen Street West 416.539.0833
Hideaway Antiques

Hideaway Antiques recently renovated its Parkdale home to provide a more leisurely experience of looking for antiques. Those who pine for the thrill of the hunt should not be dismayed...

Himalayan Kitchen / Restaurants

1526 Queen St. W 416.536.4138
Himalayan Kitchen

Himalayan Kitchen in Parkdale does momos tossed in chili sauce, spicy laphing (mung bean noodles), and, Nepalese thali lunch sets starring mutton, chicken or chickpeas....

House of Vintage / Fashion Stores

1239 Queen St. West 416.535.2142
House of Vintage

House of Vintage was one of the city's best vintage stores before it closed a few summers ago, but vintage-hounds can rejoice this holiday season as the shop has reopened...

In Vintage We Trust / Fashion Stores

1580 Queen St. West 416.781.0395 Website
In Vintage We Trust

In Vintage We Trust turned online success into a storefront, opening its doors to the public December 2014. Chantal Varela and Josh Roter live, breathe, and revel in vintage clothing....

Jinks Art Factory / Fashion Stores

1664 Queen St W 647.347.7779 Website
Jinks Art Factory

Jinks Art Factory totes creativity in a plethora of forms. It offers one-of-a-kind art pieces, handmade jewellery, independent clothing lines, and — the most permanent among its creative offerings —...

Kitson and Co. / Restaurants

1205 Queen Street West 416.533.1205 Website
Kitson and Co.

Kitson and Co. is a sandwich shop in the condo development that also houses Plentea. They serve a wide range of hot sandwiches and sides meant to get away from...

Kitten and The Bear / Grocery Stores

1574 Queen St. W 647.926.9711 Website
Kitten and The Bear

Kitten and The Bear, which opened just shy of three weeks ago has been steadily winning over their Parkdale clientele, one small batch of preserves and marmalade at a time....

Kotta Japanese Restaurant / Restaurants

1226 King St. West 647.347.3042
Kotta Japanese Restaurant

Kotta Japanese Restaurant has recently surfaced near King and Dufferin in the old Hue's Kitchen location. As the name of the restaurant suggests, the kitchen is squarely focused on providing...

Kuda / Design Stores

340 Dufferin Street 416.463.4805 Website

More info coming soon....

Leesa Berry Haircutting / Fashion Stores

264a Dunn Avenue 647.223.8408 Website
Leesa Berry Haircutting

Leesa Berry Haircutting has taken over the former space of Misfit Yoga Studio, just down the street from Capital Espresso. Cuts are currently $68....

Lhasa Kitchen / Restaurants

1422 Queen St. W 416.538.3035
Lhasa Kitchen

Lhasa Kitchen delivers Parkdale its momo fix. Aside from dumplings, you'll find the kitchen cooking up laphing, chowmein, curried beef and chili chicken....

Local Kitchen & Wine Bar / Restaurants

1710 Queen St. West 416.534.6700 Website
Local Kitchen & Wine Bar

The Local Kitchen & Wine Bar is the first of what I suspect to be many interesting restaurants popping up on the western edge of Parkdale. Open for about a...

Loga's corner / Restaurants

216 Close Ave 647.761.0965
Loga's corner

Loga's Corner in Parkdale's Little Tibet is a family-run operation that comprises a tiny takeout spot and a modest cafe a couple of doors down. It isn't really located on...

Love & Greed / Fashion Stores

1205 Queen St. West 647.352.5683 Website
Love & Greed

Love & Greed, although tucked inside the ground level of a condo building, is a high-end menswear boutique you can't miss walking through the ever-growing streets of Parkdale. Marked with...

Made You Look / Fashion Stores

1338 Queen Street West 416.463.2136 Website
Made You Look

Made you Look is a destination jewelery boutique in Parkdale that stocks a great collection of locally made rings, necklaces and other jewelery crafted by a growing collective of on-site...

Mankind (Parkdale) / Fashion Stores

1398 Queen St. W. 416.551.1113 Website
Mankind (Parkdale)

Mankind in Parkdale doesn't offer aesthetic services, but they provide other favourites like stache and beard trimming (The Gandalf, $15), grey hair touch-up (Camoflage, $25), and a cut and style,...

Mata Petisco Bar / Restaurants

1690 Queen St. West 647.691.0234 Website
Mata Petisco Bar

Mata Petisco Bar is situated in Parkdale, taking up the former address of Keriwa Cafe. The new spot is the brainchild of Felipe Faccioli, Patrick Fraser, Tulio Lessa, Steve Fernandes,...

MetroCycleTO / Services

1266 Queen Street West 647.771.1650 Website

MetroCycle is the brainchild of Gordon Robb who has operates this small workshop amidst artists at 1266 Queen Street West, the same building that hosts the Parkdale Flea Market. Friendly,...

Mezzrow's / Bars

1546 Queen Street West 416.535.4906

Mezzrow's is a classic Parkdale neighborhood pub in every sense of the word, where the friendly staff, long wood bar and large back patio welcome regulars and newcomers alike. ...

Miss Thing's / Restaurants

1279 Queen St. West 416.516.8677 Website
Miss Thing's

Miss Thing's is a pan-Asian, Polynesian-inspired restaurant and cocktail bar in Parkdale that was previously Wrongbar. Owner Nav Sangha felt it was time for a transition after seven years of...

Motel / Bars

1235 Queen St. West 647.381.6246

Motel bar on Queen may look like a dark mystery from the outside, but don't let the neon "Prescriptions" sign in the window confuse you, Motel is no more a...

Mother India / Restaurants

1456 Queen Street West 416.588.4634
Mother India

I first reviewed Mother India back in June 2006. At that point, the restaurant had just opened its doors and was serving up some tasty Indian food (including great thali)...

Noodle Menu / Restaurants

1265 Queen St. West 416.531.5645
Noodle Menu

Noodle Menu is a Parkdale Vietnamese restaurant known for its more-than-generous portions. The menu offers pretty standard Vietnamese fare including pho, dumplings, cold rolls, and more....

Norling / Restaurants

1512 Queen St. W 416.532.2877 Website

Norling is a newer addition to the community of Tibetan restaurants in Parkdale that have made the stretch of Queen between Dunn and Dowling known as Little Tibet. From its...

North Standard Trading Post / Fashion Stores

1662 Queen St W 647.348.7060 Website
North Standard Trading Post

North Standard Trading Post, the newest clothing retailer to set up shop in Parkdale, is the epitome of Canadian-style coziness - a notion I should've realized when I first saw...

Northern Contemporary Gallery / Galleries

1266 Queen St W Website
Northern Contemporary Gallery

Northern Contemporary Gallery is a slightly hidden gallery in Parkdale near Queen and Dufferin. Once you find it, though, it's a cute space with a huge and helpful sign outside...

Old Man Pizza & Wings / Restaurants

223 Jameson Avenue 416.588.7555 Website
Old Man Pizza & Wings

Old Man Pizza & Wing is deceptively off-putting. While "Old Man" doesn't exactly invite images of gourmet, this place certainly does make a delicious pie. Wings at Old Man are...

OM Restaurant / Restaurants

1439 Queen Street West 416.532.3901
OM Restaurant

OM Restaurant is Parkdale's newest go-to spot for authentic Tibetan, Nepalese and Indian eats. Owned by a Tibetan family and featuring a Nepalese chef who lived and worked in Delhi,...

Only One Gallery / Galleries

5 Brock Avenue 416.809.6308 Website
Only One Gallery

Only One Gallery is a contemporary art gallery that used to reside on Harbord St. but is now housed in Parkdale. The newer location boasts exposed brick walls and high...

Parkdale Bicycle Shop / Services

10 Macdonell Ave 416.537.1359
Parkdale Bicycle Shop

Parkdale Bicycle Shop is your one stop shop for all things cycle-related. Head there if you're in the market for a new bike or in need a tune-up. Photo by...

Parkdale Drink / Bars

1292 Queen Street West 416.778.8822 Website
Parkdale Drink

This ain't your grandmother's Parkdale. With its swank leather club chairs and floor to ceiling waterfall, the newly-opened Parkdale Drink brings a little highbrow to the just-west-of-Dufferin area. But...

Parkdale Platters / Services

1614 Queen St. West 647.267.4882 Website
Parkdale Platters

Parkdale Platters, which opened its doors for the first time on January 11, allows the neighbourhood's music lovers to hunt for records a little closer to home. Though Parkdale's gentrification...

Parkdale Prana Room / Fitness Clubs

1273 Queen St. West 647.240.4104 Website
Parkdale Prana Room

Parkdale Prana Room is found up a flight of stairs in Parkdale just east of the public library. Open mainly during the evenings and on weekends, the studio offers a...

Parts & Labour / Restaurants

1566 Queen St. West 416.588.7750 Website
Parts & Labour

Parts & Labour gets a lot of things right: their cocktails have been classed among the city's best; the in-vogue communal tables are not only ideal for larger dinner-parties, but...

Pharmacy / Bars

1318 King W

Pharmacy is a cozy little bar at the southwestern edge of Parkdale. Once a methadone clinic and pharmacy, it's now a quirky and eclectic bar stocked with buffalo heads,...

Pho Asia 21 / Restaurants

1208 King Street West 647.436.0680
Pho Asia 21

Pho Asia 21 is a low key Vietnamese eatery popular with the Liberty Village lunch crowd. ...

Pia Bouman / Fitness Clubs

6 Noble St. 416.533.3706 Website
Pia Bouman

Pia Bouman is Parkdale's answer to the National Ballet School. Found just north of Queen on Noble Street, it's home to a range of ballet classes for toddlers, kids and...

Playdead Cult / Fashion Stores

1696 Queen St. West Website
Playdead Cult

Playdead Cult is bringing a little dark art and skull and monster fashion to Kensington Market. Though the brand has been around for more than 10 years now, owners Bean...

Plentea / Cafes

1205 Queen St. West 647.351.8321 Website

Plentea is a tea bar where the tea-drinking experience is unique. Owners Mohammed Binyahya and Tariq Al Barwani opened their first shop in Parkdale with a bunch of homemade tea...

Public Butter / Fashion Stores

1290 Queen St. West 416.535.4343 Website
Public Butter

Vintage (by it's essence) was gone for a while, but with stores like The Public Butter in Parkdale, it's pretty safe to say it is officially here to stay. ...

Queen West Antique Centre / Design Stores

1605 Queen Street West 416.588.2212
Queen West Antique Centre

It's a testament to human ingenuity that old stuff which outlived its obvious usefulness can be creatively recycled and add richness to the world. Truly, it can be said, one...

Quinn West / Fashion Stores

1479 Queen St. West 416.588.7846 Website
Quinn West

Quinn West is a mini-antique shop and hair salon all in one, offering a nice browsing alternative to flipping through pages of LiLo's latest drug debacle while waiting for a...

Raca Cafe & Bar / Restaurants

1704 Queen St. West 416.901.9951 Website
Raca Cafe & Bar

Raca Cafe & Bar has taken over the short-lived Ze Ze Food & Drink in Parkdale. Named after owner/chef Ivana Raca, this restaurant is a reflection of everything she is....

RaviSoups (Parkdale) / Restaurants

1533 Queen St. West 416.536.7284 Website
RaviSoups (Parkdale)

RaviSoups play kings in Toronto with multiple locations that sling one of the best mushroom concoctions in the city. The hearty curried apricot and red lentil soup ($8.99) served with...

Red Carpet Queen / Fashion Stores

1291 Queen St. W. 647.347.3327
Red Carpet Queen

Red Carpet Queen is a surprisingly spacious and elegant space for a less-than luxurious stretch of Parkdale. While progressive Parkdale devotees might say that the area is rapidly on the...

Roti Lady / Restaurants

269 Dunn Avenue 416.535.0090
Roti Lady

Just when I thought I'd never meet a roti I didn't like I found one. The prize belongs to the Roti Lady, an unassuming spot on Dunn Avenue south of...

Rustic Cosmo Cafe / Cafes

1278 Queen Street West 416.531.4924
Rustic Cosmo Cafe

Rustic Cosmos Cafe, at 1278 Queen St W, is the kind of place you really want to like. It has warm welcoming decor, friendly staff, and bustles with cheerful...

Satiasian / Restaurants

1265 Queen Street West 416.531.5645 Website

Satiasian is a pan-Asian restaurant in Parkdale. Offering Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese favourites, they also interestingly serve breakfast sandwiches and the ever-popular Vietnamese coffee. Make sure you try the interestingly-named...

Shameful Tiki Room / Restaurants

1378 Queen St. West Website
Shameful Tiki Room

Shameful Tiki Room is a genuine time machine. While I've covered the relative lack of options for a Tiki experience in Toronto before, I haven't really spelled out how exacting...

Shangrila / Restaurants

1600 Queen St. W 416.588.1100

Shangrila is Tibetan restaurant in Parkdale where vegetarians and vegans will find ample selection. The potato chili (kind of like chili-sauced fries) are a house favourite, as are the crescent...

Shopgirls Gallery Boutique / Fashion Stores

1342 Queen St W 416.534.7467 Website
Shopgirls Gallery Boutique

I've always liked the concept behind Parkdale store Shopgirls. Owner Michelle Germain was working for Holt Renfrew and The Bay when she started expressing her secret indie side by hosting...

Sizzling Grill / Restaurants

1468 Queen St. West 416.901.5211
Sizzling Grill

Sizzling Grill is one of those places that does a little bit of everything. Foremost known for its hamburger combos, this spot is certainly not one for fine dining, but...

Skyline Restaurant / Restaurants

1426 Queen St W 416.536.3682
Skyline Restaurant

Skyline Restaurant is new again. But Parkdale residents have no need to fret; new owners Jud and Maggie Ruhl want to keep the spirit of the old-school diner intact. The brother...

SRC Vinyl / Services

1696 Queen St. West Website
SRC Vinyl

SRCvinyl has found a Toronto home for its collection in Parkdale, inside the art and apparel store Playdead Cult. The company began as an online record distributor before opening a...

Stella Luna / Fashion Stores

1627 Queen Street West 416.536.7300
Stella Luna

Contributed by Jessica Pollack If you ever find yourself walking near Queen and Roncesvalles, the most common thing you'll see lining the sidewalks is antique chairs, desks, armoires and so on....

Steve Pella Hair / Fashion Stores

1650 Queen Street West 647.352.5600 Website
Steve Pella Hair

Steve Pella Hair is a Parkdale salon that will coif your hair to perfection. Whether you need to touch up your colour or want to try a whole new look,...

Stones Place / Bars

1255 Queen Street West 416.536.4242 Website
Stones Place

Stones Place proves that there's no such thing as aging gracefully: not when it comes to hard-living rock stars, not when it comes to their women, and certainly not when...

Studio 1686 / Fashion Stores

1686 Queen Street West 416.533.5400
Studio 1686

Maybe we need a new term: what's vintage, if it's only a year or two old? Or less? Used clothing, I guess, but, for me, that conjures up images of...

Studio Brillantine / Design Stores

1518 Queen Street West 416.536.6521 Website
Studio Brillantine

It doesn't matter where they put this store. It's a drive-to destination. If you want what they have, you'll drive to Wawa to shop here. Alessi, Iittala, George Jenson, and...

Sylvie & Shimmy / Fashion Stores

1640 Queen St W 647.348.3332 Website
Sylvie & Shimmy

Sylvie & Shimmy, a play on the surnames of owners Caroline Sylvester and KyungJoo Shim, can only be described as a grown-up tea party. Aside from the dainty china dazzling...

The Abbott / Cafes

99 Spencer Avenue 416.876.3855 Website
The Abbott

The Abbott, near King and Dufferin is full of carefully-curated antiques, solid wood and a beautiful painted aluminum ceiling. Unfortunately, the coffee doesn't quite live up to the decor of...

The Cadillac Lounge / Restaurants

1296 Queen Street West 416.536.7717
The Cadillac Lounge

I've been to the Cadillac Lounge many times to grab a pint and chill on their huge back patio, but it wasn't until recently that I sampled the food. The...

The Commodore / Restaurants

1265 Queen St. West 416.537.1265 Website
The Commodore

The Commodore is a 35-seat restaurant in Parkdale helmed by chef Jon Vettraino (formerly of F'amelia and 416 Snack Bar). It's an intimate restaurant with a seafood-centric menu and a...

The Grand Trunk / Bars

1718 Queen Street West 647.748.4755 Website
The Grand Trunk

The Grand Trunk had its beginnings with three friends who wanted to save their local watering hole. Owners Alison Barrie, Michelle Waldman and James Speedy - all veteran bartenders -...

The Rhino / Restaurants

1249 Queen Street West 416.535.8089
The Rhino

When in need of decent sit-down place to eat in Parkdale, time and again I find myself at Rhino. The atmosphere at this bar/restaurant is totally laid back and the menu...

The Tempered Room / Baked Goods

1374 Queen St. West 416.546.4374 Website
The Tempered Room

The Tempered Room is a new patisserie in Parkdale that opened last month beside Bacchus Roti Shop. Taking over the space that used to be Brown Sugar Bakery, Paris-born owner...

The Tenant / Cafes

1267 Queen St. West 416.901.1395 Website
The Tenant

The Tenant coffee shop took over after The Mascot went bust in Parkdale. By the looks of it I'm not sure if the name is a play on the Roman...

The Tennessee / Restaurants

1554 Queen St. W 416.532.2570 Website
The Tennessee

The Tennessee has taken over The Sister (and Mitzi's Sister before that) in Parkdale, bringing the restaurant/bar/music venue back to its original name. In the early 2000s the place was...

The Workroom / Fashion Stores

1340 Queen Street West 416.534.5305 Website
The Workroom

If there was any doubt we're living in the DIY decade, the Workroom may have just erased it. The Workroom is Toronto's first Sew by the Hour Space. For...

The Yukon / Bars

1592 Queen St. West 647.345.4156 Website
The Yukon

The Yukon is a new bar in Parkdale that's appropriate for both post-work cocktail or outright shenanigans. It's a neighbourhood joint worthy of fleeing wherever it is you live now....

Theatrix Costume House / Fashion Stores

61 Elm Grove Ave 416.977.3113 Website
Theatrix Costume House

Theatrix Costume House is a high-end costume shop known for their rental costumes and custom creations. The storekeepers boast the shop's "full service" concept, as the devoted team aims to...

This Little Piggy / Fashion Stores

1594 Queen St. West 647.558.6410 Website
This Little Piggy

This Little Piggy in Parkdale was created by two moms in an effort to take the guesswork out of shopping for a new baby. The store carries items for kids...

Three Fates / Fashion Stores

1394 Queen St. West 416.901.1533 Website
Three Fates

Three Fates just set up shop in Philistine's old home in Parkdale - and it's picking up right where the previous tenant left off, packing the narrow storefront at 1394...

Tibet Kitchen / Restaurants

1544 Queen St W 416.913.8726
Tibet Kitchen

Tibet Kitchen is one of a number of Tibetan restaurants in Parkdale, which has in recent years become the neighbourhood to head to when you feel like a little po...

Toronto Designers Market / Design Stores

1605 Queen St. West Website
Toronto Designers Market

Toronto Designers Market is located next door to Hideaway Antiques and the Queen West Antique Centre on Queen near where it meets Roncesvalles. The big, welcoming, bright space has the...

Toronto Tool Library (Queen West) / Design Stores

1499 Queen Street West 647.498.1258 Website
Toronto Tool Library (Queen West)

The Toronto Tool Library stocks its shelves with an assortment of tools and gadgets and lets you borrow them so you don't need to shell out serious dough when completing...

Tsampa Cafe / Restaurants

1528 Queen St. W 416.535.1440
Tsampa Cafe

Tsampa Cafe has is a small takeout Tibetan takeout counter in Parkdale. There's no menu to peruse; just a whiteboard billing momos, sha-balay, chow mein and various curries that come...

West End Comics / Bookstores

1590 Queen St W 416.588.5475
West End Comics

West End Comics opened up just before the Christmas holidays in the heart of Parkdale. Built into and around an old chiropractor's office, it's an easy to find and easy...

West End Food Co-op Food Hub / Grocery Stores

1299 Queen St. W. 416.533.6363 Website
West End Food Co-op Food Hub

West End Food Co-op's Food Hub is Toronto's newest co-operative grocery store, and the first one to open in the city in about 25 years. Located at Queen and Dufferin...

Wind Grove Interiors / Design Stores

1712 Queen St. West 647.238.3898 Website
Wind Grove Interiors

Wind Grove Interiors has found a home in what used to be Black Pug DMK. Now a shared space, the Parkdale storefront showcases a variety of new and vintage pieces,...

Yummy Stuff / Baked Goods

1660 Queen Street West 416.531.9732 Website
Yummy Stuff

For the past five years Yummy Stuff, specializing in custom cakes and decorated cookies, has been a popular online store and commercial bakery. Through word of mouth, business built...

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